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Clingy - Part 2 (Edmund x Reader)

A/N - Since I got a request for part 2, here you go! :3

Part 1 / Part 3

Word Count: 1384

Warning: Angst and Slight Jealousy and REALLY SHITTY AND PROBABLY BORING TOO.

Request: Yes.

Summary: After the incident, Y/n decided to stop thinking about it and try to move on. Her mother and best friend comforted her, while the Pevensie’s spent their day regretting everything that happened.

The Story:

Things were not the same as before. Not anymore. After getting home, Y/n walked straight to her bedroom, avoiding the questions her mother asked.

She cursed herself for believing in something that was not possible. All these days and months spent, she didn’t let herself get loose to the point where she needed to cry. To cry for all the efforts spent on him, still keeping in heart that he may not give back the feelings.

But this day, she couldn’t keep strong. She just cried and cried her heart out until she was exhausted and fell asleep.

It was 2 p.m in the afternoon when she woke up from a touch. It was her mother brushing her fingers through her hair.

“Hey mom.” She said turning around to avoid her eyes. She knew if she looked at her, her mother could understand everything.

“Honey, you don’t have to say anything. I know what he said.” Y/n’s mother said.

She kept quiet, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her mother continued, “The Pevensie’s called. Lucy told everything. She was very concerned and told you to call back. Do you want to call ba–”

“Not now mom. I want to be alone for some time.”

“Okay” She said getting up, “I will get you some food. And I called Dean. He will be coming for dinner today.”

“What!!” Y/n yelled turning around “You have told this to Dean?! Why would you do that!”

“No no no! You’re wrong. I mean, I only told him to come. He knew this.” She said.

“How did he…”

“I don’t know honey. Ask him about this and…” She put her hand on Y/n’s head, “Everything is gonna be fine.”

She smiled and said, “I know mom. Everything is gonna be’s just that, it is not gonna be the same again.”

Her mother sighed and exited the room.

*Time Skip*

Y/n spent the rest of the time in her bedroom reading storybooks and doodling. But doodling made her remember Edmund more, so she decided to get lost in the books.

Finally she realized that the sun was setting down and a reddish sky appeared outside her window. She opened the windows and for a while closed her eyes and enjoyed the cool breeze.

Y/n was sad, really sad of what happened but she can’t just ignore the beautiful day. It was enough to make a smile appear on her face.

“Oy Y/n!!!”

She snapped out of her thoughts and opened her eyes. Dean was outside her house.

“Open the door!!” He shouted.

“Well, it’s not dinner time yet! Guess you have to stand outside now!” Y/n laughed and said.

“Oh we look like Romeo and Juliet!!”

“Shut up!! I’m coming down! Wait up!”

“No need! Mrs.Y/l/n has already done that!”

Now her mother came out and yelled, “It is very rude to keep guests waiting outside Y/N!!! This was not expected from you!” Dean meanwhile laughed and gave her the ‘you-deserved-that’ look.

“Mom for God’s sake we live in the same house! It wasn’t necessary to inform the rest of the neighbors about this!!” Y/n yelled back before they got in.

It was surprising that Y/n felt fine than before. Maybe because she wasn’t thinking about him much. Maybe because her mother and best friend was there for her. Or maybe she would go back to being sad when she sees Edmund.

Just then she heard a knock. “Come in.” She said.

“I saw you running out of their house today. Didn’t wanna disturb you more by asking you about it.” He said closing the door behind him.

“Oh yeah. Lucy told you didn’t she?” She said smiling.

“Yes. And not gonna lie but I thought you will be very depressed about…about what happened.”

“I am just exhausted. I’m very sad but..I am just tired of getting hurt by waiting for him while he…he continued being emotionless person. Atleast now it’s all over and I know what he feels.”

He sat down beside her and said “I know it is all hard for you now. I mean it’s fine if you don’t wanna come tomorrow.”

She sighed, “Yes. It is actually hard because I loved him. I really did, but that doesn’t mean things will stop just because of me. I AM going on a ride tomorrow with you and I AM gonna walk past that house. It is hard, but not impossible.”

“Damn, you are very challenging. Well then, thank you.” He said smiling.

“Dinner’s ready!!!” Y/n’s mother shouted.


*Time Skip*

Edmund was not fine. He was infact, far from fine. He pretended like he was but he secretly missed her that day. Probably because she heard those words and he felt bad.

And it looked like everyone hated him for what happened except Lucy. She understood that Ed said those things because that was just a flow of speech and he didn’t mean it. Meanwhile Peter continuously poked him to say sorry and Susan didn’t talk to him at all.

Edmund wanted to say sorry but he was just to embarrassed to say that. He could listen to the words he said yesterday again and again and then feel it extremely hard to say sorry to her after what happened.

But he was kind of convinced that Y/n was a cheerful person and she would absolutely visit them again. And maybe ignore him, but atleast she would talk to the others.

“Peter let’s play something! Come on! I am bored. Let’s do something fun.” Lucy whined.

Peter glared at Edmund and said, “Having fun is what usually happened when Y/n came. Thanks to this amazing gentleman that it got stopped.”

“Okay okay I know and I am sorry for that! She is what she is and I can tell you she is gonna come after sometime!” Edmund told.

Yes, it was afternoon and they were going to have a picnic where they invited Y/n and were waiting for her.

“Seriously Ed, do you know women at all? She is not gonna come. Don’t you get it? Peter we are just wasting our time. Mom is gonna come out anytime and we HAVE to go.”

Just when Peter was about to say something, she saw Y/n.

“Oh there she is.” He said surprised.

“Told you she’s gonna come.” Edmund said grinning.

Y/n walked..and with a bicycle and a helmet. But instead of turning left to the Pevensie’s house she completely ignored them and walked straight past them towards another house. Dean’s house.

Lucy went running to her and asked if she was coming to which Y/n replied, “Well, I am with a bicycle so obviously not. I-I am really sorry Lucy but Dean asked me before you all did. Soo…”

“I know you would have come even if Dean asked you first. It’s because of Edmund isn’t it? He really didn’t me–”

“I don’t wanna interrupt you but I am done talking about that. I will visit you all for sometime later. But..well, it’s different now. I am sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Lucy said, “It’s not your fault.”

She smiled and went back to the Pevensie’s.

“There’s a good news and a bad news.” Lucy said.

“Bad news first.” Susan said.

“She is not gonna come. Dean asked her first and she already said yes to him.” Lucy said.

Edmund’s eyes shot up and as he felt a kind of burning sensation. It was..not familiar. Not at all.

He heard some laughter, when he looked at the direction and saw Y/n and Dean hugging each other and then getting up on their bicycles. Now all he could think is–Wow. She already got a new friend. And all these time I thought what kind of a bad person I am?? She hugged him, ofcourse. She IS very clingy afterall.

“We should leave now.” Edmund  said getting up and walking towards the car.

“Well is she gonna visit us later on?” Peter asked.

“Well, that’s the good news. She said she would!” Lucy exclaimed.

Mrs. Pevensie came out and said clapping her hands, “Ready?”

“Very much ready.” Edmund whispered slamming the door of the car.

“What happened to him?” Mrs. Pevensie asked while others stared at him.

A/N - Sorry for the boring chapter but wasn’t feeling really up. But yeah, I think the feelings and change of scenarios was important.



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I’m only honest when it rains.
If I time it right the thunder breaks
When I open my mouth.
I wanna tell you but I don’t know how.

I’m only honest when it rains.
An open book with a torn out page
And my ink’s run out.
I wanna love you but I don’t know how.

title: drunk in love
pairing: dazai/atsushi
summary: “what kind of pain you’re going through, dazai-san, and how do i share it?”
or a fic about an angel who’s afraid to fall, and a man who’s afraid to fly. they found each other.
notes: this is your local dazatsu trash writing another dazatsu fic in a universe where they are in love and together and happy. please excuse the typos since this is unbeta’d. thanks.


dazai has a theory that atsushi might be an angel.

okay, hear him out. it’s not like – it’s not something that he thinks is real or whatever. it’s just the aura atsushi gives; kind, warm and radiant. dazai sometimes feels like he’s looking directly at the sun except atsushi isn’t round nor he is yellow, atsushi is scarier.

because atsushi is bright, sincere and human. with bones and skin. who breathes and alive. and he is also close with dazai. and it’s not like dazai doesn’t trust atsushi, oh no, he does. he trusts everyone in the agency, unlike the mafia who will kill each other for money, the agency will do the exact opposite. since it’s not money that’s important. it’s the bond, the friendship and at first, dazai was only there since it’s the only place he can go to. until it became home. until his skin couldn’t take another touch from the rough hands of mafia.

dazai closes his eyes and breathes the sea breeze. it’s warm, salty and fresh. he comes here every time he feels too upset to face anyone. he looks like he’s not bothered by his own emotion but he is enslaved by it. it’s like a rat, slowly eating him away. he wonders sometimes if he could stop thinking about his memories from the past. he laughs bitterly, like hell he would stop.

stop thinking about the mafia would mean stop thinking about him. and no matter how much dazai hates the mafia and everyone involves in it, oda was light. a tiny bit of light dazai held on to until it blows out.

and dazai is reminded of that light every day from atsushi. except this one is not tiny, it’s big. huge enough to blind dazai, and dazai is afraid to get used to it. because nothing is permanent. even heaven has an end.

“dazai-san,” speaking of the devil.

dazai looks at that person who spoke, and of course, it’s atsushi. dazai puts up a smile, a fake one but not really since a part of him feels really happy to see the boy. “yes, atsushi-kun? you found me.”

“yeah.” atsushi walks towards him slowly and sits besides him. dazai picked a spot near the sea, sitting and watching the sunset.

they don’t talk. they sit comfortably in silence, while watching the dawn unravels itself. the sky looks reddish, to orange to black. they sit for a long time, talking about nothing but it’s kind of nothing that means everything.

“you’re not lying.” atsushi breaks the silence. but his voice is silent, like he’s afraid dazai will run away. he won’t, though. never. “but you’re not telling the truth either.”

which… yes, dazai thinks. it’s true. dazai never tells the truth. because the truth is horrible. the truth is ugly. the truth hurts. dazai hates the truth, sometimes.

“what kind of pain you’re going through, dazai-san, and how do i share it?” atsushi asks and dazai looks at him, looks at this beautiful boy who has his own pain to endure, own scar to heal. atsushi is gazing at him, too; his eyes sincere.

dazai feels a sudden wave of affection towards the boy. he tries to bury it. “i’ll heal.”

“i’ll shoulder your burden, and die with you.” atsushi declares. and dazai… dazai hates it. hates the sincerity of his voice, hates the fact he actually feels good hearing those words from him, hates the light that atsushi has, since dazai is only a moth who is attracted to its warmth.

“you don’t have to.” dazai replies. you don’t. i’ll get better, and maybe then, i can give you the truth you deserve, is what he wants to say but he settles with: “‘cause i am alright.”

dazai couldn’t stop of what he does next even if he tried. he grabs the back of atsushi’s neck and pulls him closer. next thing he knows, his lips are against atsushi’s forehead. he kisses it gently.

“okay.” atsushi says softly. his voice gentle, and low. his hands reach out, pulls dazai’s coat and hugs him tightly. dazai does the same.

dazai is only a man, who is captured by an angel’s warmth.

Pokemon: New Year’s Fireworks

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a Happy New Year! I just wanted to drop something off for you guys to enjoy this year, so I hope  ou guys  like my new haudion fic! Please enjoy, and I guess I will see you all next year! <3

In all honestly, Gladion just wanted to sleep the night away. Even though it was New Years Eve, and most people celebrated and partied most of the night away, all the blond wanted to do was just lay in the dark like he always was. But now that he had met Hau and the others, Gladion knew that this peaceful silence wasn’t going to last very long. Letting out a small sigh, the blond closed his eyes, and went to snuggle his head in Hau’s pillow that he borrowed, but when a loud bang and crackle was heard, the boy let out a small yelp, and flung straight up in the bed. Getting out of the bed so fast that his feet almost got caught in the sheets, Gladion flung open the door, and looked around the room. Hau was nowhere to be seen, and more loud booms where echoing around the house, and the blond could literally feel the floors vibrating under his bare feet from the intensity of it. Opening the door to the huge home, the blond glanced out into the darkening outside, and came face to face with Hau setting up yet another firework.

                       “Hau?! What are you doing?!” Gladion yelled, and watched as the bottle rocket flew and lit up the sky with reddish orange sparks. Hau watched in amazement, before turning around to look at the blond with a huge smile. Gladion blushed slightly as the lasting firework lit up Hau’s sparkling grey eyes that shone with excitement and wonder. Running over to the taller blond, the brunet jumped up, and wrapped his arms around the boy’s neck, nuzzling into his chest. Gladion was glad it was dark so that the other couldn’t see how much his face was lighting up in embarrassment. “You know I was trying to sleep, right?”

                       “Oh, I forgot! But why are you sleeping? It’s New Years Eve! You should be celebrating with me! How about it?” Hau snickered out, letting go of the flustered blond as he ran back towards the box full of fireworks. Gladion cleared his throat, and slowly followed the excited brunet over towards the box. Kneeling down, the blond looked through the box, and saw all kinds of things. Hala must’ve gotten them for the boy. Glancing at Hau, Gladion couldn’t help the smile that rose on his face as he noticed the other bouncing with glee. Feeling eyes on him, Hau looked into the curious green eyes, and handed him a firework. “Here! I’ll have Flareon light it for you!”

Gladion watched as Hau summoned the pokemon from the pokeball, and smiled when the fox pokemon shook it’s fur out, and peeped happily. It reminded him of Hau in a way. Shaking out of his daze, the blond reached in his pajama bottom’s pocket, and pulled out Silvally’s pokeball. Letting it out, the teen patted the white mane, and chuckled when the beast’s tongue lapped at his rosy cheek. Hau giggled along with him, before throwing out the rest of his pokemon, they should be able to have fun too. Doing the same, trainers watched as the pokemon all cheered, and ran around to play. Glancing back at Flareon, the blond bent down, and showed the wick of the firework to the pokemon. Watching it nod, the blond watched as the red fox lit the string carefully, before he placed it on the ground, and both trainers and pokemon ran away from it. Seeing the thing light, and burst, Gladion glanced at the sky, and watched as blue and green sparks and lit up the sky.

                               “Wow! That one was so pretty! Look at it Gladion!” the cheerful brunet cheered, running around the sparks with a huge smile. The blond nodded, and watched as the blue and green sparks began to fade away, before Hau reached in the box, and grabbed out a handful of fireworks. Gladion felt his green eyes widen as the brunet told Flareon to light them all at once. When it happened, the blond cursed, and ran towards the eagerly bouncing trainer. Wrapping his arms around the other’s waist, Gladion pulled them away just as the fireworks went off with a boom, and the whole ground vibrated from the force of it. Feeling his breath leave him as Hau landed on top of him as they fell, Gladion stared up at the dark sky to see a rainbow of colors, before the brunet’s face came into his view, blocking the terrifying yet beautiful sight. “Gladion! I’m sorry! I wasn’t thinking. Are you okay? You’re not hurt, are you?”

                       “N-no…I think I’m okay,” Gladion groaned, sitting up slightly. Rubbing the back of his head, the blond glanced around, and noticed the pokemon scattered, but they were looking at him in concern. Smiling softly at them, Gladion turned his attention to Hau, who was still sitting in between the blond’s legs, looking him up and down, most likely checking for any injuries. Sighing, the blond patted the worried brunet’s head, and cupped his cheek. Seeing the pout still evident on Hau’s face, Gladion rolled his eyes, and brought the other closer to him by his sides. Feeling the blond’s hands on his sides, Hau yelped and squirmed, making Gladion smirk and dig his fingers softly in the little bit of pudge the brunet had there. “Do I have to make that pout disappear?”

           Shaking his head, Hau brought his hands up, and covered the shaky smile that was beginning to wobble onto his blushing face. Shaking his head, Gladion gave the boy a mischievous smirk, and quickly squeezed his fingers up the wiggling boy’s sides up to his armpits. Feeling this, Hau gasped through his hands, and squeezed his arms to his sides as bubbly giggles began to feel from his mouth as he squirmed. The blond’s smirk faded into a grin as he brought Hau into his lap, and continued his ticklish touches. Hau squirmed and squeaked as Gladion’s hands wiggled out of his armpits and down his ribs, making their way down to his tummy with gently pokes. Shoving his face into the blond’s neck, Hau pleaded through his shaky laughter. Gently digging his fingers into the brunet’s trembling belly, Gladion watched as Hau shrieked silently and shook in his hold.

                       “Okay! O-okahahahahahahay! I promise nohohohoho more pouting!” Hau screeched in the blond’s neck, pulling away to looking into Gladion’s smug face. Seeing the tears making their way down the brunet’s cheeks, the blond put on a thinking face as he fluttered his fingers down to Hau’s hips, making the boy arch up, and beg even more. Seeing how wrecked he made the trainer, Gladion slowed his tickling to a stop, and pressed their foreheads together. Hau whined through his pants, as he glared lightly at the blond, but after a while, he just sighed, and nuzzled the other’s face. Gladion hummed in response, and brought the other closer until their chests were pressed together, and he was able to rest his chin on Hau’s head as they cuddled. Listening to their pokemon still running around and playing now that the big firework scare was over, the blond glanced back at the box, and rubbed Hau’s back. “Gladion, can we finish the fireworks? Something tells me that it’s close to midnight.”

                       “Sure…Come on. After this is done, we can rest, if that’s okay.” Seeing Hau nod hard, the blond smiled, and brushed the boy’s bangs back lovingly. Hau grinned, before standing up, holding his hand out for Gladion to take. Taking it, the blond stood up, and watched as the excited brunet called back his Flareon, and took more fireworks out of the box. Luckily, he seemed to learn from the past mistake, because he let the pokemon light them one at a time instead of all at once. Seeing more rainbow sparks fly and pop in the air, Gladion sat back and watched as the cheerful trainer laughed and danced around shimmering lights. Feeling something butt his back, the blond turned to see Silvally looking at him with a knowing look. Blushing slightly, Gladion just sighed, and rubbed the pokemon’s head. “Yeah, I know. Come on, let’s have some fun for one…I guess.”

Walking over to the cheering boy, Gladion took a firework from the other, and let Hau’s Flareon light it. Seeing the bottle rocket shoot in the air, the blond glanced at the happy brunet, and flushed when the boy took their hands together. Hau was warm, unlike Gladion, who was starting to get a little cold. Smiling softly at the brunet, the blond gently pulled them closer until their sides were pressed together, and Gladion could feel the warmth radiating off the other. Hau giggled at this, and snuggled into the other’s arms, letting his fire pokemon light the rest of the smaller fireworks. Watching them light and then fly, Gladion looked down at the shorter boy, and smiled. If it wasn’t for Hau, he wouldn’t be able to celebrate a holiday like this. Hau turned to meet the blond’s gaze, and watched as something shined in his eyes. And as the last firework whistled through the air, and the clock struck midnight, Gladion pressed a soft kiss to Hau’s lips.

anonymous asked:

All the companions and Sole are playing truth or dare, when Sole is dared to kiss someone in the room. Companions react to Sole hesitantly asking if they're okay with being the person they kiss?

Cait: She turns bright red, her freckles standing out like tiny stars on a reddish-pink sky. She pursed her lips together. “Well, go on with it. It’s just a wee peck.” After Sole kissed her, she excused herself to calm her nerves. 

Codsworth: “Go ahead.” He giggled as Sole pecked his metal hull. 

Curie: “Oh, when you ask this, it makes me hum inside… go ahead.” After Sole pecked her lips, she held her head, “I am feeling light-headed, but in a good way I think.” 

Danse: His lips twitched. “Do… what you must to win the game,” He coughed. Sole lingered longer than expected on his lips, causing his pants to tighten slightly. He didn’t even notice his ears blazing a bright crimson. 

Deacon: “Go ahead, I know you’ve always wanted to kiss me. Now’s your chance.” He chuckled and took the kiss in stride. Even if he acted all silly during the kiss, he’ll secretly obsess about it later to himself. 

Hancock: “You wanna smooch this ghoul? Finally, someone appreciates this perfect face.” After a whiskey-flavored kiss, he leaned back and smirked to himself. 

Piper: “Oh, Blue, you’ve gotta be joking. Wait… you’re serious? Well, um, let’s get on with it.” After the kiss, she wrote about it furiously in her private journal, grinning widely to herself. 

Preston: “I’d never guess you’d pick me. But… surprises are the point of this game, right?” He managed to keep his composure well after the kiss, even if he was swooning inside. 

Nick: “Of all the faces in this room, you pick this ugly mug?” Before he had time to doubt himself, Sole gave him a quick peck on the lips. He grinned and pulled his hat lower over his face, beaming on the inside. 

MacCready: “Wow, me? Lucky you, I’m a great kisser.” He smiled pervertedly and pulled Sole into a deep kiss, pulling away seconds later. He blushed deeply, not quite sure what just came over him. 

X6-88: “I do not see the point of this activity. But go ahead.” After Sole kissed the side of his mouth, he put his hand over the spot, not quite sure what just happened or why he felt different now. A good kind of different. 

Strong: He just sighed to himself as Sole kissed his cheek. This game seemed like a waste of time. 

Dogmeat: He grunted happily as Sole gave the top of his head a small kiss. 

It’s a good friend of mine, Ann’s, birthday so I wrote her a little something! ^_^ Hope you like, ann-kouhai!

Title: Simplicity
Words: 1808
Summary: When Lucy finds Natsu confused with his own emotions, she tries to help him. Little does she know that he would be the one helping her in the end. (NaLu High school AU)


I walked out of the double doors, backpack slung over one shoulder. I sighed as I slowly passed the school tennis courts, close to the exit. I counted each tree along the path as I passed them. My routine every day. Leave the council room, grab my backpack, walk outside and count the trees. Since I can’t expect anything from life, familiarity is nice.

Past the tennis courts lie the basketball courts. Past the basketball courts is the exit. The thought of going home sped my steps, the breeze frigid against my skin. It was getting dark already.

As I passed, I couldn’t help glancing at the basketball courts. The reddish sky differed so much from the bright, illuminated sky that I’m used to seeing the basketball team play in. Many of my friends play on the school team, dribbling and shooting up and down those lines. Watching them play can be fun, but the in the emptiness you wouldn’t be able to tell. It’s really empty, I thought with a sigh.

I stopped.

Not completely empty.

I couldn’t control my own movement as I walked onto the court. Why am I coming here? He probably wants to be alone. I thought to myself frantically. I couldn’t stop myself.

Natsu Dragneel, my best friend, was sprawled out on the court, backpack flung to the side. He stared at the clouds with a sort of blank expression.

I set my backpack next to his and lied down next to him.


“Hey yourself.” I replied, then paused. “You alright?”

“Lisanna and I broke up,” came his response.

I winced. “I heard.” I paused again. “Does it hurt?”

“That’s why I’m here. It doesn’t. At all.” he replied. “Shouldn’t it? Was I leading her on? Were we always meant to be ‘just friends’?”

I raised an eyebrow, though he couldn’t see. “Wow, these are really grown-up questions from you.”

He grunted noncommittally. “I’m not stupid you know.” he complained.

I laughed. “I know. But didn’t she break up with you? How would you have been leading her on?”

He sighed and I turned to watch him shrug. “I think I thought the happiness of being with a childhood friend who I’ve missed were romance feelings. And they weren’t.”

He turned to me, waiting for a reaction. As I faced him, I nodded. He smiled with an air of melancholy as we stared at each other. The breeze kicked in, yet my heart felt colder than my skin. His sadness was always my tragedy. It’s comforting to remember he feels that way about me, too.

“Why is this stuff so hard and confusing?” he sighed. He closed his eyes slightly, so I let my eyes flutter close while thinking about his complaint.

I snorted, finally giving him a reply. “I doubt anyone knows that, Natsu.”

He pouted. We turned back towards the slowly darkening sky. “What about you?”

“What about me?” I asked.

“We haven’t talked much. Ever since Lisanna came back three months ago.” he told me. I grimaced. So he had noticed. “Did you really think I wouldn’t notice that my best friend started getting distant from me?”

That’s what I was hoping…why did I come here again? I tried to come up with some response. “Um…uh, well…I…” I rambled oh-so-intelligently. I cursed in my mind. I’m an idiot.

“Wow, you must really think I’m an idiot.” he muttered. I froze.

“No,” I shook my head. “I’m definitely the idiot. Not you. I’m sorry, Natsu.”

“Why? Did I do something wrong?” The underlying tones of betrayal in his voice shattered my heart. I felt my stomach clench as the air was sucked from my lungs.

“No, no. No, you did nothing wrong.” I whispered. I remember that day like it was yesterday, no matter how cliché that sounds. The day Lisanna surprised us all by coming to class, gaining a reaction out of everyone and anyone who has gone through this school for a while. Me, being new, I didn’t know her. I only heard some things from Natsu and the others.

If I had known she was interested in Natsu romantically, I never would’ve tried to work up the courage to finally confess to him that day.

She confessed to him while I was just around the corner, telling him she had been waiting to confess for two years. The confession in my heart dropped to my toes. I stood behind the lockers, shock coursing through my veins. I was eavesdropping on something I really shouldn’t have been. I knew that.

Though I’d like to believe my heartbreak when he told her he felt the same made it alright, if only just that once.

I began to shake. I sat up, my vision blurring. I hid my face in my hands as I felt a single tear run down my face.

For the first time since that day, I felt true shock spread through my body.

Crying? I’m…crying? What? I almost laughed hysterically at the notion. Crying over a boy? Me, Lucy Heartfilia, crying over a boy?

I kept my face hidden, barely muffling my sobs. The sobs kept shaking me, kept racking my body. I heard Natsu shoot up, sitting up to face me.

“Damn, Luce? Are you alright?” he asked, panicked. “I’m sorry I say the wrong things so often, I swear I didn’t mean it…please don’t cry…”

A rush of hot-headed anger replaced the shock. I looked up, not even self-conscious about my probably messy face. “Don’t apologize for something that’s not your fault! You didn’t even do anything wrong!” I snarled.

“Then why are you mad?” I finally got a good look at his terrified expression. My heart twisted once again. He really, really didn’t want me to cry. He was being serious. I fell forward onto his shoulder, and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Don’t cry, Luce.” he whispered as my tears stained his uniform. To my amusement, I couldn’t help thinking how much this reminded me of how we met.

I was in a similar situation. Sitting against the basketball hoop, hugging my knees. The sun was still burning harshly. It was an hour after practice, yet he was just leaving the school. No doubt he’d had detention after basketball. It was my second day and the first time I’d seen him. But he rushed over and asked if I was okay. I had shaken my head no. He sat next to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. We sat there silently that afternoon.

The next day, I sat by the basketball hoop again. He came right after practice. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and we stayed like that, watching the shadows move along the blacktop.

Then the next day, we began to talk.

And as I sat here, sobbing into his shoulder, I felt his warm arms remind me he was with me. He had always been. And I was trying to push him away because of my own selfishness, my own cowardice, my own stupidity.

“Natsu…” I whispered, as my sobs eased up. I stopped shaking, the tears stopped flowing. “I know it’s too early to say this, and this is the last thing you want to hear, but I should’ve told you three months ago and I won’t wait any longer.” The words came easier. With him, the words always flowed like a river after the rain. The sun was still shining, it wasn’t getting darker, and everything was sparkling.

“Luce.” he whispered back. “I don’t want to make you wait.”

“I have feelings for you.” I stated bluntly. My voice came out a little squeaky, still. My cheeks filled with warmth. “Not just…friends…and I know, I know you probably don’t feel the same. But I needed you to know.”

Natsu drew back to look at me, eyes wide. I felt my cheeks get even warmer and my eyes dropped to my lap.

“You…like me?” he asked, as if it were impossible to believe. I couldn’t even yell at him out of embarrassment, I just nodded. “Is that why you started avoiding me even before Lisanna came back? And throughout the last three months?”

This time, my eyes widened. Back then, I had been too embarrassed to be around him. I had spent the days leading up to then working up the courage to confess.

Then, three months went by.

“You…you noticed?” I stammered.

He chuckled. “I noticed. I notice everything about you, Luce. You like the color pink more than purple. You always use two pencils, one pen and four different highlighters in class. You like strawberry and vanilla more than chocolate. You always wear that necklace with the little key charms because it was your mom’s. You go stargazing at least twice a week and love to write as much as you love reading. You mostly get mad when you’re either embarrassed or defensive and never hold grudges for more than a week, no matter what anyone did to you. You read in between classes and only put off science homework. Since you quit piano, you only go through the music wing when you’re trying to avoid someone. Particularly me.

My eyes were already teary halfway through his rant. “Oh Natsu, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Really, really sorry.”

His grin faded into a panicked expression. “Shoot, I didn’t mean to make you cry. Gah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…not again…”

“N-No, I’m fine. I’m happy.” I sniffled. “I know I forget how much you care, but you never fail to remind me. You’re honestly so sweet.” I wiped away my stray tears. He leaned forward and put his forehead against mine.

“Never forget it, Luce. I care about you so much more than you’ll ever know, and more than I’ll ever understand.” I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling comfort in the little gesture. He was always making me smile and I really felt stupid now for trying to avoid him all this time.

He goes through life with a little grin no matter what, helping everyone around him. He doesn’t take nonsense and he cares more about others than himself.

I may not truly understand him, ever.

But if loving Natsu meant that mind-melting warmth and perpetual happiness I felt when our lips met, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Hope you liked it!
Back To The Sunflower Field [Glenn - Oneshot]

a/n: It’s his birthday so you decided to surprise him with a date but are you sure it’s only you who has a surprise in mind?


            Glenn was always busy with his royal duty and you were worried if you could celebrate his birthday with him. You wanted to spend some time with him on his birthday and asked Yuu if it’s possible to empty his schedule just for one day.

And Yuu made it happened.

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This was rattling around in my head. I guess I needed a non angsty end/ reunion with a dash of Captain Charming. I have been struggling with writing and this is unbeta’d and I have no concept of its quality but I needed to get something done to prove I could.

The Returned

The first thing he noticed was the light. It was different, no reddish tinge in the sky that coloured everything that it touched. He blinked repeatedly as his eyes adjusted, unsure of exactly where he was at first, although he felt he probably should know this place.

The stone monuments around him came into focus. He was in the cemetery. As were a lot of other people, it appeared, as he took in the sea of dark umbrellas protecting the gathered mourners from the downpour. Whoever they had come to commemorate was clearly important in this community, if sheer weight of numbers was anything to go by, the half-circle of people around the gravesite several deep in places.

Curious, he moved towards them, silent and vigilant, still unsure of why he was here in this place that didn’t seem to be the Underworld. Zeus had said nothing as he flicked his wrist, gave no indication of where he was to live out his after life as reward for helping the demi-god’s lass, but this seemed a strange choice even for one as obtuse as the Sky God.

Further investigation was clearly warranted. As he reached the edge of the group, muffled sobs and delicate sniffles surrounded him, the mourners too engulfed in their own grief to notice one more in their numbers. A voice spoke in hushed tones, just loud enough to be heard over the sloshing of the rain.

“….he wasn’t the man I thought him to be, he was so, so much more.”

The murmur of agreement from the gathered crowd hid his sharp intake of breath. His blue eyes targeted the speaker immediately, the stoic form of David Nolan unmistakable, the air of a leader like a cloak around him. For a moment he was frozen, his mind refusing to process what seemed to be the truth.

Storybrooke. This was Storybrooke.    

He scanned the crowd quickly. Forms and faces became familiar - the Widow Lucas, her mouth in a tight line, her arm tucked into Marco’s as she leaned against him. Dwarves in a line, heads bowed, faces serious. The Mayor, alone. No Crocodile, no Belle. Still no surer of who they had come here for.

A flash of blonde…but before he could make his shell shocked body move towards her the voice continued.

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Martian sunset

What would it be like to see a sunset on Mars? To help find out, the robotic rover Spirit was deployed in 2005 to park and watch the Sun dip serenely below the distant lip of Gusev crater. Colors in the above image have been slightly exaggerated but would likely be apparent to a human explorer’s eye. Fine martian dust particles suspended in the thin atmosphere lend the sky a reddish color, but the dust also scatters blue light in the forward direction, creating a bluish sky glow near the setting Sun. Because Mars is farther away, the Sun is less bright and only about two thirds the diameter it appears from Earth. Images like this help atmospheric scientists understand not only the atmosphere of Mars, but atmospheres across the Solar System, including our home Earth.

Image credit: Mars Exploration Rover Mission, Texas A&M, Cornell, JPL, NASA


So please don’t cry people have to move on I didn’t want to move on…I hate goodbyes

RWBY fall maiden theory

okay so i know yall must have seen like 2000 posts about RWBY theories but i havent seen this one and i wanted to share my thoughts.

so when i saw all those theories i realized how much foreshadowing the show does, almost nothing important happens without it being hinted sooner. well you know how everybody got super crazy about how the things that happened to pyrrha were foreshadowed in the second volume`s opening?

which in my opinion makes sense when you think of it, she does have red leaves falling from her dress, and she is the one that`s supposed to become the fall maiden. the thing is, they made it pretty obvious that she wont, we still dont know what could happen to her body when they`ll try to transfer amber`s aura into her and we dont know if in the end she is going to even be part of it. personally im pretty sure there is going to be an accident in the transfer but i wont talk about it here.

so now the question is who will be the one inheriting amber`s powers? well you know how in the RWBY universe color is very significant, and then i realized two characters in the show have amber colored eyes, when most of the time characters have their eye color depending on which color they`re based of. well those two characters are cinder and blake.

ill start with cinder. in the second volume`s opening two things are shown with a special kind of drawing, the first one being pyrrha as seen above, and the second one is cinder.

but instead of leaves falling from her cape, its fire coming out of her eyes and dress, so it might mean cinder is the summer or spring maiden, or maybe even something else, but this is about the fall maiden. the things coming out of her dress might also be leaves, and the fact that it was shown the same way as pyrrha could mean a lot. but i cant base my opinion only on this so another reason is the fact that we know either she or someone on her side attacked amber, and the scar left on amber`s face does make it look like she was burned. and we dont know about anyone in the show being able to control fire so strongly except for cinder. something else is that we know is that part of amber`s powers were stolen, and from what i know about cinder i dont think she would have let anyone other than her have that power. so the only possibilities are either cinder has amber`s powers, or she has some kind of secret weapon (might be a person) that she uses that power for, but the show didnt hint it in any way so it probably isnt it, which means cinder has amber`s stolen power.

now lets get to blake.

in the black trailer blake was shown in a forest full of trees with falling red leaves and a reddish sky. which looks exactly like pyrrha`s cape in the second volume`s opening. even the inside of the train was kind of red. same for the robot`s eyes. and frankly red has nothing to do with her color, black. i dont see how this could mean anything else.

at last when in the third episode blake gets asked by ruby what her book is about, she answers “its about a man with two souls, each fighting for control over his body” like when they said that hey didnt know what would happen when amber`s aura would be transferred into pyrrha, if pyrrha would keep control over her body, and who`s mind would be controlling it. now i know alone it might seem weird, but this added to the trailer and to her eyes` color, i think it might mean something.

so in conclusion what i think will happen will be cinder stealing amber`s power, and blake inheriting what`s left of it, and having to fight with amber over her own body.

if you read that until here thank you!!!!! please check out my blog its pretty new so there isnt a lot but i will start posting a lot more soon!!!!!

On this day in 2003 NASA’s Spirit rover was launched on its six-month journey to Mars. For the next 7.5 years, Spirit conducted geological and other experiments at various locations on the Martian surface. Among its findings: some Martian rocks show chemical evidence of the presence of small amounts of liquid water, and all Martian dust is thought to be magnetic. Spirit also obtained many high-resolution images. This one, taken on Spirit’s 489th Martian day (19 May 2005) from Gusev crater, shows our Sun setting. There is a bluish glow in the sky around and above the Sun. Such glows can remain visible for up to 2 hours after sunset or before sunrise. The glow is caused by high altitude dust scattering sunlight around to the night side of the planet. The rest of the sky is reddish due to the large amount of dust in the atmosphere.


In Keel’s own words: “This is a hypothetical spectrum of energies that are known to exist but that cannot be accurately measured with present-day instruments. It is a shadowy world of energies that produce well-observed effects, particularly on biological organisms (namely people). This superspectrum is the source of all paranormal manifestations from extrasensory perception (ESP) to flying saucers, little green men and tall, hairy monsters. It is hard to pin down scientifically because it is extradimensional, meaning that it exists outside our own space-time continuum yet influences every thing within our reality.”

“…Ultraviolet rays come next, and they are tremendously important to the UFO phenomenon.These are also invisible but can burn the flesh and the eyes. A neglected part of the UFO evidence consists of the hundreds of sightings in which the witnesses suffered all of the symptoms of klieg conjunctivitis afterward. Actors performing on movie sets brightly illumi­nated by arc lights sometimes experience these same symptoms. The eyes redden, itch and feel sore. This is caused by the ultraviolet radiation (also called actinic rays).  ”


After much more experimentation, on other nights in other places, I concluded that the purple spots were part of the UFO phenomenon and were being controlled by, or possessed, some kind of intelligence.

Return now to our two charts of the electromagnetic and color spectrums. You will see that ultraviolet rays immediately precede the visible spectrum. The first visible frequencies are of purple or violet light.

Let us assume that UFOs exist at frequencies beyond visible light but that they can adjust their frequency and descend the electromagnetic spectrum just as you can tum the dial of your radio and move a variable condenser up and down the scale of radio frequencies.

When a UFO’s frequency nears that of visible light, it would first appear as a purplish blob of violet. As it moves farther down the scale, it would seem to change to blue, and then to cyan (bluish green). In our chapter on meteors we note that they most often appear as bluish-green objects.

I have therefore classified that section of the color spectrum as the UFO entry field.

Visible light follows infrared. Dr Meade Layne and other early UFO investigators observed that the objects often appeared magically as a reddish puddle in the sky, then progressively changed to the other colors of the spectrum until they became a sickening purple and melted into the invisible ultraviolet.  

‘Forbidden’ books on black magic, witchcraft, and ancient religious beliefs all describe this basic materialization process, including solemn warnings to avert the eyes when you materialize an angel or demon through some secret rite lest you suffer from conjunctivitis and the other painful maladies produced by the rays of the EM spectrum. All mythology tells how one should not gaze upon the countenance of a materialized god.