reddish hues

I want you to
touch me, feel me.
Caressย the part of me
which are broken
and bruised. I want
you to plant kisses
and leave marks that
resembles galaxies
in reddish hues.
Hold me tightly,
and do not let me go.
Just hold my hands and
Let us take this slow.ย 
Breathless, panting, and
Whispering abundance of
“I want you’s”.
All you need to remember is
Baby, I got you.
—  lm // sext pt. 5
Zodiac Constellations and their Brightest Stars

And Distance from Earth (light yrs)

Aries- Hamal (65.8 light yrs)  Derived from Arabic meaning of "head of the ram".

Taurus- Aldebaran (65 light yrs)  Arabic meaning “the follower”.

Gemini- Pollux (33.78 light yrs)  Reference to the twin sons Castor and Pollux of Leda, one of Zeus’s lovers.

Cancer- Altarf (290 light yrs) Arabic meaning “end” or “edge”. 

Leo- Regulus (79 light yrs) Latin for “little king” or “prince”. 

Virgo- Spica (260.9 light yrs) Derived from Latin “spīca virginis”- “the virgin’s ear of [wheat] grain”.

Libra- Zubeneschamali (185 light yrs) Arabic for “the northern claw”.

Scorpio- Antares (470 light yrs) Derived from Ancient Greek meaning “equal to Ares” due to its reddish hue. 

Sagittarius- Kaus Australis (143 light yrs) Kaus comes from Arabic qaws meaning “bow” and Latin australis meaning “southern”. 

Capricorn- Deneb Algedi (39 light yrs) Derived from the Arabic meaning for “tail of the goat”.

Aquarius- Sadalsuud (540 light yrs). From the Arabic expression “luck of lucks”. 

Pisces- Kullat Nunu (294 light yrs) Babylonian reference to the cord connecting the fish. 


i … tried… just know it had this reddish hue and … here have a literary description to make up for it

Observing the perigee of our closest celestial body, the moon, we crane our necks to spot the lunar orb in all its blood-red pigmented glory.
Its compassionate glow spread into the sky, enveloping all of us tiny humans with an airy autumn blanket. A rust tint hangs in the low evening sky, capturing gazes and suspending thoughts for a brief moment, reminding us of the vastness and perplexing mysteries of the universe.

k hope that compensates for the only crap quality photos i have

(i tried taking photos of it using my digital camera, looking thru a binocular lens, but it didnt work out)

Credit: @tinyrarezdew

No but this is great! And the caption is awesome, thank you!
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This dramatic image peers within M42, the Orion Nebula, the closest large star-forming region. Using data at infrared wavelengths from the Herschel Space Observatory, the false-color composite explores the natal cosmic cloud a mere 1,500 light-years distant. Cold, dense filaments of dust that would otherwise be dark at visible wavelengths are shown in reddish hues. Light-years long, the filaments weave together bright spots that correspond to regions of collapsing protostars. The brightest bluish area near the top of the frame is warmer dust heated by the hot Trapezium cluster stars that also power the nebula’s visible glow. Herschel data has recently indicated ultraviolet starlight from the hot newborn stars likely contributes to the creation of carbon-hydrogen molecules, basic building blocks of life. This Herschel image spans about 3 degrees on the sky. That’s about 80 light-years at the distance of the Orion Nebula.

Object Names: M42, Orion Nebula

Credit: ESA/ Herschel/ PACS/ SPIRE

Time And Space

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Put henna once every two weeks or something. It'll not only act as a dye for your hair but it's also good for your scalp! There are also mixes for desired results like egg(?) for silky hair etc etc. Be sure to check it out if you want to! But if you hair is blonde or any other light color, I'm sorry I can't help you as henna gives the hair a reddish hue,

My hair is a mousey brown at the roots and the rest is whatever shade of brown I’ve dyed it. It’s some kind of auburn at the moment and I’ll be dying the roots soon. The best thing I can do is relieve stress since that’s the original cause.


The Floating Piers

Artist Christo and his late wife, Jeanne-Claude, major installation is a 3km (almost 2 miles) floating walkway across Italy’s lake Iseo. The walk way is made up of  200,000 high-density polyethylene cubes and is covered in 100,000 square meters of shimmering yellow fabric, which changes colors throughout the day to a shimmering gold and a reddish hue when wet.

How was any of this reality? It was still catching up to him. Life and it’s surrounding moments passing by like a warped dystopian vision. One moment he had been standing in the room of a sterilized, stark white infirmary and the next a dark, dusty swatch of browns and reddish hues, a familiar warmth as they stumbled into that meticulously rebuilt bar. 

How fast his legs had given out beneath him, how anxiously not only Tomura but Kurogiri both slipped to his side and with a heft pulled him up like he was nothing. He was something more before, but they took a lot from him, he was a skeleton of his former self, in just three weeks. He felt weightless, and they lifted him as though he were just that, nothing.

And how strange it was that when his body finally came crashing down into the bed he once knew, of his lover and leader, he felt like he was truly in his resting place. The comfort of a casket, of a swaddle of cloth and comfort that swallowed him whole in a final euphoria before darkness. It all seemed so surreal…

But hours later he had stirred again, the medications had warn off in full, and he woke with a shake, a sob, as pain in it’s truest form wracked itself through his bones, his veins, every single nerve ending left in his body. His skin was a mess of healing, burnt sores, his arms were no more than boiled meat, he was a monster, an amalgamation, in his very physical form and appearance and–

A hand set to his chest, his body tensing, but with index finger raised, the other fingers curled against him, a slow, half awake motion, a slow coax, a pet against his rib cage to try and soothe the dying bird within, throwing itself against the bars.

He was grounded, in an instant, he was here and though the pain was severe, the pain was real, he was reminded that in pain and suffering, he knew that he had survived. He had escaped those bars, that cell, he had escaped his father and that detective. Everything he cursed himself for he had escaped but it was… Okay. He would survive he was surviving as he always had…

A little pain never stopped him before…

And now he had this… A hand in his grasp that he lifted, feeling a body shift tiredly against his side to accommodate the action, a cheek against his shoulder as his aching fingers touched against the palm. He had this, this hand of destruction, this hand of death, to hold and to cherish like a god damn sacred artifact. This idiot, this god damn moron that stole his heart and stole his mind and stole his sanity and stole him back when he was taken so brazenly…

His fingers could barely move with the pain, but he would retrace his steps, to that first night they had dare to lay together. The first night that he dared to confront the beast of a petulant manchild that was the man beside him. Slowly his fingers traced that palm, traced scars of self hatred, of anxiety and biting, scars of living what with Tomura had done. 

His fingers would follow all but that pinky, four finger touch rule, just as he had that night. Slow and carefully splaying hands, uncurling fingers to the sound of a soft whimper, a croaked sound again beside him. An attempt at  what was once a naturally uttered ‘don’t touch me’, something that Shigaraki was still learning to allow to happen, as in mere moments he seemed to finally sink back into a return of sleep.

How had his reality come back to here? How did he find that in pain and suffering, he was his happiest? His safest? With the feeling of death clinging to his back, he was ready to stride forward, to strive? How was it that he felt so alive when he was a shriveled half corpse of a man beside his lover…?

How had he come back from all of that… the same?

He would bring that hand back to himself, to press soft, slow kisses with little more than a functional upper lip to it’s back, broken against it’s knuckles, as a sigh shuddered from his nose. This stupid boy beside him… This boy he had come into the organization looking at with disdain, uncertainty… How he made his skin crawl and pissed him off…

This… stupid boy.

He was the key to everything, and he knew back there he would have died for him, to protect him, to protect this little fucking thing they’d built, the alliance and this… relationship. And Tomura knew that as well, Tomura knew he would have fought to his grave, didn’t he? …

Eyes rolling to the ceiling, his pain shook through him again, along with the awakening of his organs, his muscles… A few a small realizations.

He was free.
He really needed to piss.
And holy hot damn he could go for the cheeseburger.

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*the captain screeched orders to the crew* *flechettes were readied while the sonar marked distant targets* *the interior of the ship darkened and took on a reddish hue, effectively making her silent save for the ghostly hum of the improvised Possumization-Wave Engine* *the crew grew silent as the pressure against the hull of the submersible grew more intense* *the ancient groan of metal under pressure, like the groaning of a giant, echoed inside the cabin* *the shadows...drew closer*

We’re getting intense now

Stars at the Galactic Center : The center of our Milky Way Galaxy is hidden from the prying eyes of optical telescopes by clouds of obscuring dust and gas. But in this stunning vista, the Spitzer Space Telescope’s infrared cameras, penetrate much of the dust revealing the stars of the crowded galactic center region. A mosaic of many smaller snapshots, the detailed, false-color image shows older, cool stars in bluish hues. Reddish glowing dust clouds are associated with young, hot stars in stellar nurseries. The very center of the Milky Way was only recently found capable of forming newborn stars. The galactic center lies some 26,000 light-years away, toward the constellation Sagittarius. At that distance, this picture spans about 900 light-years. via NASA


Twilight is the boundary between day and night. Those of this world fear the dakrness and hide from it… while those of the other world blend into the darkness and run wild. The setting sun blurs all with a reddish hue… as the shadows of evening grow ever deeper and darker. Now is when those in the divide can most easily cross the boundary. People once said this was the time of day that monsters come out. This is now… the Fiendish Hour.

Wednesday’s Horrors #9 - Brian Lumley’s Yibb-Tstll:

“Of more or less manlike proportion, the-thing-had a head, a polished black lump atop its sloping shoulders of stone. Two eyes were frozen in oddly unnatural positions on the surface of the head: one was up near the top, the other was low, where the corner of a mouth might have been in a more nearly normal statue. The lower eye was green and shone with an inner luminosity-a massive emerald-but the other was of a reddish, bloody hue, and of the two it looked decidedly more real.
The narrowly sloping shoulders were cloaked, as was the bulky body beneath; but the cloak, carved of the same stalagmite stone as the god, was open in front to reveal many polished black breasts. This was an anomaly in itself since patently the figure was male. Beneath the cloak where it billowed in petrified rigidity, a cluster of stone night-gaunts, their wings folded, clung tightly, almost lovingly, to the unseen body of the god. The idol was a nightmare, made even more nightmarish by its height-which was almost three times that of a tall man!”
- Hero of Dreams, Brian Lumley

I’m jumpin on the bandwagon, tee hee~

  • Standard is standard colours :)
  • Plains live in flat ground areas and have a lighter colour scheme than a regular Terrakion. They also have stripes on the rump to help blend into the long grasses.
  • Forest Terrakion’s are much darker and have stripes to blend into the foliage. Because of the colder weather, their fur is slightly longer.
  • Alpine Terrakion’s live in the high mountains and their fur is much, much longer to keep them warm. The colours also alternate to help blend in, and their winter coat is much lighter like the Plains Terrakion. (Pictured is the summer coat)
  • Melanistic Terrakions are very dark and can be found in the Alpine variety as well. Their horns, however, remain the same colour (as is normal for melanistic deer)
  • Desert Terrakion’s have very short fur and rosette patterns with a reddish hue to blend in with sand dunes.

Feel free to use any of these designs for your own characters, just credit me if you do. :)

Intermezzo [AU]

He raised his hand a little to get the bartender’s attention. The man was gruff looking and moved with all the agility of molasses but he got the hint and slowly made his way over to him to refill his glass. The whiskey was rather hard in his opinion and bitter in the aftertaste but added a comfortable buffer zone between the outside world and his own mind. He was only on his third glass but the effects were not to be denied. In this environment he was more than thankful for them.

The club he had picked out had been rather difficult to find, wrong address and route included. It was a very long shot from what he was used to by now, too, but not uncomfortably so. The lights were dimmed and flickered from time to time, soaking the parlor in reddish hues. The neon and mirrors on the walls helped to add a surreal touch to the decor. Everything looked softer and warmer than it was, hiding what ought to be hidden and showing off all that glittered.

Places like this weren’t rare but rarely talked about. In their society, one that was footed on solid monogamous partnerships ‘till death do you part’, those without a predestined significant other were often seen as second rate. No one wanted to admit it openly but there was a certain amount of discrimination involved. Amduscias, who spent a lot of time among politicians and high society, knew what they thought about the matter. And such clubs were mainly marketed towards singles. People who had lost their other half, who had walked out on the deal or hadn’t simply found the person they were meant to meet, yet or still. They came here, to work or to buy.

It was advertised as an exotic dance club but even Amduscias didn’t need to check the comment section of the forum he had found online to figure out that this dancing of theirs was just a front, a way to show off the goods. It was a brothel, in short. He had known that when he had walked in and found it proven when he watched a man disappear upstairs with a busty brunette who had put a lot of effort in her fake giggles.

That was what he was here for as well. To get drunk on cheap booze and find himself someone he could spend a few intimate hours with. Sure, he could have gotten that in better establishments. With his social status he might have even received a discount in the high-end clubs. But that was the last thing he wanted.

Even here he didn’t seem all too eager to dive in. The first two girls who had approached him, all flirty pouting and drawled compliments, he had hesitantly refused. It was quite ovious to everyone involved that this potential customer was new to the scene. At least they didn’t seem to grudge it him that he needed to give himself some liquid courage first.

He only needed to remind himself of why he was here. Wasn’t he tired of the real world that waited for him at home? Of only being regarded as an inconvenience and a pet that needed training? A misbehaving arm decoration? He wouldn’t endure that for another moment.

Oh, he wasn’t expecting to find a remedy for his life’s shortcomings here, not at all. He just needed a break. He just wanted to be someone else for a while, someone with no loveless house waiting to swallow him up again, and no oppressive soulmate eager to cut another part out of him. He just needed to remind himself that he hadn’t actually become a puppet on strings as his ‘husband’ had.

His lips found the glass again and once more he let the burning drink fill his mouth and run down his throat. He felt much warmer already, maybe a little hot even. That might as well be due to his nerves, though. He couldn’t just sit here forever, he knew. It didn’t help his tension, however, to think that he had no experience whatsoever in this field. Just the thought let his heart beat faster.

In the past he had never felt attracted to anyone and meeting his soulmate in the form of a stuck up businessman hadn’t changed anything about that. By now he didn’t think that would change anymore. But he could recognize beauty and the warmth of touch. It had somewhat alienated himself at first to think that he was deliberately going out to cheat on his partner, even if it had been a partnership he had never freely consented to. After the second glass of whiskey that feeling had vanished, though. Pai’s comments from last night still circled in the back of his mind. Oh, like his dear mate would give a damn. So why should he?

As soon as he had finished his drink he would approach someone. Definitely.


LA had to be cursed, at least that was Torrie’s take on it. How else could a single city attract so much negativity? How else could so many bad things happen whenever they stepped foot within it’s limits? 

Maybe they were just psyching themselves out…maybe it was all in their mind. Perhaps if Torrie went at this with a bit more positivity things would turn out better for their stay in LA. Of course, it was a bit hard to stay positive when it was pouring cats and dogs. They liked the rain, but this was a little extreme…

Torrie ducked under a nearby awning in front of a 24 hour store, the neon glow from the nearby sign giving everything a reddish hue. 

(I can’t believe I’m participating in this competition, oh well)

The war had raged for many months. Canberra laid under the red skies as towering flames crackled, encouraged through the remaining buildings by their uniform-wearing arsonists.

Australia, had fallen.

Food was scarce, and electrical lights flickered and whirred as their power supply hissed away the last particles of coal. Sweet, delicious coal.
In a bunker deep below parliament, the ruling government hid from the horrors of the surface, forced below by the invaders and secured by little more than a few steel doors.
They were almost ready for the counterattack.

The heat was excruciating, as the countries last supplies of coal burned brightly, giving the concrete and steel walls of the bunker a reddish hue.
Tony Abbott groaned on the floor, his skin near-audibly cracking from the intense heat, seeming to tighten and tighten, threatening to tear away.
“Mr Prime Minister, we’re ready.”
Tony’s eyes clicked open, the vessels swollen, giving his eyes a colour of blood as he gazed up at the last remaining commander of what was once a proud military.
He smiled a feral smile, as the heat finally won out, and his skin began to crack and peel away revealing green and gold. Such glorious scales. He was free.
His people, were free.

He stood, proud and strong, his tongue flicking out in celebration of victory as the final coal burned away and vanished, having done its job.
Running the back of a clawed hand across his forehead, he retrieved an onion from the pocket of his torn jacket on the floor.

“Sir, our final fleet are in position, they returned from enemy territory in tatters sir, but our men have cracked their skin just as you have, my lord. If we return to enemy waters and engage, they will have no chance. We can regain control of this land.”

Tony smiled widely, revealing shining fangs as he bit deeply into the onion.

“What are your orders, my lord?” The commander asked, salivating at the sight of the onion.

One last smile, as Tony spoke, his voice smooth and silky from his transformation.
“Send back the boats.”

Herb of the Week-Dulse

Common names

Red Dulse
Sea Lettuce Flakes

This is a sea plant having leathery or membranous, flattened reddish brown fronds that grow up to a length of anything between 50 mm and 300 mm. This plant, often used as a vegetable, emerges from a discoid or disc-shaped base, generally having a petite stipe (fern-like stalk) that keeps growing slowly to develop into a simple or branches in two parts (dichotomous) or palm-shaped (palmately) fronds. Quite often, these plants also have typical insignificant leaflets. The leaves or blades of this sea plant differ greatly in shape and they may generally be egg-shaped or barely straight segments.

Dulse grows by attaching itself to its disc-shaped holdfast to rocks or the Laminaria stipes. In fact, the stipe of this plant is short, while its fronds are uneven and differ in color ranging from dark rose hues to reddish purple. The texture of the fronds is generally leathery or rubber-like. The plantโ€™s foliose blade is flat and it expands gradually and branches them into wide segments varying in size to about 50 cm in length and roughly between 3 cm and 8 cm in thickness and are able to put up with proliferations that are plane and wedge-shaped from their edges.

People in the north-eastern region of the United States, Atlantic Canada, Ireland and Iceland commonly use dulse in the form of food as well as for therapeutic purposes. In these places, dulse is available in several stores selling health foods as well as in fish markets. It is also possible to directly order dulse from the distributors in these neighbourhoods. In Northern Irelandโ€™s Ballycastle, dulse has been sold traditionally at the Ould Lammas Fair. In fact, this sea plant is especially well liked by people residing by the side of the Causeway Coast. There are numerous people who continue to collect dulse themselves for their personal use. However, this practice is rapidly dying. People who inhabit the Ulster coastline between Country Antrim and Country Donegal consume dried out and uncooked dulse in the same way as others would like to eat their snacks at any drinks party. In addition, dulse is also consumed after cooking. This sea plant has the same properties as any other substance that enhances flavour of foods. In the western coast of Ireland people generally call this sea plant dillisk. Usually, people selling periwinkle dry up dillisk or dulse and sell it in the form of a snack item from stalls located in towns by the sea.

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Beautiful beautiful Paris. The trees almost look like an impressionist painting, with their leaves looking like individual dabs of paint. It looks like loose brushwork, an artist attempting to capture the effects of the sparkling sunlight, as it filters gently through the patches of foliage. Just look at the shades of colour on the leaves! Golden oranges softly morph into reddish hues that herald the fall. Warm browns subtly announce their participation at the top. The predominant colour is green, obviously, but in every place you look, a different shade hits the eye. The leaves almost glow subtly as the sun rays fall upon them. It isn’t obvious beauty, but I think we all need to look to find beautiful things in simple places. The world is a wide, wide place, and it’s absolutely ripe with hidden treasures, for instance in the simple scene of trees on a good day; it’s all out there waiting for you to open your eyes a little wider and take it all in.