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Sara Ryder 

Occupation: Archeologist (former), Researcher (former), and Pathfinder for the human Ark

Age: 24 years old (cumulatively 624 years if you count cryo)

Hair color: Black (natural) and blue

Eye color: Reddish brown

Lover/partner: Jaal Ama Darav

Favorite color: Any shade of blue

Personality: Optimistic, curious, dependable, kind, and stubborn

Flaws: can be a bit too trusting, has a hard time shutting up, easily angered, sometimes says the wrong thing at the wrong time, rushes headlong into things without thinking, can’t cook to save her life, and doesn’t back down when she should.

Lipstick Magick

Wine red/Maroon/Crimson: Powerful words, strength, queen/king-like beauty and power, cursing. Wear when you want to put a bite into your words.

Poppy Red/Scarlet/Bright Reds: Love, playfulness, draw attention, courage. Enchant these colors for when you have to give a presentation, or for love spells.

Rose Pink/Lighter Shades: Friendship, Love, peace. Enchant for maybe going out with friends, setting a dispute, etc.

Peach: (My personal favorite) Use this color in beauty and confidence spells, or anything requiring some bravery and/or emotional strength.

Purples/Violet/You get the Idea: Love, astral realm, psychic abilities, intelligence. Ladies- if you are like me and deal with men who frequently claim you are less intelligent because you are a woman, enchant a purple color.

Reddish-Brown: deceit. Idk how or why you would use this but its a common color so.

Black: protection, the otherworld, litterally anything you want really.

Back to the Anders’ hair discourse, I think Anders is one of those blonds that when it’s summer time and/or when he’s out in the sun a lot, the sun bleaches his hair until he’s bright blond. But when it’s winter or if he stays in Darktown for too long without seeing the sun, his hair goes back to it’s natural color of reddish-blond, sometimes even edging into auburn.

Basically, Anders has natural magical hair.

Signs as Mermaids

Aries: A merperson with a fiery tail, red and orange scales finishing with fins like flames of a fire, branching out. When they swim, it will look like a fire waving in the wind. Their hair is slightly spiky, and very textured, often in reddish/yellowish colors. It would be hard to see them, as they would be gone if you blinked, the most rapid and quick of all the signs.
Taurus: A merperson with a serene tail, green scales like of a meadow. Their tail is embroidered with pale flowers, and their skin inked in several nature scenes. Their hair is also combed with flowers. Their hair is considered the silkiest of all the signs, looking less and less like hair, and more like a smooth brook. Although slightly slow as they seem to almost be growing from the ground, they can make any living thing/plant flourish and grow quickly.
Gemini: A merperson with a yellow tail. Their tail glimmers in the sunlight, and the ends finish off the tail in two perfectly symmetrical fins. Their skin always seems to be tinted with a rush of blood, and their hair moves around their head as if it were alive itself. In fact, every part of them seems to be alive. If you were ever to look at them from afar, it would be as if they seemed to be dancing, but once you get closer, you see they are still. Their talk could enchant you, they are the most eccentric of all, and could entice you with their ideas. Their eyes are as deep as the sea itself, and they seem to be alive with thoughts.
Cancer: A merperson with a deep purple tail. Their tail is also highlighted with flecks of silver, gold, and dark green. Like Gemini, a Cancer’s skin is always flushed with a tint of red blush, and their hair seems to be an array of colors. It envelopes them in long waves. You can always tell what a Cancer merperson is feeling, when they’re upset their feelings are made known to everyone in the room. All the other signs look to the Cancer as their guardian, and will lean on them.
Leo: A merperson with an opal tail, no one color can be picked out, however, streaks of purples, blues, and golds are quite visible. A Leo’s skin is tinted with gold, when the blush, their cheeks are infused with a sunny color, and gold blood is in their stream. Their hair arranges in a lion’s mane, and when they are angry or surprised, it stands on end. Leo’s are adored in the kingdom, and are often sent tokens of others’ affection, and adorned in luxurious jewels. Pearls will run through their reddish/yellowish hair to show importance.
Virgo: A merperson with a bluish purplish tail. Their hair falls flat except when their emotions are at extremes, in which it gets wavy and curly. Their scales are precise and seem as if they were intricately carved one by one. A Virgo is known for their healing powers, both of the mind, body, and spirit. Most will have a Virgo close to them, either as a friend, or a romantic partner. A Virgo’s home is always tidy, but also bathed in several crystal balls, books, and crystals.
Libra: A merperson with a lilac tail. A libra may have lavender flowers inked on their skin. Their hair is always twisting around in the water as if a harsh wind were rustling through their hair. Many libras will put their hair in intricate styles to keep it from moving it around. Libras are considered the beauty of the sea. You will never see a Libra merperson bump into something or trip while swimming. They gracefully flounder in the ocean, and are brought gifts from other merpeople often.
Scorpio: A merperson with a deep red tail. Their hair is often deep red to match and embroidered with chrysanthemums. Their eyes are always decorated in gems to amplify their scorching gaze. They move slowly and if they look at you, they won’t drop their gaze until their message is put through. They can read you very easily, and like Virgo have several crystal balls, herbs, and crystals.
Sagittarius: A merperson with a light blue tail, streaked with orange flames. The Sagittarius merperson is always the one to go out adventuring, and is quite like the typical Disney mermaid, Ariel. A Sagittarius merperson is always bouncing around, finding new things, going up to the surface to get a taste of the outside world. Their hunger for new things is grand, but useful. Their smile brightens everyone’s day, and their hair seems to go out in every direction, dyed every color of the rainbow.
Capricorn: A merperson with a deep earthy toned tail. The scales are blues, browns, and purples, but they all come together to form a beauty. Their hair is straight, however it seems to tell a story to you. You will not be able to tell how a Capricorn is feeling, because of the set way they swim and look. The way they swim seems urgent, like they have places to be all the time. Anyone who looks a a Capricorn will see a merperson who is a mural of emotions all kept in a cage. Capricorns in the kingdom are typically of royal like the Leos, but prefer less flashy gifts, and the truth is very important when it comes to ruling over the other merfolk.
Aquarius: A merperson with a turquoise tail that almost looks as if it were dip dyed. Aquarius is more subtle than Gemini, not always darting around, yet still full of thoughts and ideas, Their hair is usually an array of colors, typically in the blues and pinks. It seems to float about calmly. An Aquarius is usually dressed in shells and other unusual objects they may come upon. They are not one for conventional beauty, and like to ignore whatever rules are set upon them in the kingdom.
Pisces: A merperson with a pale tail. The color may be pale pink, blue, purple, but is never deep. They have smaller fins attached to their waist, and their scales seem to shimmer in the sunlight. Their hair is either extremely short or extremely long. It typically falls in corkscrew curls or loose waves, also in the pale colors of their tails. You will always be able to tell how a Pisces feels because of the aura they put out. They enjoy the idea of being deep and emotional, and often write poetry or simply sit on the shore and gaze at the moon.

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The only option to make Kizana and Kokona completely different characters with no relationships whatsoever is to change Kizana’s color scheme. 

Even if her hairstyle will change (god bless if it will), they will still look like cousins or something of that sort because of completely the same hair and eye color. You probably won’t find two people with exactly the same hair and eye color attending to the same school if only they are not relatives or one of them is a copycat stalker. So if Kokona is supposed to have nothing related to Kizana, our dear drama club president needs another color scheme. 

Although The Albino is my (and not only my) favorite choise, it’s not the only variant. You can give her silver-lilac hair color and reddish pink eyes, and even just the hair/eyes change will make it better. 

So either her color scheme will change, either they are related. There’s no in-between. 

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Hey Donnie, what is it that you like about purple?

Look. Look above me. Are they not the most beautiful things you have ever seen? All of those striking things are purple.

Purple is a wondrous color that is very rare in nature. Because it is so rare it is fascinating. Purple, granted, is not a good color for camouflage, and the chemicals that create purple are difficult to find. Purple is well known to be an expensive dye to make for centuries which is why only royalty possessed it. 

Purple occurs in nature because of  anthocyanins which are pigments in plants that block harmful rays from plants. The  bright purple color also attracts pollinating insects to the plant.

In animals, being purple is a warning that they are poisonous, though most purple looking animals are only purple because of atmospheric optics like the purple heron. Atmospheric optics also explains why mountains can look purple. The sky scatters the blue light of the atmosphere down to meet the reddish color of the ground and you look at the mountains between them and can see the mountains as purple. 

Purple is just an awesome color. 

Headcanon: Velociraptor Appearances

I dunno if you you guys heard about this fan theory, but I pretty much accept it as my main headcanon because it’s a pretty cool and sinister concept.

A lot of people have questioned why the Velociraptors from JP3 look so different from the ones from JP and TLW. Obviously it’s pretty much universally accepted that they are separated into two fanon species: nublarensis and sornaensis.

The nublarensis are naked, and the males are orange with black stripes, while the females are mostly brown.

The sornaensis males have small amounts of quill-like feathers on their head and neck, and are a lot more colorful, being reddish and brownish with a white stripe down the middle, while the females are white with brown/black spots.

Yet both species can be found on Isla Sorna, despite their names. The reason they look differently is never really explained or questioned by anyone in the third film, so it’s left to the fans to figure out why.

As we know, the sornaensis raptors depicted in JP3 show much higher prowess in vocal communication and pack mentality; even setting a trap for Billy and the Kirbys when they went to help Udesky. In some ways, these raptors were much more unsettling than the ones in the previous two films. We also know that the geneticists at InGen definitely tampered extensively with the DNA of their animals.

The theory is that the Velociraptor sornaensis were the first type of Velociraptor ever cloned by InGen. However, when faced by their sheer intelligence and how dangerous they were, they decided to create a new breed of raptor; less smart, less hazardous to guests, putting investors at ease. The feathers were removed and they eyes enlarged with slit pupils for a more terrifying appearance, although they were not as dangerous as the sornaensis. Of course, the nublarensis still proved to be a more ambitious endeavor than InGen had originally planned.

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As for why the two types of raptor can be seen on Isla Sorna, but not in the same place, it’s possible that the two breeds keep to their own respective territories on the island. Since TLW took place on the east side of Isla Sorna, and JP3 took place on the west side, this is entirely probable.

I hope you guys like this theory as much as I do! I think about this stuff way too much.

I know that the fandom tends to imagine Jehan as an ethereal creature, stunningly beautiful, but consider this:

• Jehan with little scars on his face and his back due to acne in his early teenage years.

• Jehan with a weird shaped and kinda big nose because he broke it as a child.

• Jehan being really self conscious of his brown eyes, because no one writes poems about basic brown eyes.

• Jehan with crocked teeth, a little yellowed by the cigarettes.

• trans Jehan with really thick and visible scars after the top surgery.

• Jehan with a round, soft tummy and squishy cheeks contrasting with his little weak arms.

• Jehan with little hands and the habit to bite his nails until they bleed.

• Jehan with messy hair the reddish color of the leaves in autumn, ruined by the sun.

• Jehan with a lot of imperfections but still beautiful because beauty and perfection are not synonyms.

• Jehan being an ordinary human being and not an ethereal creature but still unique and beautiful.

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Which body part do the lords like the most on their lady/s.o? uwu good luck with this blog! 😘

we only do four characters at a time, sweetie! otherwise it would take me three weeks to get a post out, so I picked four of our lovely lords for ya.

Our little Yukimura would find it difficult to tear his eyes away from the nape of your neck. He’d watch with dazed blue eyes as the edge of your kimono dips lower every time you turn your head, exposing your slender neck and emphasizing the lovely shape of your shoulders. The young Sanada would love to kiss your skin and run his fingers down your spine, tracing your curves with boundless interest.

After kissing you once, Masamune would be addicted to your lips. He’d watch in admiration as they part, little sighs and gasps sweetening his ears whenever he touches you. Their softness, their shape, the reddish tint that colors them after a couple of rough kisses - those are all things he’d like. And the way you say the cutest things to him, heartfelt and true as you make him feel accepted and loved.

Lord Nobunaga would really like your legs -  and it would show with the trail of red marks he’d leave on your thighs, teeth sinking into the soft flesh as you cry out his name. He’d lick the pain away, eyes focused on your cute reactions and greedy hands caressing every inch of your skin. Nobunaga would also love to rest his head in your lap and have you fawn over him. He’d send you plenty of beautiful kimono that show off your legs and demand you wear them when you come see him in his chambers.

Despite loving you for all of you - from your virtues to your flaws and your precious quirks, and not just for the way you look, the part of your body that Shingen would like the most would be your breasts. Whether they’re round and soft or small and adorable, the red-headed lord would love to run his hands across their line, cheeky fingers delving past the fabric of your kimono to gently pinch your nipples, and a deep chuckle rumbling in his chest when you mewl and whine for him.

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