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Flesh by Simon Curtis , Smut, Suga

Flesh- Yoongi Smut

//Who doesn’t like to be dominated? Especially when it’s Yoongi under your control// 

(Flesh- Simon Curtis

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I graze my teeth along the smooth skin of his defined jaw. He pulls on his restrains desperately wanting to touch me. “Keep still” I order, voice stern and he groans.

I run my tongue along the expanse of his neck, tasting his delectable skin. I’ve always loved the way Yoongi tasted, the slight sweetness mixed in with the saltiness of his clammy skin.

Taking the supple skin in my mouth, I suck harshly as I undo the buttons to his linen shirt. His smell is intoxicating, and it resonates somewhere deep, deep, deep within me. I can feel his groans against my mouth, and I bite down hard on his neck.

He sucks in a sharp breath as I sink my teeth into his flesh, swirling my tongue on the reddened skin. His reaction to my touch is delicious, his body bows on the bed , rubbing his erect member against my leg.

So impatient…

“Keep still, or else I’ll stop” I warn, my dominating side controlling me. He nods, breathless and frustrated. He pulls on the restraints again as I run my nails down his stomach, feeling the warmth of his flesh against my fingertips.

I mentally shake my head at him, and this was his idea too.

Unbuttoning his jeans, I pull the restraining fabric down his legs, smirking as I see the huge bulge in his boxers. My, my Yoongi, what am I supposed to do with you?

I palm his hardened member roughly, through the thin fabric of his boxers. His brows furrow as his eyes screw shut, concentrating on not moving.

I can feel my need soaking my panties as I watch Yoongi breath harshly, sinking his teeth in his bottom lip to not make sounds. “You’ve been good, I think I need to reward you” I whisper seductively in his ear as I remove my hands from his member. He lets out a long groan of protest but is wise not to say anything.

Bringing my lips to his earlobe, I gently nibble on the the soft skin as I pull his boxers down his legs. His erection springs free, slapping against my leg making me smirk. I could get use to this. Seeing Yoongi defenseless and wanting like this is very arousing, since he’s always the one dominating me.

I remove my clothing, not taking my eyes of Yoongi as he gives me a desperate, dark, longing stare making my insides to heat up and clench deliciously.

Straddling Yoongi, I sigh at the feeling of his tip at my entrance, oh how I’ve missed this. Sinking down onto him, I moan as his member slides easily into my slick core, filling me up completely. No matter how many times I do this with him, I always feel so full with him inside me.

Placing my hands on his chest, I start moving, really moving, starting a fast, rough pace making him and I moan. Yoongis member reaches so deep within me, finding my sweet spot every time. The pleasure already starts building in in my stomach, taking me higher and higher, closer to sinful bliss.

A string of restrained curses falls from Yoongis lips, as well as a tight call of my name.

“Yoongi” I moan, feeling my release approaching. He pulls on his restraints in a hopeless attempt to touch me.

I sigh, reaching forward I untie his hands, and they immediately find my hips flipping me over, drawing my leg over his shoulder, and driving himself into me.

All the air in my lungs has evaporated, I hardly have time to breath. The only thing I can focus on is Yoongi, and the insane amount of pleasure he’s giving me.

“Fuck” he hisses. My walls start clenching around him and then I’m falling… Falling hard in erotic sensual waves, as incoherent calls of Yoongis name falls from my lips in desperate cries. Yoongi stills, and he spills his hot seed in me adding to the spiking pleasure in my body.

White hot tingly fire travels through me, slowly dying out as Yoongi and I lay there, breath heavy and uneven.

“That was fun” I breath, trying to refill my lungs from the recent loss of air.

“You never get to do that again” he says, kissing my hair and caressing my cheek.

“Why?” I pout, leaning into his gentle touch.

“I don’t like not being able to touch you” “I like being able to fuck you, tease you, love you, as you absorb the pleasure…” he trails off.

“And that is exactly what I’m going to do to you tonight”

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