I don’t know when we failed at communicating
I just know I’m struggling to pry us open
Your lips have painted mine many times
If your colors ever stopped blending into my red plumbs
Death becomes me
So once more, my love give us a chance
Again and again for all eternity
In every realm of reality
Give us a chance
I remember those eyes, those brows, those steady beats
And if I should ever live a life not calling you mine
It will be the death of me.

You dropped yourself into a bottle of wine
Expecting the demons to drown and die
But swine never falters, it grows wings and continues to boggle the mind
I’ve sold four kisses to my demoness
Crooning her to bed so I may roam freely
What are lips and tongues to do other than dance?
Locked up hooligans will only wreck havoc in the cage
They’ll gnaw the metal thin, bend and break
So why not liberate their reckless deeds
Give the hellions something to feed!

You are the lips of a God
Salty sea breeze, I gasp in and hold it
Tastes like freedom
Make it rain on me this heavy love
Soak it up Sun
I think I’m drowning
Joy had never spoken to me before
But something changed in the constellations
I think I’m in love
Volume pitch, salsa dish
Flavor spice, hypnotic depth
Youth found me through pretty song birds
Humming his tune, strung guitars
I see him in shadows
Collapsing together, weaving in and out
My Goddess spoke of heaven
I found the summer lands in your;
Hair, tongue, skin, and eyes
Gods have I missed you.

I am the daughter of unsavory disobedience
The cunning fox who stalks your thoughts
And puts a token towards your stocks
I am the upheaval of wild frenzy
Goddess of riots, mistress of discourse
Take note of my violence
It’s painted plagues on the most Nobelist of families
Were I just a fool for a king
Or a quiet maid with open ears
You could not vision my wandering fingers
Or the trouble they could weave
I am a soft idea turned into passionate desire
And I will not wait to be reprimanded.