Keeping things exciting

Consistency is important, but the trick is not to make things monotonous. Drilling the same things over and over can become boring after a while so its important to change up sometimes and take a little bit of a different approach. For example, instead of your regular workout, take a deck of cards and do the cards workout. If you dont know what that is, check back tomorrow and i will have a vid available.
Another example is to drill with tension, meaning isometrics. For example, instead of snapping your kicks, lock them out and hold for 1 second. It doesnt sound tough, but trust me it is! Keep training, and dont let yourself get bored!


Overtime, JiuJitsu/Judo/Sambo training can lead to joint issues particularly in the shoulders. Common shoulder issues include rotator cuff issues, Bursitis, Impingement Symdrome, etc. The inverted row is a great addition to help strengthen the rear delts and rhomboids which in turn will help repair strength inconsistencies that become common when athletes perform mostly pushing and pressing movements.