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Redd Walitzki

“Lately my heart feels like a glacier - fragmented and adrift in blue ice.
Painting landscapes is strange for me, but before embarking on the next series of larger works, doing some experiments seemed appropriate. Like setting the stage before the players enter…This is a small watercolor study of the Jökulsárlón lagoon in Iceland.

Usually I love the Christmas Season, but this year has been a difficult one, casting a shadow over the usually cheerful celebrations. But even in dark times, its important to remember the people around us that help us get through the days, and hold onto whatever pieces of beauty we can. I’m grateful for my amazing family & art family, and for the moments that painting helps me feel a bit like myself again.

Fröhliche Weihnachten 💗”

i have a few more that i’ll be posting later since i’m so behind but i’m visiting my home so i’ve been busy

AC Drawing Challenge: Day 12 - Draw an event character

Redd counts right???????????????????????? idc cause I don’t really like any of the other event characters 


Here’s a new short video, where you can see some of my watercolor underpainting techniques! Its mostly focused on soft layering and gradual buildup of contrast and detail while rendering long hair. Eventually, I transfer the finished watercolor to one of my lasercut panels and then blend everything together with oil glazes. This finished piece will be for a show in LA in February!

Its been a great few weeks in the studio of starting some new pieces, and enjoying this inspiring space now that its mostly come together. We moved to this location last October, and it always takes a little while for everything to find its place again. The natural light here is so beautiful that I’ve been especially inspired!