I watched The Wind That Shakes the Barley at my university today. My professor really wants to kill me with these politically-charged leftist films. I loved the naturalistic and restrained approach in representing the stark time period (Ireland, 1920s). It was refreshing to see the struggle for socialism and economic justice within the context of anticolonial national liberation; the debate and critique of bourgeois nationalism was the most tense subplot for me.

Even though I’m not exactly familiar with the Irish independence movement, I couldn’t help but notice the parallels with the Puerto Rican nationalist struggle for independence during roughly the same time period: the violent depravity of the colonizing forces, the betrayal of a righteous cause by opportunists who wanted to line their pockets, the illusion of a “free state” under the dominion of the oppressor, compatriots killing each other to silence revolutionary voices. It’s no coincidence that Pedro Albizu Campos was an ardent supporter of Irish independence and applied a lot of its tenets to the context of the U.S. occupation of Puerto Rico.

Towards the end of the narrative, you want to see the revolutionary protagonists succeed and strive for freedom, but you know that history was not that compassionate. But still, muchas lecciones que aprender de Irlanda y de Borinquen.

Also, I can finally confirm that Cillian Murphy is the most beautiful man on Earth.

Joven boricua obtiene medalla de oro en centroamericano de ajedrez

Gerena Rivas finalizó su jornada con un total de 7.5 puntos de 9 posibles, sin conocer la derrota. 

Mientras se celebraban los últimos eventos de los Juegos Olímpicos de Río de Janeiro, Brasil, un joven ajedrecista puertorriqueño hacía historia.

Se trata de Eliam Gerena Rivas, de Arecibo, quien en la tarde de ayer, domingo, conquistó la medalla de oro en la categoría Sub-14 del XIV Festival de la Juventud Centroamericano y del Caribe 2016, celebrado en Caracas, Venezuela.

Gerena Rivas finalizó su jornada con un total de 7.5 puntos de 9 posibles, sin conocer la derrota. El evento contó con la participación de ajedrecistas de Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago y Venezuela.

Con este logro, Gerena Rivas, quien es el campeón Sub-14 del Campeonato por Edades de Puerto Rico 2016 y de los Juegos de Puerto Rico 2016, se convirtió en el Maestro de la Federación Internacional de Ajedrez (FIDE, por sus siglas en francés) más joven de la historia del ajedrez puertorriqueño.

El título de Maestro FIDE es un calificativo que concede este organismo y que reconoce a un jugador que posee un nivel de habilidad tal que le permite, en general, vencer a jugadores expertos.

Fuente: El Nuevo Dia

“I’m always surprised we’re not advertised as one of San Juan’s tourist attractions. They always go with the weather, the beach, and the history. But what about the cats?”

- Unknown, San Juan, PR

(I’ll be posting photos from my recent trip to San Juan this week! Check out the video here as well, and if you’re interested in helping to make sure these free-roaming cats are taken care of, check out Save a Gato)

Laurie Hernandez

tw. RANT, plenty of bad language, probably misspelled words

If I hear/ read/ am told one more fucking time by anyone but mostly PUERTO RICANS about how Laurie Hernandez, THE YOUNGEST GYMANST IN THE USA OLYMPIC TEAM AND FIRST EVER LATINX TO MAKE THE TEAM, is not Boricua or Puerto Rican enough for you because she was born in New Jersey and she was representing the USA please proceed to take SEVERAL steps back and unfriend/unfollow me on every social media and IRL.

Just because Monica Puig won us an olympic medal doesn’t give you the fucking right to revoke the Puerto Rican status of anyone in the diaspora.

Where the fuck were you when Monica Puig had to fucking leave the island because we don’t fucking invest in any damn sport?

Where the fuck were you when everyone was bashing Monica because she was losing games, saying that she wasn’t Puerto Rican?

Don not pretend to tell me that all those athletes who participate as part of our team because they WERE NOT CHOSEN for the US Olympic team are representing us because they are proud to be Puerto Rican.

Athletes like Monica Puig, Jaime Espinal and Adriana Diaz, who are truly proud to represent Puerto Rico, and are chosen for the PUR Olympic team are few and far between.

Our “Dream Team” basketball team was basically fucking made of USA Puerto Rican player castoffs.