okay so here’s what’s going the fuck on in puerto rico.

monica puig, puerto rican, 22, ranked #34 in the world, got to fucking olympic finals in single women’s tennis. meaning she indirectly beat serena mcfucking williams. tonight, she went against #2 worldwide, angelique kerber, playing for germany.

and our amazing athlete and person, monica puig, beat that and just won us our first gold medal.

now, compare puerto rico and germany as countries. germany is a world power. puerto rico is a little island in the caribbean no one gives a fuck about. germany is rich. puerto rico is drowning in a $70billion debt no one in the world will talk about (which frankly surprises and disgusts me).

and we just beat the best of the best in worldwide women’s tennis.

we heard our anthem blaring in the speakers of the rio olympics.

we saw our flag, that for some time in the 1950′s we were forbidden to even own, fly on top of the rest.

and i have never been prouder.

I’m tired of these commentators throwing little digs at Monica Puig & saying that she should’ve represented USA in the Olympics. Monica Puig was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Yes it’s a commonwealth territory, but she’ll be the first Puerto Rican woman in history to compete for an individual gold medal. The achievements of Puerto Ricans do not automatically belong to the United States just because of politics & government 😒😒😒

Hundreds Shut Down Puerto Rico’s Largest Wal-Mart

In Puerto Rico, hundreds of people shut down the island’s biggest Wal-Mart Monday in protest against the ongoing economic crisis on the island and the companies that protesters say are responsible. Protesters argue Wal-Mart damages the local economy while only providing precarious jobs for Puerto Ricans. Last month, a U.S. appeals court ruled against Puerto Rico in its efforts to raise Wal-Mart’s tax rate from 2 percent up to 6.5 percent. Monday’s protest, which shut down the Wal-Mart for the entire afternoon, was organized by the Socialist Workers Movement. This comes after a massive protest last week in Puerto Rico outside a conference hosted by the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce on the new PROMESA law, which was passed by the U.S. Congress in June, establishing a federally appointed control board with sweeping powers to run Puerto Rico’s economy. This is one of the protesters from Monday’s Wal-Mart action.

Melissa Vargas Echevarría: “My name is Melissa Vargas Echevarría. I am an active member and spokesperson of the Camp Against the Control Board. I’m also a member of the Workers Youth. We closed Wal-Mart’s operations for the day, and, in part, this is proof that when the people unite, we win. We need people to keep coming out to these protests, so that every multinational begins stepping backward, and we’re going to directly affect the ones who affect us directly. While the control board remains, we’re going to continue.”