Laurie Spiegel - Old Wave (by blondeeagles)

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Mr Rogers Neighborhood with Bruce Haack & Miss Nelson Part 2 of 3 (by MosesMolasses)

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Locomotiv G.T. - Ringasd El Magad (1973)

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redcatg said: Happy Birthday to the people’s chosen blog of DDR!

Aww thanks! Well, you know I think your blog is even better! I’m pretty content with this small corner of the internet. Sometimes I wonder if I irritate people with that, but then I realize East German ostalgia is a growth market with unlimited potential.

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redcatg said: what does hip capitalism even mean??

Well, I guess when I think of ‘hip capitalism’ I think of the high-tech/consumer service industries. Apple springs immediately to mind. A corporate ethos which is conceived as an 'alternative’ value system to the accumulation of capital and profit.

redcatg said: Welp! Like a hellish deja vu, this just gets more depressing every time!

Until some sort of left-wing alternative comes about, there’s little to choose from on the menu. What form that alternative takes, I still have no idea. I’m pretty well convinced at this point that a kind of social-democratic pedagogy is in order here to give people a framework in which to look at politics. That exists in Europe (though it’s now being steadily eroded), but we don’t have anything close to that here.

redcatg said: You gotta hate the 80’s!

This is probably a really faulty conclusion, but I keep thinking that krautrock and prog are more intimately tied to the political and artistic radicalism of the late 60s/70s. Whereas new age strikes me as the insular retreating away into forms of ‘self-expression’ and a dreary 'search for meaning’. Not that there should be such a cut-and-dried distinction between those things….