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12 Days of Christmas- Day One: Newt Scamander

One down, three to go in order to keep up with the days.

It’s a little longer than I was thinking it would be, and it not exactly gift giving, but I had a lot of fun writing this and I  feel like it’s definitely something that would happen with Newt. It’s predominately a platonic fic but there is kind of hints of romance and stuff. Plus it has mild awkwardness.

There was nothing quite like Hogwarts during the holidays. Everything was warm and fuzzy, and there was something in the air that made people feel at home even though they weren’t. Newt Scamander had no plans to go home this holiday; his mother had her hands full with several hippogriff calves and wouldn’t be able to give her full attention to him during the Holidays. Unfortunately, Leta Lestrange was going home for the holiday, leaving him utterly alone.

Well, not entirely alone. Y/N was still here. Granted, they weren’t as close as what he and Leta were, but he still enjoyed her company. They never really talked outside of the common room and at the table for meals; mainly because she was a year above him and his classes varied from hers. He knew that she was fascinated by magical plants, and also with magical creatures but not nearly to his extent. She listened to him, though, when he would ramble for hours about redcaps and hinkypunks, and he would do the same when she babbled on about mandrakes and gillyweed.

He enjoyed listening to her talk; she was passionate about plants and he couldn’t help but smile as her eyes lit up with excitement as she explained to him her Herbology assignment. And she was kind and sweet to him, which was more than most people were. Outside of Leta and Y/N, he had no one in this place to talk to. Everyone kind of left him to himself, and everyone left his friends to themselves, too. Especially Y/N, as of late.

She usually kept to herself on her own, not because of anyone’s comments but because she prefered plants over people. Recently, however, people had been steering clear of her. Within the past couple of months, she had started…talking to herself. Not that Newt found it weird, he felt as though he had done much odder things than that. It was enough, however, to have people walk around her in the hallways.

“Uhh, hey Newt,” a soft voice stammered, stirring the small boy from his thoughts. The Great Hall was fairly quiet to begin with, so her voice was fairly easy to recognize.

“Y/N! Umm, hello. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I, uhh…well…I was kind of wondering if you were busy later? I uhh, I kind of have something to give you.”

Newt looked at her inquisitively, “You mean like a christmas present?”

“Uhh…I mean…I guess you could call it that if you really wanted to,” Y/N said, “But I can’t really…give it to you now. Does…tonight in the common room work for you?”

“Well, I’d have to check my schedule,” Newt joked, trying to ease the tension. She seemed uncharacteristically nervous around him, and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t making him worry as well.

She smiled a little, “Does like…midnight or so work for you? Or just…whenever the common room is emptiest?”

“I’ll be there, I promise,” Newt said, “I would hate to leave my friend waiting.”

“Okay, great! I’ll uhh, see you later then,” she said, waving at him before hurrying off. He noticed her peak into her robes for just a fleeting moment, as though she were checking if her wand was still in the pockets of her robes.

This left him in a predicament he wasn’t sure how to get out of; he had nothing to give to her. There certainly wasn’t enough time to give her something thoughtful and well planned out. He would have to improvise, find something that wasn’t much but at the same time still enough to make her seem special. She was special, after all. She was his friend, and he didn’t want her to feel disappointed in not receiving anything.

He sighed, thinking of what he could do. She loved plants, and plants had a way with her. From what he had heard, she had always received top marks in herbology. Maybe…maybe he could give her something related to plants?

He decided it would be best to talk to the herbology professor about it, and after some careful deliberation, he received a small potted moly plant which he graciously paid seven sickles for. He was surprised how well he had avoided confrontation about it. Not a single student nor teacher questioned him, and he hadn’t seen Y/N anywhere for the secret to be revealed prematurely. He decided to spend the rest of the day in the commons, drawing diagrams of nifflers and bowtruckles until he either saw Y/N, or the common room trickled down. In the end, he saw her first, and the two spend a rather enjoyable afternoon together just talking and playing chess. He couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend the day, in all honesty.

Eventually, after they had had supper and resumed their spot in the common room, their fellow students began to leave the common room, and they were alone. As soon as the last person left, Newt excused himself. He quickly ran upstairs, grabbed the moly plant from his bedside table, and hurried down the stairs with the plant behind his back. He nearly tripped over his own feet as he made his way down, but he didn’t let it stop him from reaching the bottom.

“So, Y/N. You know how you said that you had gotten me something?” Newt asked, trying to remain cool and nonchalant, “Well, I had managed to get you something, too.”

“Newt, you really didn’t have to–” Y/N began, but before she could say anything else he gingerly placed the plant in front of her.

“Ta da!” He exclaimed quietly, “I uhh, had to ask the herbology professor if he had any suggestions as to what I could give to you, and I think he was okay with one of these going to you because he knew it would go to a proper home. He thinks you’re extraordinary with plants, and if the way you talk about them is any indicator, I think he’s probably right.”

Y/N paused, looking at the plant with a quiet wonder. She smiled, slowly at first but it quickly became a large grin.

“Thank you, Newt. It’s beautiful, and a beautiful specimen, too. Thank you so much! And uhh, I have something–err, someone for you, too. He told me off today because I kept calling him a something but I didn’t want it to sound odd.”

Newt tilted his head and squinted his eyes, trying to riddle out what exactly she might be giving him. He watched as she peeked into her robes again, where two tiny sprigs of leaves poked out from the top.

“It’s okay,” she said calmly and soothingly, “I promise he’ll be super nice. He’s like the nicest person I know…we’ve talked about this, you can’t stay in my dorm with me…I’m too worried that something might happen to you…I promise he won’t hurt you.”

She stuck her hand in her pocket, and her pleasant expression turned into an ever so slightly irritated one, “Now, Gregory, no one likes a stick in the mud…Newton Scamander is one of the gentlest, most kind people I know; you’ll be safer with him than you will with me…c’mon…that’s it…don’t be shy…”

Slowly she removed her hands from her pocket. And there, clinging onto the girl’s fingers for dear life, was a tiny bowtruckle.

“I found him in my robes a couple of months back. I think he must have hidden in my wand pocket while I was in my herbology class,” she explained, “I didn’t want to leave him in there; there’s not much of a food source in there, and there’s not really a wand tree on the grounds that he could make himself home. And it was too cold to send him outside. I can’t keep him in my room, though; there’s been a couple of close calls with the girls thinking he’s a spider, and I’d rather him not meet the business end of a history book. So, I was wondering if maybe you would like to take care of him? He’s really timid, so he won’t be much trouble. He’s a little clingy with wands, though. At least, he was with mine. I think it’s because he comes from a willow tree, too.”

“Hello, Gregory,” Newt said as a cautious whisper, his eyes full of the same wonder that were in Y/N’s not that long ago, “My name is Newton, but everyone calls me Newt. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“See? He’s not so bad, is he?” Y/N asked. She turned her attention back to Newt, “I know this isn’t what you were expecting. I know you probably thought I was going to give you an actual gift instead of him, but I didn’t know who else would take as good of care of him. I don’t really know how to take care of them, but I figured you might be able to at least help. If you don’t want to, or if you can’t, I understand. I just…I wanted him to go to a good home.”

“He’s perfect. Just a little shy, that’s all. It’s common with bowtruckles; they’re usually very timid unless you hurt their tree. I’m surprised this one is so far away from home. What made you decide on Gregory as a name?”

“Well, he didn’t really like Truckleberry Finn,” Y/N said, “Eventually I just started listing off names and he seemed to like Gregory.”

“Is he who’ve you been talking to the past couple of months?” Newt asked, “When everyone else just thought you had been talking to yourself?”

Y/N nodded, “He doesn’t like being left alone, so I kept him with me. He moves around a lot sometimes, so I have to remind him to hold still. He’s a sweetheart, honest. He’s just shy and scared.”

“I promise I’ll take the best care of him. Thank you, Y/N. Honestly, thank you. I promise he won’t be in better hands…aside from yours I mean. Not that your hands are nice…I mean they are, it’s just…” He paused, trying to put the words together, “I’ll make sure I take as good of care of him as you did.”

“I’m sure you will,” Y/N said with a laugh.

“And I’ll even let you see him whenever you want, too! That way he doesn’t get too homesick or anything.”

She smiled, and he felt a blush rise to his cheeks as she answered, “I’d like that very much.”