so basically today me and my two friends saw tokyo police club for the redbull tour bus thing, and it was really awesome, and we were super close to the front and they played new songs off of their unreleased album.

and then afterwords we met graham and dave, who both wrote us little messages [grahams is the one on the left and says live long and prosper, dave’s is a picture of a house], and we got pictures of them [i’m the one in the grey sweater basically crying in both photos]. and they were both super nice and for everyone else’s pictures dave was behind a fence but he kept on getting sidetracked with other people’s shit for ours so he felt bad and came out to see us.

also, when i was waiting to meet them with a bunch of people a nice security man gave me josh’s guitar pick [which he put in his mouth during the concert and cries].

anyways, it was really perfect. they’re perfect. and just, i’m still in shock that today actually happened.