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J2 Redbull SoapBox Race (2008)

On 7 September, 2008, the Red Bull Soap Box Derby was held in a little place we all know as Vancouver, Canada. Jared and Jensen both happened to attend this event and compete in the race together.

If you have ever seen the video of this on Youtube, then you would know just how cute it was. Jensen practically followed/kept his eyes on Jared the entire time.

Just like a little puppy.


- .58 seconds into the video, Jared goes to sit on one of the haybale’s and literally a second after that. Jensen’s head whips around to find/look for Jared and then when he see’s Jared isn’t next to him. Jensen goes to follow him and sit’s right next to Jared.

- At 1:56 Jared turns his body around to talk to someone. A few seconds later, Jensen looks over at Jared and notices the mans attention is focused on someone else, so Jensen turns his body and joins Jared’s conversation.

(I recommend watching the whole video, believe me it’s worth it!)

Link To Video: Jensen & Jared SoapBox Race


- K