Hike: Cache Creek Management Area, Clear Lake, CA

This is the 17th trail in the book by Steven L. Evans.  The Redbud trail is 5 miles and it’s rated 3/5 for difficulty.  As soon as we got off the car, we heard loud banda music playing near the parking lot.  This was a first.  I’m assuming that a Raza family from a nearby small farm working town (Williams or Colusa) was having a carne asada or something like that.  It was actually nice to hear Mexican music out there and to imagine who was out there and what they were doing.

The trail was great, It was not hard at all.  It goes up in elevation and then down, making it easy to rest in between rough terrain. About 2/3 of the trail you are slowly going up to a ridge.  While on this part of the trail we saw a group of hunters.  First, we saw older gentleman that looked confused.  After checking in with him, we found out that he got separated from the rest of his group and that an animal stole his backpack with his food and water.  He told us that his name was “Horse Trail Ed,” and that if we saw a group of hunters in camouflage to let them know that he was looking for him.  When we finally saw the rest of his group and explained to them Ed’s situation, they seemed not surprised at all.

When you reach the ridge, the trail starts to descend into an area called Baton Flat.  It is here that you can enjoy the Cache Creek and the beautiful sounds of it’s running water.  This is a perfect spot to break bread.  This area is the end of the Redbud Trail.  From this point, you retrace your steps back to the parking area on Highway 20.

This was a nice and enjoyable trail.

Directions from Sacramento:

  • I-5 to Woodland
  • Take Hwy 16- Esparto exit (38 miles through Esparto, Capay, Guinda, Rumsey…)
  • Hwy 16 dead-ends on Hwy 20
  • Drive west on Hwy 20 towards Clear Lake (12.5 miles)
  • After crossing the North Fork Cache Creek Bridge, turn left at the sign that says “Cache Creek Management Area"