So for the past week I’ve been making lots of new designs and today I finally finished adding all of them to my redbubble store. Yay!

Every single one of them is available as mugs, phone and ipad cases, throw pillows, laptop skins, tote bags, tshirts, hoodies, notebooks and so much more!

Just click here to browse the new designs as well as the old ones and have fun. 

Let me know if you buy anything, I would love to see pictures of my babies in the wild!


Since there was quite a large response to that SU tee-post ( I honestly wasn’t expecting that, thank you! ;_; ) - just as promised, I made the designs available once more!

You can get the tees through TeePublic! For first 3 days there’s a promotion where you can get the shirt for only 14$. ( later the price returns to 22$ )

Merch from RedBubble is also back. ( posters/stickers and other items that RB has to offer ) 

And one more important thing: just like the last time, the designs will only be available for a limited time - till 31th of October 2015! EDIT: 30th of September 2015! ( thank you shillelaghthegreat for pointing out the mistake in the date! I wasn’t thinking… )



Right now, I have 6 images to choose from where you can customize the merchandise! Some images are available from anything from spiral notebooks to phone cases to throw pillows, others are available as fewer things!

Right now there are:

  • 2 Hisoka Designs
  • 1 Caesar Zeppeli Design
  • 1 Noriyaki Kakyoin Design
  • 1 Killua Zoldyck Design
  • and 1 Pokémon Design!

More designs will come the more I draw, so keep an eye on my store! Redbubble sells amazing quality products. And, considering they’re made to order, they don’t take too long to ship out at all!

If people would buy from my shop, it would really help me out financially, but if you can’t buy please reblog! 


hi friends i’ve opened up a redbubble shop so if you wanna buy stuff like t-shirts, tanks, phone cases, notebooks, etc. you can do it here!!! 

for those of you going to a ROWYSO show, i’m also selling the concert posters I’ve been making as high-quality prints & as t-shirts so you can have a cool customized concert tee if you so desire

thanks for listening ily guys


I ordered 10 stickers of my own work on Redbubble (2 designs I wanted then my partner picked out 8 designs he wanted), 8/10 turned out great & I really loved the quality of them. But I found out that two pieces were really dark, so i’ve edited them on Redbubble so their no longer that dark and then double checked more artwork just in case but everything is fine.

If you’d like to see what I have available please check the link below :

★ Commission me - Just inbox me either on here/Facebook page★