Guess who finally got their phone case after it was shipped to the wrong fucking country 😂 Well something as perfect as witch! Dipper and cat!Bill deserves to have taken its sweet time!

For those wondering, this lovely case is from @elentori-art ’s lovely redbubble store! Yes, it is as perfect as it seems! She has lots of things! Like shirts, laptop cases/sleeves, iPhone cases, notebooks, etc… For stuff like Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, Adventure Time, and soon to be available Percy Jackson!!!

So like, if you like cool stuff with hella art on it and good quality, I would highly recommend you going and getting all the shit from her store. Like all of it. Don’t ask questions, just do it, don’t let your dreams be dreams, especially as reality is an illusion and the universe is a hologram. Also you should buy it all in gold. Bye!

No but seriously, I’m in love with this case, the quality is amazing, and the prices were good for the amazingness! Thanks so much @elentori-art Best Mom 10000/10 💯💯


RED anthurium: hospitality, happiness, abundance

BLUE larkspur: open heart, strong attachment, pure heart 

GREEN chrysanthemum: perfection, prosperity, fidelity

PURPLE dark geranium: melancholy, sadness, folly 

YELLOW sunflower: adoration, dedication, haughtiness    

PINK lily: friendship, wealth, aspiration

(speedpaint | redbubble: set, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)



My belongings have basically been invaded by shitty NEETs and tiny shibes. I ordered yet again some awesome postcards and stickers from @blacklimes, including her adorable Smoliver and “Oh yeah~” Kara stickers. I even ended up getting her gem stickers and slapping them on my notebook cover, plus the pink Kara sticker on my scrapbook. I also decided on buying these oh so precious Fashion Shiba stickers by @afternoonfika and just sticking them all over. Lookit how smol they are X3

I might have to start using the actual lined pages if I keep buying stickers, jeez XD I have a problem

Here are their Redbubble sites:

I cannot believe I actually finished this. Let me introduce you to about 75 hours worth of work. YES it’s the f**** 2016 calendar I have been talking about for ages (and all my friends are sick of hearing about)! I am so proud of this thing and now let me tell you exactly why you should invest in it.

First of all it is my baby. I spent countless nights after work painting these pictures and they are of immeasurable value to me. There is a reason why there is the word PAIN in painting. 

The calendar consists of 14 full color portraits of Louis and Harry (two of them never been published before). It is what I believe my best work. 


  • Printed to fit A3
  • Tough wire binding and hanger
  • Stunningly sharp digital printing
  • Start the year with the month of your choice
  • 200gsm satin art paper with a tougher cover
  • Louis and Harry’s faces in colors that will make you question whether or not you are on drugs

Here is a link where you can purchase it. If you do - thank you. You are helping to support a girl and a cat. The cat is a jobless dick.


want a super rad t-shirt for only $11???

then look no further! “the sociopaths have the box” is available for seven days (which means it ends next saturday and then it’s gone forever!) and comes in light blue, green, and heather grey!

buy it here!

there are also a bunch of other rad doctor who shirts available in this section!

if you’re going to order one in a ladies size, please take a good look at the sizing chart, because their ladies sizes tend to be a little boxier than normal ladies’ tees!