I don’t know who in the OFF Fandom did it but…

Thank you for buying a Judge shirt from me! If I could find you and tell you how grateful I am, I gladly would! I don’t get much from shirt money but… 

It means a lot to an artist when you buy things from them! to know that someone is going to be wearing a shirt I drew again… Wow…

If you’re curious on what shirt? You can find it here:




*please pass this on, trying to make some extra money for rent*

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If i start making shit on redbubble, would anyone buy it bc im trying to get $$ for various Personal issuses (mostly saving so i wont b homeless at 18??)

anonymous asked:

i've noticed that you've posted your works in redbubble for prints and merch. don't mean to burst your bubble but i used to have my bandom stuff in redbubble until after several months, they took it down for copyrights (shit) purposes. and it sucks. :/ so idk man, hope you're ready for that, if they'd ever do that to you too. you get to keep your earnings tho

yo! they only take it down if you have the bands name or logo and things because it’s copyrighted and u don’t own the full copyright, my stuff is all good cause it’s just like faces and the occasional lyrics, I’ve checked and I’ve even checked with the people who run it, I’m sorry though that you’re stuff got taken down friend <3

for those unaware, live trace is a button you hit in illustrator that automatically generates shapes for you instead of you doing them by hand

which you should be doing if you’re selling shit on places like redbubble

it takes literally less than a minute to get results from live trace and an hour + to vector by hand

learn how to notice live tracing and reblog/support artists who vector by hand bc that shit is time consuming as fuck and live tracing is not

so i was tagged by the wonderful amazing youre-not-pizza​ (check them out pls)

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name: gemma

nickname: gem

birthday: janruary 31

star sign: aquarius

gender: female

height: i have no idea, average i guess?

sexual orientation: straight

fave color: i dont really have one but grey is cool

current time: 7:20pm

average hours of sleep i get per night: 7? probably less

lucky number:3?

last thing I googled: my history says redbubble

1 word that comes to mind: shit       sorry

happy place: dont have one really

how many blankets i sleep under: 2

fave fictional character: i’m not to sure but probably the hulk

fave famous person: uhmmm this is really hard but luke hemmings or anyone i blog about

celeb crush: luke hemmings definitely or any of one direction, 5sos, all time low, ed sheeran and a few more

fave book: i dont really have one but theres a few

fave tv show: top gear or chrisley knows best

fave bands: i have so many but all time low, 5sos, one direction, green day, fall out boy, panic at the disco, my chemical romance are probably the best

last movie i watched: i cant quite remember but i think age of ultron

dream trip: london or anyhwere

dream job: something to do with music if you couldnt tell by my url or somehting which allows me to travel

what im wearing rn: tracksuit pants with a hoodie cause i’m pretty much in bed 

i tag drunkwithhemmo or anyone really