I’m so stupid for Pokemon GO I designed a Team Instinct case for myself. Then my friends on Team Valor were like look here b!tch so I made one for them too. I didn’t want to discriminate against Team Mystic now that I had made one for the others even though I got no friends on that team, so now the set is complete. Lay me to rest ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

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after many requests, i finally made a design for bi folk to wear either at pride or just in every day life to flaunt their bi-ness :’)

i’m pretty proud of this because of the various meanings i put behind it (aside from the obvious ones like the flag colours and the heart ahaha) :D

More designs for other LGBTQIAP+ labels can be found here!


first set of my HUNGRY BOY series: egg, pancakes, and milk! 🍴

available on a big range of stuff on redbubble, then available as all-over prints on a small handful of things over on printalloverme!

paom tee: egg 🍴 pancakes 🍴 milk /// sweater: egg 🍴 pancakes 🍴 milk
redbubble:  egg 🍴 pancakes 🍴 milk



“AHOY GULLIBLE TOURISTS! After years of experience in scamming pleasing customers, the opening of the Stan O’War II Boat Tours is in business! In the spirit of the finale, Grunkle Stan can’t shake old habits when real danger and mythical treasures are involved. Ignore the grumpy Co-Captain and purchase your own Tour Shirt today!”

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Here it is - a masterpost of all the Arospectrum designs I’ve made so far! 

With more on the way! I release a new design every day! Not only for different orientations, but also adding to orientations I’ve already done! Follow to make sure you don’t miss any! 

You can also check my Society6 and my Redbubble to catch the designs as I make them!

And you can find all the released Pride designs here!

New design up on my Redbubble! Available on tshirts, notebooks, pillows because why not, and some other stuff.

A friendly reminder for when it’s just one of those days.

Warning: If you wear this shirt, there is a chance people might Notice it. If people notice it, they might think that your shirt is interactive, and thus find it necessary to ask you for the reasons. I take NO responsibility for such a situation. However, here’s a list of possible responses to use in case of an emergency:

I mostly got it as a reminder to myself, to be honest
Well, for starters, it’s probably illegal …
You’ll just ruin your fork
It solves nothing. Trust me. I’ve tried.
It’s pretty rude, you know
People with forks tend to fight back
You must be pretty bad at making friends