spinel w/ a worm on a string, what will she do?

[ also made these into stickers if you wanna check that out!! ]


New Monster Hunter Stickers!

I did some recolors of some of my existing Monster Hunter stickers for the monster variants. Eventually I’d like to make their own unique artwork, but for now there are here for you to enjoy! 

More coming soon! ;) 

Available at my shop: https://www.redbubble.com/people/PencilCat/og-profile?asc=u

LGBT+ Pride Peridots! I wanted to try revive my RedBubble with something. And I decided to make these! Hopefully I can make more gems like this!

You can find the full collection on RedBubble here!

Individual flags under the cut! you can use them as your avatar if you want (Sorry for the watermark tho…)

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