Happy Asexual Awareness Week from a fellow pal on the ace spectrum!

I, for one, am so glad that  this Asexual Awareness Week 2016 we have a canon ace character in the media. If you don’t already know, the character of Todd Chavez (played by Aaron Paul !!!) was revealed to be asexual in the third season of the popular Netflix show: Bojack Horseman! The greatest thing about Todd is that he isn’t portrayed as a cold, socially awkward robot (which is perfectly okay too if that’s your personality type!) but he’s a friendly, goofy, guy who makes jokes and has friends and even a previous girlfriend named Emily AND HE’S STILL CANONICALLY ASEXUAL! He isn’t depicted as a character who is strange, broken, and unloving but he’s a rather warm and sweet character who functions perfectly fine in society and is social and fun!! I love him so much and you should too!!! Check out the show if you haven’t already because Todd (and the show itself) is pretty great and let’s all hope that Todd Chavez marks the start of normalizing asexuality in the media, enjoy Asexual Awareness Week lovelies 💕

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