Welcome to Alpaca Dreams Cafe!

Thanks to everyone who made suggestion for which alpacasso series to feature in this design! If you don’t see one that you requested I promise I will try to include it in my future designs :3

Available as prints, shirts, mugs, and more on: Socety6 || RedBubble

(please do not remove my caption, thank you!)

I’m attempting to sell some of my artwork via Redbubble as a means of raising money for my trip to see Darren Criss in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. 
I’ve taken on 3 jobs, plus commission work. I need to see the boy in all his glory. 


HEY EVERYONE! I put up this cute Mickey Mouse design and just found out that it’s available as a scarf and a studio pouch! I’m going to have a sale on this item and lower all of its prices in honor of its new availability!


I’ll be ending the sale on May 10th, so go purchase while it lasts!!!