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Ta da! I’ve finally done it! I’m still in the process of uploading pictures but there is a fair selection there already. So far they’re available as stickers and various prints, but if people want other products, such as phone cases, clothing etc just let me know.

So please share if you’re so inclined and thank you for supporting me and my work :D


I (finally) added prints to my RedBubble! You can now purchase prints or other merchandise for each of the pieces in this post by clicking on their title (listed below). You can also reblog each individual art piece on tumblr by clicking the (x) link after the title. Both reblogs and purchases are greatly appreciated! n__n

Lollipopplanet (x)
Mediterranean Mermaid Lovers (x)
Gemlato (x)
Sic Semper Tyrannis (x)
Hidden Figures (x)
Paint by Numb-Her (x)

I’ve just received a notification from Redbubble: they’re taking down my Dorian artwork cause it violates EAs rights :O
No complaints, they’re right after all.

What I liked most though is that they didn’t touch Cullen, and I love to think that’s because they’re afraid of Cullenites’ reaction 😎

Propaganda style poster for everyone’s favorite huge alien woman who definitely wants to beat them up. As commissioned by the fantastic & patient Sarah who didn’t give me her tumblr name…

★ Available on RedBubble as a poster, tshirt, mug, etc.


the inner senshi are finally finished!!! its a good start to black history month, a credit to all the magical black women in the world 💖

if you like these, check out my redbubble!! i have prints and stickers and all sorts of merchandise you can get 😁

My fellow space-loving asexuals! I wanted some cool ace stuff so I made a logo for us based on a certain famous space agency! (it’s to remind you that you’re out of this world ♥︎)

If you want to buy it as a sticker or t-shirt etc you can find it on my redbubble here