Happy to say Sweet Critters and Interns are now available on RedBubble!

The following items are what are available for purchase:

  • Posters and Prints
  • Stickers
  • Phone cases and iPad cases
  • Mugs
  • Pillows
  • Laptop Skins
  • Notebooks

I tried making the group drawing available as phone case but it didn’t look good cause it would either crop out Ze or Seamus so sorry about that ;u;

Still I hope you guys enjoy them if you buy anything and I would love to see some pics of anything you guys order! All purchases will help me out since I’ve been trying to save as much money on the side with college coming up. Again I’m glad everyone enjoys the AU it means a lot!

Link to my RedBubble!


So I basically have this bill which will be sent to a collection agency if I don’t manage to pay it off very soon. Due to Redbubble’s format, I need to get a lot of stuff sold by the 6th of August so I can pay off at least half of this of bill so I don’t get into trouble. So please check out my Redbubble, or ask for mini-commissions in the form of 50x50 icons, selling at $10 a piece.

My Redbubble

My Paypal is if anyone wants a mini-commission

doctorlolitagg asked:

Do you think you are going to put your intern drawings and new sweet critters group photo up on redbubble?

I just finished the sweet interns stickers today and all sweet critter drawings will be available tomorrow. Not only will the sweet interns be available as stickers but as well as phone cases and other merch since people have been asking about phone cases. The sweet critter 2015 group drawing may be available as a phone case too but it will be available for posters. Lastly this little buddy is going up too!

So tomorrow I will make a post when everything is ready and I hope you guys will enjoy these new sweets!
Redbubble store OPEN
Now selling prints, shirts and other merch!

Hey guys!

I have opened a Redbubble store! It’s not very big yet but there are quite a few products for sale of many different pieces, old and new, traditional and digital.

They are mostly original works. I’m considering trying to keep it like that.

I would really appreciate it if you could take a look and maybe share and like and help me get a bit of publicity. And if you will even buy something that would be really awesome! 

I will also welcome any suggestions and pieces of advice from anyone. I’m new to this so I’m slowly trying to figure things out.

Thanks for your time and support!