Stolen Art on eBay/Redbubble/etc.

So, once again it’s come to my attention that people have been censoring my watermarks and uploading things onto eBay and Redbubble (most recently, this one)…just to make it clear, the only place I have prints for sale right now is InPrnt. If I set up anywhere else, I will make it clear via tumblr/deviantART/Facebook.

Any other products uploaded anywhere else aren’t done with my permission or awareness…so please don’t support art thieves, and please take the time to report any stolen art you see…that said, also please never ask me for unwatermarked files.

Thank you.

Hey guys! This is my friend, Tyler’s Red Bubble site and recently it seems he needs help promoting and getting some business his way. His art is adorable and people need to see this! He even has Steven Universe products as you can see above!

Please help promote my friend and heck, get some stickers and such they’re really cute!!


Thanks guys!



SOOOOO my OTP at the moment is LoLu. I Went a bit crazy as of late due to an awesome RP that me and my friend have going on between the two and sooooo LOTS OF ART HAS BEEN BORN! Enjoy <3   There are a few different things here that i’ve done all based on different RPs I’ve done as Loke on Facebook -

Also I have a few prints on RedBubble if you want a Loke T shirt or pillow etc :)

Add me on Facebook for cosplays, Roleplays and more Art and let me know what you think you gorgeous people <3