I am ready for Glitchmas, bitches!! 😄

Got my sweaters from Redbubble in the mail today. Honestly wasn’t expecting to get them before Christmas, what with the stupid postal strikes going on. I’m so damn happy with them!

Check out @coolmadidraws and @r-a-i-n-y-d-a-z-e - they’re the ones who made these designs. Both of their works are amazing! 💕💕💕

Once again I used @8pxl ‘s wonderful pixel city tutorial ( to construct another funky pixel city! The last one I made was like hhhhh 3 years ago? I honestly forgot how much goddamn fun this was!
I really liked how this one turned out and really like the fact that I made it transparent! After I finish all the art trades, commission, and raffle prizes I need to make I’ll start doing more pixel stuff!

Get her on things on redbubble! ( can’t put actual links or tumblr does the not good things and i aint playin that game today no sir)


You might remember this one from a while ago, the contest I entered it in ended judging about a month ago and I haven’t heard anything back so I think I didn’t win, but that’s alright because now I can sell it myself! 

It’s up now on my redbubble as a t-shirt and sticker, please check it out here!!