Olicity plushie love by lazytigerart

More Olicity shenanigans! Follow up to my other pic that got a lot of love :D Thanks again to everyone who liked and reblogged, the response kinda blew me away: http://lazytigerart.tumblr.com/post/119594618240/olicity-by-lazytigerart

Redbubble merch available: 



*Throws confetti*

In fact, there are two stores open.

You can find stickers, prints, mugs, tote bags, and a whole bunch of other stuff here, on Redbubble.

Meanwhile, t-shirts, hoodies, and prints are here, on TeePublic.  Also!  TeePublic items are on sale for the first three days!

(Prints are available in both stores, so you can choose whichever one you prefer.)

I’m starting with the ace dragon series, but I’ll be adding other designs soon.  I’ll be sure to let you guys know when I do!


HEY EVERYONE! I put up this cute Mickey Mouse design and just found out that it’s available as a scarf and a studio pouch! I’m going to have a sale on this item and lower all of its prices in honor of its new availability!


I’ll be ending the sale on May 10th, so go purchase while it lasts!!!

★ ★ YOOO, I just opened up a redbubble store with stickers! ★ ★

These are only a few of the examples that are up for sale, and I’ll be adding more every now and again. So far I have stickers of Lapis, Peridot, Pearl, Stevonnie, Ruby/Sapphire, and Rose Quartz.

They are good for: putting on your laptop, putting on your face, putting on your cat, and falling asleep next to while you cry and wait for the hiatus to end.

Each sticker is $3 each if anybody is interested, but if you’re not, giving this a rebloob would help me out!



I’ll be setting up a RedBubble account soon so if you’re interested in my art or photography stay tuned to these websites! Please do not delete my text!

Personal Tumblr  Art Tumblr Instagram

I’m in desperate need of money.

We had a Social Security mixup, and they didn’t stop my benefits when they were supposed to, and as a result we owe them $1,464 dollars. That’s more than we get in a month total for rent, bills, food, and gas.

My mom can’t work because she’s disabled, and I’m looking for a job but it’s rough going. I’ve got no prior job experience and finding somebody to hire me in a place where I won’t have panic attacks from the large amount of people is very difficult. 

If you guys could please buy something from my RedBubble, even just a sticker or a card, it would mean the absolute world to me. I don’t know what will happen if we don’t get this paid back in a timely manner, and I honestly don’t want to find out.

I’m honestly begging you to please check out my RedBubble and consider buying something. If you want me to make something you’re interested in buying, please shoot me a message with details. I can try my damndest to make what you’re looking for.




hey guys i’ve added some new stuff to my redbubble !!! a few ppl had asked me to put these 2 drawings on my shop & so i have obliged !! ^o^

there are pouches, pillows, phone cases, bags & so so much more than what’s shown here !!! & i would be eternally grateful if u would check them out <3 THANK U ALL SO MUCH <333333

link to: phamily portrait

link to: forehead kisses


hello all ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ i decided it was about time to update the grand ole’ shop, so LETSA GOO! - i hope you all enjoy this design as much as i do (i personally think it’s one of my faves cause holy shit cats ;0;!) - it’s available as phone + ipad cases, throw pillows, tote bags, & travel mugs!!!!

Dan & Phil - Cats

and the rest of my shop is here!!

i absolutely adore and appreciate every single sale that i make - it really means a lot to me!! you are all soso great and i hope you all enjoy ok ily all stay awsum xo <3