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Hoodies (zip and pullover) and Sweatshirts now available on my store too!

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If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy, put some warm liquids in super cool! (Or hot) Mugs and Travel mugs here! Or.. Or you could put cold liquids in them too, i’m not going to monitor your liquid temperature or anything, it’s chill, i’m not the liquid police. 

If your in need of a new notebook for school/work or even for those fun doodles, grab a Spiral notebook or a Hardcover journal here! Available in most designs! 

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These are pictures of some of my favorite pieces from Redbubble! You can get 20% off of ANYTHING from Redbubble for the whole month of August with code: TRADECHAT 

Link to the Whole Fall Collection: 

Clever Girl Tee:

Science Sweatshit:

Jellyfish Scarf:

Black Dragon Leggings:

My Redbubble store is filled with tons of bookish goodies from phone cases and ipad cases to totes and travel mugs. As well as posters, framed prints, and even pillows and t-shirts. Above is just a small portion of what my store has to offer! I have tons of designs so check them out here

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Hey everyone! I finally got around setting up a Society6 and Redbubble stores!



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