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wiat wait. what is this abt weasels giving birth thru their ears and being necromancers. is that ting in mythology

this first one is supposed to depict weasels conceiving, as they were thought to do so with their mouths; the second is a weasel giving birth through it’s ear

sometimes they’re shown as giving birth through their mouth:

this is a weasel bringing her cubs back to life with a special medicine only weasels know:

so yeah it’s a thing… bestiaries are super weird but whatever, I still know people who think if you cut a snake into pieces the pieces will regrow heads and become new snakes

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i still have no idea what the last guardian is…abt or why people have been hype for it for so long i wouldve thot most ppl would lose interest after so many years

i don’t know anyone who’s been tracking it for years, it’s just a really cool and touching looking game about a little boy who befriends a giant, dog-like gryphon that was presumed cancelled for a long time and just recently cropped up again. It isn’t so much that people kept interest, it’s more of a ‘hey remember that really cool looking thing you thought was dead? here it is’ thing