redbastion  asked:

is it actually good tho i mean no hate or anything but it does just look like another big tiddy girl anime

I am not fucking joking

MCs are lesbians. koboyashi and tohru.

they adopt a dragon daughter kanna (Not really adopt but basically since they live together and take care of her)

Kanna has a lesbian friend 

the only major sexaulization is of the big booby dragon who so far isn’t a major character.

Koboyashi’s work friend is gay, or at least has an interest in men. ((That sounds like the same thing but like it’s not been stated that he loves men just has an interest in ‘butlers’ ))

fafnir comes over just to play dark souls

None of the LGBT things I meantioned play a big role really, minus tohru’s love for koboyashi. I wouldn’t watch this if you’re looking for representation, but it is a great light hearted show so far. Me and my friends look forward to it every week! You’d think it’d be full of fanservice but really there’s not that much.

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i wanna thank u for not being a fucking COWARD like every other ana fan i see that only wants 2 fuck young ana instead of appreciating the beauty that is old ana aka the best one

everyone in this fandom needs to learn how to draw more than 2 wrinkles on a woman. old canon ana is beautiful and also my fiance