September Masterlist

set me free by mm_nani
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang/Marco Reus
2k, rated Explicit, kink prompt (held down)
‘I need to feel you.’ Marco whispers and Auba doesn’t understand

chasing shadows by neyvenger (jjjat3am)
Samuel Umtiti/Ousmane Dembele
1k, rated Gen, photo prompt
There really is no good way of asking a 20-year-old if he’s afraid of thunder. So Sam doesn’t even try.

Home by Anfield_rose
700 words, rated Gen, word prompt
Xabi realises what it means to belong, to find a place to call home

in this story we belong to ourselves by redandgold for saltstreets 
6k, rated Teen, word prompt
Stevie isn’t lonely. He’s waiting for something. Something to happen.

rivals in bed by blindbatalex
3k, rated Teen, trope prompt
That is simply not something retired players with creases on their faces that deepen by day do. Old men don’t share beds just because it’s a bit nippy. Jamie doesn’t relent though. “But Becks isn’t here is he? And you are freezing. You are freezing when there is no reason for you to be freezing.” He is a stubborn son of a bitch–maybe even enough to match Gary–always was. “I won’t go running to your United friends or Stevie in the morning if that’s what you are worried about,” Jamie continues. “I have a reputation to uphold too, you know.‘”

The Storm by pique
Sergio Agüero/Joe Hart
700 words, rated Gen, photo prompt
The news doesn’t sink in straight away.
He knows he should have seen it coming. All the signs were there.

turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet by radicalvodkaaunt
Mesut Özil/Sergio Ramos
5k, rated Explicit, photo prompt, kink prompt
Because somehow Mesut has never experienced a thunderstorm, and he reacts to that information in the only way he deems fit.

all i ever wanted was a life in your shape by brampersandon
Alessandro Del Piero/Paulo Dybala
9k, rated Explicit, word, kink and photo prompt
He doesn’t want to say anything yet, Paulo will understand soon enough — how taking the ten gives you over to the club, to everyone else who’s ever walked this same path — but it’s undeniable, the way the buzzing in his blood finally quiets when he’s near Paulo. Like years of longing for something as formless as a number, a history, a feeling finally manifests in him. Like he can quell it, for once, and feel whole.

Something Just Like This by lunasenzanotte 
Iker Casillas/Sergio Ramos
1.6k, rated Explicit, kink prompt
Sergio has a kinky fantasy. Iker decides to make it come true for him.

An addition from the August prompt set:

busco un resto de mi sol by 2davidbeckham3
Raul Gonzalez, character study
1.4k, rated Gen, picture prompt
How to Live Without a Heart: Step One.

November Masterlist

hello, starling by raumdeuter
Odell Beckham Jr./David Alaba
rated Gen, 500 words, trope prompt
“I can’t believe you actually put this on Snapchat,” says Odell.David grins unrepentantly, shrugs. Over his shoulder, one enormous wing moves up and down, and a couple stray feathers drift away. “It wasn’t a big deal. Everyone just thought it was a new filter.”

it’s only half past the point of no return by Anfield_rose
Sergio Ramos/Fernando Torres
rated Gen, 1k, word prompt
 And every time Sergio had scraped all his courage together to say something, Fernando would change the subject or flick his hair or introduce his girlfriend or move away to Liverpool.

Variation IX by redandgold
Joe Hart/James Milner
rated Teen, 7k, word and trope prompt
It is the eighteenth of September, 1940.

can’t take back the words I never said by cryingintheclub 
Aaron Ramsey/Jack Wilshere
rated Teen, 1k, word prompt
Ever since that night, Aaron’s been thinking of the words he never said to Jack. And ever since that night, he’s been thinking how different things would have turned out if he had just said them

You got a way of moving through me like a fever by AndalusianSunshine
Sergio Ramos/Fernando Torres
rated Explicit, 1k, kink prompt
When a goal celebration gets a little too handsy, Sergio and Fernando continue their celebration in the team showers.

pushing my body by neyvenger (jjjat3am)
Gianluigi Buffon/Paulo Dybala
rated Gen, 1k, photo and word prompt
It’s so textbook, falling in love with Gigi Buffon.

Paulo is Neymar’s angel by anonymousorly
Paulo Dybala/Neymar
rated Explicit, 1k, trope prompt
“Still an angel,” Neymar praises, palms sliding across the shimmering golden branches, and Paulo whimpers, feels the hot breath on his lower back. “My angel.”After accidentally discovering Paulo’s wings, Neymar hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him.