I finished this guy a few days ago, but it was a birthday gift for my boyfriend so I can only just upload it now.

It’s a completely original pattern. I made it all myself, which is the first time I’ve ever done something without a pattern by someone else. I’m proud of the work it took to complete him! :)

If you’re interested in buying the pattern please send me a PM, or contact me on my Email or my Etsy shop!

National flags might accumulate during events like the football world cup. Here’s a tutorial how to reuse these apparently useless objects. Certainly this is a lot of fun for the kids and can be done at any time in the year.

Step 1: Remove potential parts that you might have taken with you while removing the national flag from the public space.

Step 2: Carefully sort the lower part of the top part of the flag. Ask for the help of your parents for this step.

Step 3: Add a flagstaff and use the fixed flag to display your political views.

Have fun, kids!