redacted script pages

Alas, the Redacted Script Page for “In Line” is close to completion, put pulls out before the finish.  And we were so close.

Ders seems upset about something.  Weed is mentioned.  Blake’s imagination comes into question.  Adam talks about himself.  Jillian pops into the cubicle.  

Wait–  Could this be a script page from every Workaholics episode?  All that’s missing is Alice going full harvest, Montez’s eyes bulging, and Karl doing Karl things.

Wait again–  Could all that be happening in tonight’s episode TOO?   

Tune in to an all new Workaholics TONIGHT at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central. The gang is potentially all (REDACTED).

The final Workaholics Redacted Script Page of Season 3B came in, and it looks… infected almost.  Changed.  When I asked why, I was told it had gone through “Orientation”.  I asked more questions but all I heard was a dial tone.

So I don’t know what “Orientation” means.  To be fair, you could fill a fleet of Karl’s Rape Vans with what I don’t know. 

If I had to guess, I’d say it can’t mean good news for Adam, Blake and Ders in “The Future is Gnar”.  But you could fill a fleet of Karl’s Rape Vans with what would be bad news for Adam, Blake, and Ders.

Delve into the mystery and seek out the truth in the Workaholics Season Finale tonight at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.

The latest Workaholics Redacted Script Page features an eager, attractive young woman putting SOMETHING in her mouth.

Is this a Rancho CucaPizza situation?  Nah, can’t be, yesterday we told you the episode is about a road trip for the ultimate breakfast burrito and that would be a total misdirect.  You want misdirects, you go watch Revenge.  

But if we can stay on pizza, I wonder how Karl’s hella free pizza worked out.  My bet is he lost it after a dispute with management over what constituted a “topping” when he wanted to top a pizza WITH a pizza, maybe throw some wings in there, bone in, because that’s the kind of crazy idea that’s crazy enough to work.

I’m rambling.  Probably because I’m hungry.  You get hungry, then angry, call it Hangry?  I do.  And now all I can think about is burrito pizza.  With wings.

See how the guys combat hanger pains in “Hungry Like the Wolf Dog”, this Wednesday at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.