favorite movies: Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

“ - I didn’t even want to use you guys, with your dip and velcro and all your gear bullshit. I wanted to drop a bomb. But people didn’t believe in this lead enough to drop a bomb. So they’re using you guys as canaries. And, in theory, if bin Laden isn’t there, you can sneak away and no one will be the wiser. But bin Laden is there. And you’re going to kill him for me. ” 


Extrait QUI VIVE de Marianne Tardieu (ACID CANNES 2014)


Les garçons et Guillaume, à table (Me, Myself and Mum) (2013) by Guillaume Gallienne

I spent a few days in France over Christmas and crammed as many French films (on the big screen) as time would allow me while I was there. Crucial considering how poorly non-Ozon France is represented in UK cinemas. I knew absolutely nothing about Les garçons et Guillaume, à table apart from the fact that my own mum loved it and that Guillaume Gallienne played both main roles (himself and his mother). So I went, and boy did I laugh. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. And laughed some more. One might also find it poignant and what not, but really, it’s just hilarious.

It’s a screen adaptation of Gallienne’s own autobiographical one-man show and the film is currently enjoying a phenomenal success in France. It’s been bought by distributors around the world but it looks like the UK and the US are waiting to see how it fares internationally before deciding to get it – they might be wondering, rightly so, if the film’s humour will translate that well abroad, but I really hope they do show it. 

[Sidenote: Françoise Fabian is very funny as the grandmother+ fun cameos from Reda Kateb and Diane Kruger]

[Seen @ Cinéma Katorza, Nantes, 26 December 2013]


Qui Vive (Insecure) Trailer - Adèle Exarchopoulos and Reda Kateb