A lot of times. Even more so recently. I keep thinking I wanna go to art school.

From one side I feel like I am at a very good moment where I think I can fully appreciate and take advantage of the education I can get. Specially with a school that specializes in illustration or concept art.

From the other side I already went through the process of getting ‘higher education’ and I’m on the middle of paying up huge amount of loans. The idea of going to school again sound fun but I don’t want to spend 10 years after that paying another student loan.

Maybe I can go back to PR and go to art school there? I kinda doubt I will find the education I desire but it would be astronomically cheaper lol

Also I know I don’t NEED to go to school to get the knowledge and skills I want. I did had a great experience while I studied game development. I guess I want to go through the college experience again but as an artist.

Hujan nya ga reda reda jadi pada maksain
#bengkelmoscow -Modern ScooTer Way-

Tuning,tune up,painting,powder coating, accesories & snow wash

open | senin - sabtu 09:00s/d17:30 WIB
Jl.cikutra barat 1f tepat (depan taman makam pahlawan bandung)

Enjoy the ride
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day 4 for the 30 day oc art challenge with @dustdjinn

This day was “sleeping position”. After some thought ended up drawing Ecerah from our D&D campaign sleeping against a tree. Added some sloppy shading and colors so it doesn’t look so bland. difinetely still not used to this new tablet and photoshop lol

Sei schifosamente perfetto.
Ma non fraintendermi, non far cadere l'attenzione sul “Schifosamente”. Hai presente quando vedi una bella ragazza, che ha un sorriso perfetto e pensi “Wow chissà come staremmo bene assieme” perchè lei è perfetta, è tutto quello che ti piace in una sola persona. E’ schifosamente perfetta. Perchè sai che quello che provi tu per lei, probabilmente non è ricambiato. Perchè sai che lei non ti vedrà mai come la vedi tu, e quindi è uno schifo. La situazione è uno schifo, non tu.
Ecco per me sei schifosamente perfetto,e so che tu non penserai mai questo di me.