Okay so i’m sure somebody’s pointed this out already but...

In the Saturnz Barz video this is a (rather iconic might I add) scene towards the end of the video.

Notice the colours behind each character.

Russel is Green

Noodle is Red

2-D is Yellow

Murdoc is Blue

Yellow and blue. You know, like in the song ‘She’s My Collar’ Which many people have already interpreted to be about these two. 

If this was the colouring they had on the album (which it isn’t, and it’s actually reversed with Russel and Noodle taking up Yellow and Blue respectively which leads me to question that if the song was about them why didn’t they just swap the pronouns around?) I wouldn’t have analysed this at all. It was clearly done for a reason.

These two are clearly being grouped as are Russel and Noodle and it makes me really hyped for the rest of this phase.

((One thing that really bothers me…))

((What’s up with the colors on the Pamoon model in Mamodo Fury? I put a comparison image of Pamoon from the anime and one of the back covers. Let’s see how many things are wrong….

1- All of the green parts are red

2-The light blue part is grey

3- Arms and legs have a different shade of blue

4- WHY IS THE THINGS ON HIS BACK WHITE?! That’s the one that bothers me the most.

5- Did I forget to mention that the middle of the star is supposed to be blue?))

30 Day Prism Challenge

1 - Red
2 - Orange
3 - Yellow
4 - Olive
5 - Green
6 - Teal
7 - Cyan
8 - Indigo
9 - Plum
10 - Pink

11 - Scarlet \ Gold
12 - Umber \ Aqua
13 - Eggshell \ Purple
14 - Forest \ Ivory
15 - Jade \ Ebony
16 - Seafoam \ Coral
17 - Blue \ Bronze
18 - Violet \ Rose
19 - Orchid \ Marigold
20 - Magenta \ Mint

21 - Red \ Orange \ Purple
22 - Orange \ Yellow \ Ivory
23 - Yellow \ Olive \ Ebony
24 - Olive \ Green \ Coral
25 - Green \ Teal \ Bronze
26 - Teal \ Cyan \ Rose
27 - Cyan \ Indigo \ Marigold
28 - Indigo \ Plum \ Mint
29 - Plum \ Pink \ Gold
30 - Pink \ Red \ Aqua

Coming up with an art challenge idea where the color combos above are the outline. I wrote them rather than making an image with color palettes because I want them to be interpreted however you want. Like “Red” doesn’t have to mean #ff00000 blinding red you know?

There’s a lot of ways you can follow this. You can use one character the entire time and make diff palettes with them and/or diff outfits, use one pairing the entire time, write fics/poems based on the feelings the colors give or using them as prompts etc.

The challenge I personally want to do (and that I encourage others to do) is:

  1. Days 1-10 are 10 different characters that you like and want to draw (or write with). The colors do not have to be colors you’d normally associate with them, adding that color to them can be an exciting change!
  2. Days 11-20 are 10 different two-person pairings. 
  3. Days 21-30 are 10 different poly groups.

The pairings/groups don’t have to be romantic, they can be platonic/familial/rivals whatevs. OCs are cool too.
Bonus points if you never repeat any character at all though. It’s a cool way to let your followers know about your Niche Interests TM