The Runaways is a 2010 American drama film about the 1970s all-girl rock band of the same name written and directed by Floria Sigismondi. The Runaways depicts the formation of the band in 1975 and focuses on the relationship between Currie and Jett until Currie’s departure from the band.

Watch the trailer here:

If you’re planning on starting RWBY by watching it on Netflix:

You’re gonna also need to go on Youtube and watch

Don’t worry, there’s a pretty good bump in voice acting quality between the trailers and volume 1, and the voice acting steadily gets better as the series goes on. Also, the animation significantly gets better in volume 2.

Anyway… The Red, White, Black, and Yellow Trailers show a little something about each character.

  • Red Trailer: Shows the least. The stone altar thing that Ruby visits at the beginning is what’s important here, but stick around for the kickass fighting.
  • White Trailer: The song gives us an inside peek on how Weiss feels inside, though you’ll find out real quick that she’s hiding this. The fight in this trailer is most likely how she got the scar on her eye. Now that you’re aware she has a scar on her eye, you won’t be one of the many people who took a long time to notice it.
  • Black Trailer: The events in this trailer are extremely significant to Blake’s past and the series’ plot. This trailer will have you going “What???” and your questions will be answered in the series!
  • Yellow Trailer: The events in this trailer are very significant to Yang’s past, and this trailer likely took place not very long before the first episode of volume 1 (We get a glimpse of a little certain someone from episode 1). Watch this trailer if you don’t want something missing from part of the story. Your questions about what Yang is doing in this trailer will be answered in the series.

Seriously, someone needs to get Netflix to put the four trailers up for watch because so many people are going to be confused every time the series makes reference to these trailers.