Ten years ago. February 2007. I was at home with some of my sister’s friends over and decided to borrow the computer. I saw them showing my sister a website that was all about penguins. She registered he penguin and plaed around with the game and I decided to give it a try. 

People call me by “flaca” (Which I back then mispelled it as “Flaka”) and I was ten years old. So I decided to name my Penguin Flaka10.  In the first few weeks of my penguin’s existence, it was too young to do tours or do secret agency. So i got really hapy when my penguin was finally old enough to do so. 

The island was so tiny. There was no forest, no beach, no huge HQ, no card jitsu, no submarine. Only Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Black and Purple puffles existed. It was almost an isloated and tiny world. And yet, I was having so much fun. 

As I grew attached to the game, I would go there almost everyday and even go to Youtube and watch Clubpenguin music videos (maybe even see sad clubpenguin videos along the way. Don’t judge me). There was one CP youtube video that I will always find memorable and that is Heatblast’s Clubpenguin TV series. I adored it so much. I always wanted to meet him and be seen in Youtube. It was during his running that I always inspired on making my own Clubpenguin youtube video of my own. So when Clubpenguin TV got cancelled, I felt pretty sad. 

I remember all the fake videos of how people found a golden and rainbow puffle, as well as tipping an iceberg. And how they finally became official in the game.

I’ll never forget how horrifying it was when the pool started flooding after the crab cracked the underwater window. I thought the island was gonna drown until they decided to host that Water party. I remember forcing my mom to pay for membership. I remember seeing a location get packed because of Rockhopper’s appearance and even have some who try to look and act like Rockhopper. 

I remember when the dojo was just a secret location. You open a map, click on a random snowy mountain, and you’re in an empty abandoned dojo. I remember when Sensei arrived in Clubpenguin being all mysterious at first before introducing Card-Jitsu. I remember how interested I was at the plot of the snow dojo. How I always wanted Sensei and his former friend Tusk to get back together. 

I’ll never forget getting my favorite pet puffle Flakes when white puffles became available in the Pet Shop. We done lots of game together and I ALWAYS let him walk besides me wherever I go. I’m very happy that he never ran away. And I will miss him so dearly. 

As you can see on the last few pictures, this was my last moments in Clubpenguin before it shut down. I took all my penguins clothing and made it how it exactly looked when I registered Clubpenguin. I kept my puffle beside me and we looked at the island together one last time in an empty server. Some penguins joined in to take a glimpse of the view. 

I never got to see the game close, since my parents would have catch me awake, but the last words I said in the game is something I don’t regret. This game will always treasure my heart for as long as I live. Again, Thank you Club Penguin. May you waddle on peacefully. 

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diamond-feels  asked:

HOLD UP THERE'S STONY IN AA? I have made a mistake in not keeping up with this show. Could you tell me all the episodes that have some sort of Steve and Tony in them so I can go binch watch????

YES THERE’S STONY IN AA and the funniest thing is that I’d be recommending pretty much the whole show to you because almost every episode has some kind of stevetony in it, I am not even joking.

But, as a nice starting point, here are some of the more blatant (and popular) stevetony episodes:

The Avengers Protocol (Part 1 and 2): literally THE VERY FIRST TWO EPISODES OF THE SHOW, Tony pretty much restarts the Avengers Initiative in order to save Steve from the Red Skull, it’s marvelous.

Super Adaptoid: in which Steve and Tony flirt banter about their differences, Steve puts on the Iron Man mask to save the day, and Steve and Tony share a shower together offscreen

In Deep: yup, you read that right. The crown jewel of AA stevetony episodes, in which Steve and Tony roleplay as Crossbones and Grim Reaper to infiltrate Red Skull’s submarine, have a heart-to-heart while hiding in the vents, Tony gets felt up by water tentacles, and Clint exposes himself as an on-deck stevetony shipper. It’s glorious.

Savages: in which Steve and Tony save each other from dinosaurs, Steve gives a rousing speech about how much he “knows Tony” and how brilliant he is, and Justin Hammer is his usual ridiculous self.

Exodus (Part 1): Part one of AA’s season 1 finale, where Tony has some heroic BSOD and doubts his skills as leader of the Avengers (but ends up saving the day anyway), Steve and Tony share an intimate moment of hand holding and eye-fucking, and Clint actually uses the word “bromance” to describe them.

…and, dear friend, that’s only season 1. Trust me though when I say that every episode has at least one stevetony moment (subjectively speaking anyway), and I really haven’t done the show justice with my measly list of episodes above. Perhaps when I have more time I’ll compile a more comprehensive list, but for now, treat yourself and do yourself a favor by watching AA all the way through; your shipper heart will thank you.