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my crush has blue hair and he is on the track team so he can run really fast! he also wears these red shoes that are so hot. i find that so attractive for some reason even though we have never really talked :/

if this is about sonic the hedgehog im going to delete my whole entire blog anon and i’m gonna blame it on u u absolute DEMON. anyway if this isn’t sonic then:

CUTE !! omg the blue hair along w the red sneakers? a Look !! he sounds cute !! also try talking to him more omg 🤸🏻‍♀️ what’s his personality like?

“Does he make you happy like I did?” His posture , leaning slackly against the brick wall, gave every indication of indifference but his eyes pleaded with her.

“Well,” she pauses, shaking her head at the ground, “he makes me happy. It’s… Different.” He asks how with the mere raise of his eyebrows. “You made me feel everything so deeply. He makes me happy. Like… Ugh.”

His lips curve up into a smirk. He always thought she looked most gorgeous when frustrated. “Just try to explain it.” He shifts his posture slightly, crossing his arms and legs.

“He’s safe and steady. He calls when he says he will. He shows up on time, for the most part. He smiles at me like I’m a poor man’s diamond. He really loves me and he’s overall, perfect. But you.” She looks up at him with bright eyes and a smile that melts his hardened exterior. He both loved her and hated her for being able to do that. “You were a fire. No. More than that. You were the wildfire. Crazy and out of control. You made me lose myself, simultaneously creating a frenzy and a calm. It was fire and passion and… And…” She pauses and toes the red bricks with her sneaker. Her fingers rake through her hair as she releases a long-held sigh. “He makes me happy. It’s just different. He’s safe, and you’re danger.”

He steps toward her, not exactly knowing what he was planning to do. His rough hand sweeps her hair from her eyes. “Look at me.” She does, and that’s the moment she knew. No matter how much she loved the other guy it would never be the same.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

«К входящему Дом поворачивается острым углом. Это угол, об который разбиваешься до крови. Потом можно войти.»

is it even okay to read this flawless book again and again and again because it is so amazing i can’t stop and i won’t, ever

Hi my name is Gladion and I have platinum blonde hair (that’s how I got my name) with bangs that cover half of my face and emerald green eyes like a Lum Berry and a lot of people tell me I look like a Buzzwole, or Lusamine (AN: if u don’t know who they are get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Silvally but I wish I was because it’s an awesome Pokemon. I’m a Pokémon Trainer but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also an enforcer and I live in a region called Alola where I work for Team Skull (I’m twelve). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black and red clothes. I love Po Town and I buy all my clothes from there. For example, today I was wearing a black, ripped up hoodie with matching black torn up pants, a red fanny pack and red and black sneakers. I was walking outside of Aether Paradise. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of Aether Employees stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Model AU

For @silver-note
Sorry for being a little late. Life’s been so busy lately and I just got time to write these out for you. I really hope you like them! :3

-Shouto and Katsuki work as models. They’ve run into each other a few times throughout their careers, but haven’t thought much of it. Both are very popular and are asked to do a photo shoot together.

-Shouto has always found Katsuki to be beautiful, in a rough-edged, savage kind of way. His pictures are always showing more skin than necessary and those red eyes burn straight through you. He grins like a lion about to pounce.

-Shouto’s pictures, on the other hand, are elegant and graceful: suits and ties, casual wear, bathing suits, he can make anything look good. People are in awe over his eyes and hair and photographers make sure to bring it out in their work with him. Katsuki pretends not to give a shit when he meets him for their shoot together. But he can’t stop sneaking glances at Shouto’s gorgeous, mismatched eyes.

-Their photographer is a new kid: Izuku. He is the opposite of the practiced professionals who normally work with Katsuki and Shouto. He’d awkward, dorky, and trips over his own feet. He’s supposed to be taking photos of the two for a fashion magazine, but he couldn’t be less fashionable himself: wearing an old jacket that keeps falling off one shoulder, round, red-framed glasses, and sneakers.

-Katsuki wants to walk out right then. Shouto thinks the photographer is oddly adorable though, and convinces him not to storm off like an idiot.

-When they start, they immediately can tell that Izuku is different from the others in more ways than one. Instead of sticking with what works, he wants to change things.

-He encourages Katsuki to tone down the crooked smirks and savage charm. Instead, he asks him to not even smile, to just look into the camera like he’s trying to tell the reader, come here. And it works. Katsuki growls and grumbles the whole time, but his own pictures come out looking like he’s about to come off the page and pin the reader against the wall. He comments this aloud and Izuku blushes. “R—really? I guess that was sorta what I was going for… I wanted to focus on your eyes a lot…”

-For Shouto, he doesn’t take the clean, graceful route at all. He messes him up. He has Shouto lay on his back, arms sprawled about his head, and tip his chin up slightly. Then he actually sticks his fingers into Shouto’s hair and tousles it (shouto shivers the whole time, but tries not to show it) Then he tells him to smile like someone just made his day.

-“How do I do that?”
“Your hair is very pretty, Shouto.”
And Shouto smiles like a fool, and it comes out lopsided, with a hint of teeth biting his lower lip, and he looks damn good.

-At some point throughout the shoot, Shouto walks over to Katsuki and asks him if he’s ever had such good pictures taken of him before. Katsuki grudgingly admits that the “damn nerd” did a pretty good job. “Not to mention he’s fucking cute. And he made you look fucking edible.”

-They come to conclusion to ask their sweet little photographer out to dinner.

Like Fireworks (Evan Hansen x Reader) (SMUT & Dom!Evan)

The sequel to You’re Cute When You Blush

Requested by Anon



Well this was not how you’re day was supposed to go at all.

You were Supposed to get ready for your Uncles 4th of July party, and than by the time you were done getting ready Evan would show up and help you decorate.

BUT half way through getting ready Evan texted you,

From Evan:

I can’t make it. I’m so so sorrry

To Evan:

What why not, Evan what happened?

From Evan:

Nothinggg I juat cant

To Evan:

Something’s wrong.

From Evan:

Wgat? No.

To Evan:

I’m coming over

From Evan:


You arrived at Evans and found him curled up on his bathroom floor shaking and crying.

“Holy shit! Evan hey, hey, hey what’s wrong?” You cooed pulling him into your arms, you smoothed down his hair and rubbed his back.

He practiced some deep breathing and started, “I-I just, what if, and and and!” He snapped and started sobbing and shaking.

“Evan relax, hey it’s just us, it’s just me, I would never say or do anything to hurt you, breathe Ev,” you whipped the tears from his cheeks and kissed the tip of his nose. He cracked a wet smile and blushed, he realized that you two were on his bathroom floor and he was rather indecent, in just his boxers.

“W-what if your, your family doesn’t like me?” He refused to meet your eye.

“Evan I’m sure they will love you, my mom already does, she sees how happy you make me and is so excited to me you. My dad and uncle might be a bit, um, unsavory at first but it’s only because they’re jerks and want to scare you. They will love you, trust me,” you helped him stand up and gave him some toilet paper as a tissue.

“O-okay, well um I guess I should shower than, heh I’m if you want to wait we can go together, or you can leave now that’s fine I’m to going to dice you to stay here it you don’t want to but I was ju-”

“Of course I’m staying! I’ll be in your room!” You kissed his nose and left him in the bathroom.


“Do I look okay, want to look respectable but not like a dick? Like tie or no tie?” Evan asked you from his closet, the stress evident on his face.

“No tie, the polo is fine, and the red sneakers, respectable but patriotic!” He pulled on his sneakers and took you hand, leading you out of the house.


You parents loved Evan, your mom called him sweetie and when he commented on how much he loves her plants she cuts him off some so he can grow on too. Your dad tried to scare him but Evan actually started to shake and he stopped, he remembered you telling him about his anxiety, and he talks about colleges and music. You Uncle was already buzzed when you guys got there so he was super accepting, and called Evan “Bright Young Man!”

The party started about an hour ago and you and Evan were the only teens there, and you were bored as shit.

“What are you kids drinking? Here has some wine coolers, the adults don’t feckin wantem,” your Uncle drunkenly handed you and Evan some alcohol. You started to drink yours and Evan just stared at his like it was a baby or a priceless glass thing.

“Evan it’s a fruity drink. It won’t kill you,” you giggled.

“I’ve never had an alcohol! What if I’m like an angry drunk or something!” Evan half shouted, but opened the bottle anyway.

“Okay you’re not going to get drunk and even if you did I don’t think you’re an angry one,” you said knocking your drink against his.

He tentatively took a sip, but seemed to enjoy it.


The party was in full swing, there was a fire, dinner was served, and there were fire works and sparklers going off.

“Why don’t, weeee get out of here?” Evan whispered into your ear. You were taken aback, where did this Evan come from?


“You look so fucking sexy right now, and I just keep focusing on your lips around that bottle, and I think they’d look better wrapped around, my cock,” he growls into your ear, his hand gripping your waist tightly. A familiar heat formed between your legs.

“Hey mom I’m gonna walk Evan home, I’ll be back soon!” You said you you mom before walking away from the fire.

“Ok sweetie, use protection and be safe. Feel free to stay the night!” Your mom yelled back, seeing right through your lie.

You drove home and Evan’s hand was squeezing your thigh the whole way. Heidi was already gone for Law school and wouldn’t be home till tomorrow morning.

“God I just want to fuck you right here,” Evan said pulling you ass to his hips, you were trying to take your shoes off but he had other plans.

“Evan, we’re in your kitchen surrounded by photos of you as a baby, not exactly a sexy scene,” you chortled, pushing him off your and leading him to his bed room.

He grabbed you from behind and started kissing your neck, one hand sliding up to your breasts and the other dropping down to your ass. Your eyes fluttered shut and you leaned into his touch, you could feel his excitement on your back.

“Fuck you’re so gorgeous, how did I get so lucky?” Evan asked as his hand slid under your shirt, you let him take it off, he rested his thumbs inside your waist band.

“E-Ev,” you whined as his kisses trailed down your Collar bones.

“I love it when you moan my name,” he whispered into your skin, you tuned around to face him.

“If you love it so much why don’t you make me?” You asked, if Evan was going to be so dominant you wondered how far you could push him, or how far he could push you?

“Oh trust me darling. That was the plan this whole time,” he said before pulling you roughly into a kiss, one hand on your lower back and the other tangled in your hair. You slid your hands underneath his polo and slid it off his body, feeling his smooth skin beneath. As you dragged your nails up his ribs you felt the goosebumps rise to meet them, he may be acting differently but his body was reacting the same as it always did. His shirt fell to the floor and your shorts and his pants were quick to follow, they pooled at your ankles, and Evan lifted you out of them. You wrapped your legs around him, he let out a deep laugh and dropped you down so your core was pressing his length into his stomach.

“Wow, your this wet? All for me?” You whimper in response, he lays you out onto the bed, you took off your bra, his confidence broke for a moment. He took you in, admiring how amazing you look almost naked, on his bed, and completely ready for him. You sat up and looked at him curiously, was he nervous?

“Evan are you okay?”

“Blow me,” he said locking eyes with you, his face devoid of humor or worry. You nodded and slid off the bed on to your knees, taking off his boxers you’re met with his impressive hard-on. You pressed your lips against his tip and slowly let it fill your mouth, tasting his pre-cum. You grabbed the base and bobbed your head, taking as much of him as you could.

“(Y/n) oh my god, shit you look so pretty, oh god,” Evan tangled his hands in your hair and every so often his hips bucked to you. You cupped his balls in your other hands and the moment they made contact Evan’s hips thrust quick and hard, making you choke and gag hard.

“Oh shit, babe are you ok. Oh NONONO you look like you’re going to cry. Shit baby I’m sorry,” Evan dropped to his knees and cupped your face gently, he kissed your nose and tucked your hair behind your ear.

“I know how you can make me feel better,” you whispered.

“Ok anything!” He said worry lacing his words.

“Fuck me, hard,” you whispered back, looking up at him with lust filled eyes. He picked you up off the floor and tossed you onto the bed. He planted a kiss on your ankle and placed more up your leg, once he reached your thigh he nuzzled his face into the skin.

“God you’re so fucking amazing,” he kissed your thigh that buried his face in your cunt, your hands gripped his hair tightly. He flicked his tongue against your clit and slid two fingers into you, curling them against your G-Spot.

“F-fuck Evan. Shit Evan!” You practically screamed in pleasure. “E-Ev I sssaid fuck me!” As much as you enjoyed him eating you out, you needed more, you needed him.

“Someone is impatient this evening,” he scolded, but the brought his face up to meet yours. As he kissed you, you could taste your self on him, it was weird but not bad. He kissed your mouth than moved down to the side of your neck, leaving hicky after hicky, across your neck, down your collar bones, and on your boobs, he took your nipple in his mouth and bit down. You pressed you hands to his chest, you needed him now. He straddled you and reached over to your beside table, taking out a condom and rolling it down his member.

“You ready?” He asked lining himself up.

“Yes, and remember I said hard,”

“Oh trust me doll, I wouldn’t dream of forgetting,” he growled and slammed into you, you screamed and instantly fell into moans. He thrusted into you hard, one hand on your breast and the other holding tightly to your hip.

“H-h-HARDER!” You yelled, still seeing how far you can push him. He stopped abruptly and pulled your leg over his shoulder, one hand holding your hip over your thigh, and the other holding your other hip under your thigh. He thrusted into you with more force than he initially thought possible, than he pulled and pushed your hips to meet his, he hit your G-Spot so hard your entire body was covered in goosebumps.

“Oh fuck Evan, oh oh oh god!” You were moaning the sheets knotted up in your fingers, you felt a scream bubbling up in your throat. “EVAN FUCK OH FUCKFUCKFUCK!”

“You like that baby girl?” He asked between labored breaths, you could see his chest heaving.

“Y-yes Daddy!” You tested.

“Oh shit,” he said, he slumped forward to you, your leg sliding off his shoulder, he pulled your back off the mattress and brought his mouth to your breast.

“Fuck, baby gi- oh fuck it,” he tangled his hand into your hair and tugged it. “Call me daddy!” He growled against your neck.

“Fuck me harder daddy. Oh my god,” the rhythm of his hips speeding up, you were close, approaching your climax quickly.

“You’re going to scream my name when I make you cum,” he said before biting one nipple and pinching the other. A fire was burning in your abdomen, and with every thrust he stoked the flames.

“Fuck Daddy, oh shit EVAN EVAN FUCKFUCK EVAN FUCK MAKE ME CUM PLEASE OH!” You screamed as the flames spread over your entire body, engulfing your being, you were shaking as you rode out your orgasm.

“Fuck baby, that was. Wow. Fuck your tight, I’m so damn close,” his thrusts became sloppy, you pull his face up to yours, bringing your lips to his. He twitches inside you and came hard, his jaw dropped and he whispered swears and his slowed to a stop inside you. He pulled out and collapsed beside you, exhausted and drunk on both alcohol and some fantastic sex. You took the condom off and buried it inside his garbage can, you climbed back into bed. You kissed his cheek, than snuggled into his sides your naked bodies laying flush against each other, he kissed the top of your head and held you tightly.


You woke up to bright light filling the room, you tried to stand a your legs were weak. Your empty space in the bed stirred Evan awake, his jaw dropped when you turned to look at him.

“Holy shit? Did I do that? No I definitely did I remember it, shit,” he mumbled taking in your naked and bruised figure, you looked in his mirror, they were everywhere. You tried to walk and you limped.

“Oh dear god, come back to bed (y/n). I can’t stand to watch you try and walk. After last night I think it’s only right it I’m your obedient servant today,” he said, pulling you into bed and holding you against him.

“Ok….. daddy,” you whisper into his chest. He turned pink and a look of shame washed over his face, like he remembered more now.

“Fuck. I’m so sorry that was horrible, god I’m sorry, (y/n) I love you so fucking much and it might not seem like it right now but this hangover is kicking my ass but trust me once it wears off I’ll be panicking, well actually I’m panicking right now because you look like I beat you last night and I pulled you hair and you-” he was cut off by your finger on his lips.

“Shh Evan baby it was actually really fucking hot. Dominant Evan if definitely interesting, and pretty fucking sexy,” you kissed his nose.

“Well than um. You’re uh welcome? God I love you, if you want me to be more dominant I will, but just only call me that when I’m drunk, please,” he whispered

“Call you what daddy?” You asked coyly

“Please stop. If my hang over doesn’t make me vomit that definitely will,” he murmured tucking his face into your hair.

“I love you, Evan,” your voice sweet like honey.

“I love you more than you’ll ever know, (Y/n),” and with that he was pulled back into sleep.