BTS as the 7 deadly sins || masterlist

Kim Namjoon || Luxuria (Lust)

“He was a man of power, everything he wanted he got with ease. He was smart, handsome and so many people would do the most insane of acts to come the charmer close. But his interests were not for anyone. He loved experimenting, mixing pain with pleasure, seeing how far he could go to a point where his submissive would cry out in frustration. But those weren’t relationships… His high position and the ego as years of dominant he thought he could get anyone. He had been through times when he’d had multiple submissives and times with none. But he secretly longed for the day when he would feel that powerful emotion of love that everyone kept talking about. 

But where to find it was the question. He had been with multiple women, was a regular and vip at the poshest of strip clubs. Being taken behind the curtains by him was an honour among the girls working there. They’d act up extra, put on more makeup pay extra attention to detail with their hair and looks and move their hips with extra swing whenever his eyes lingered around. There was a rumour within the industry that he was indeed amazing at what he did and that he was a sadist, a dominant one. And doesn’t everyone have their secret dreams of their own Mr. Grey? Well he was as close as you could get if not better. Stable job, a healthy past and great knowledge. But more than so, his hunger for more. More pain, more pleasure, more domination to the point where he crossed the line, but he was too in to what he was doing…”

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