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Has anyone else commented on the strange outfit Patience was wearing when Asriel and Chara found them? They had mismatched socks, overalls, a purple and red shirt, and a cute ribbon around their head. That seems like a strange outfit to be wearing, unless they were competing in odd clothing day at their school.

Some days you just can’t find a matching pair of socks. 

(Or shoes.)

(Or human health care services.)

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"I'm so lucky I get to love you"

Hope you like this one,I truly enjoyed writing this one!!

“I’m so lucky I get to love you”

Christmas holidays were wanted for the whole family. Shawn,after two months,was at home,for the happiness of everyone. You were finishing washing Olivia’s clothes when you hear those baby giggles you loved so much. After turning the dryer on,you left to her room,looking for the happy baby. But what you didn’t expect to find was Shawn on the chair,with Olivia on his leg and the guitar in front of the girl. Every sound that Shawn made with the guitar make the little girl smile and laugh of it.

“For what I’m seeing,your dream just came true!” You say calling the attention of both.
“Not yet,but it’s a beginning!” He smile at you. “Liv,tell mommy that you love more daddy’s guitar than her books?” The one year old girl mumbles some nonsense sounds looking happy as ever.
“I know that it’s not true sweetheart,mommy knows you love her bedtime stories.” You go to them and pick Olivia up. “I know dad make you say stuff up,he’s a very persuasive man!”
“Oh,so I am a persuasive? You are not?”
“Me? Never!”
“Mhm,so,about our honeymoon,where did I want to go?”
“Obviously Sarakiniko,where we went!”
“Are you sure about that? Because from what I remembered, I wanted to go to Bora Bora ”
“That’s not what I remembered!” You say smirking at him.
“Oh,so you didn’t induced me to be interested on the place you wanted us to spend our honeymoon? Because I remembered you being very persuasive about that!”
“Ok,fine! I’m very persuasive,happy now?” He was going to answer you,but Olivia called your attention,giving those little baby screams.
“I’m know babe,you miss daddy,don’t ya?” He take her back,and the little girl put her little hand on Shawn’s curls,rubbing her little fingers on his hair.
“Liv,you’re such a daddy’s little girl!” You jealously tell her,but she didn’t ever listen to you. “Okay,this is my cue! Are you going to your parent with me or we meet up there?” Christmas dinner will be at his parents house,and you promised that you would go there earlier to help with the dinner preparation.
“Me and Liv meet you there,don’t worry about us!” He makes Liv laugh,making you smile.
“Sure,two kid at home,nothing to worry about.” You smile joking at him. “Will you shower her here?”
“Yep,let her clothes on her room ready.”
“Okay,have fun you two,but not too much fun without me! I’ll grab my thing and head there. Love you two!” You give a little kiss on Olivia’s forehead and Shawn slightly kiss you,and you give him a little kiss on the cheek,before leaving the room.

“Y/N,can you please do my make up?” Aaliyah asked you while you finish to do your hair.
“Of course! Let me just put my outfit on and I will do yours. What do you want?”
“Same as you,something clean!” She sits on her chair and wait for you. Before going to her,you look over your phone,to see if Shawn send you anything.
“So,how is things with that boy you told me?”
“Pretty good,to be honest!” She had that smile on her face,the same one Shawn have when he talks about you and Liv. “He asked me to go have lunch with him and his family tomorrow.”
“So,you’re going right?”
“Obviously!” You look over you phone again,but still,nothing. “Worried? It’s like the sixth time you look at the phone!”
“Kinda,Shawn needed to take his shower and bath Olivia and then dressed her up and choose his clothes and I’m pretty sure he is not gonna to remember to get everything I asked him.” You put all out of your chest and smile,relieved,making Aaliyah laugh at you.
“Okay,give my brother some credit,he will do everything,maybe he will forget one thing or two,but he will bring Liv looking perfect.”
“Yeah,that’s one thing we can be sure is that Liv will be flawless!”

You finish Liyah’s make up and you both go down stares to wait for the dinner and as you step at the hallway,Shawn opens the front door,with the most cute little baby on his arms. Olivia was wearing a white long sleeve shirt,a red cute dress on top,a white pantyhose and red little shoes. On her hair,she had a cute Rudolf hair tie. At the minute she saw you,she jump from her dad’s arms to yours.
“Hey my love! Mommy missed you too!” You kiss her face,making kiss noises and making her laugh. “Hey babe,how was it? Did you brought everything?” He kiss you lips as hello.
“Everything! My dad is taking everything from the car. Hey Liyah! Where is mom?”
“At the kitchen! Y/N,give my niece now!” You laugh hugging Liv tighten and Liyah try to caught her,tickling her,making her laugh.

After dinner,you all sat in the living room,talking and decided to watch some Christmas movies. Karen and Manny,soon decided to go to their room rest,leaving you,Shawn,Liyah and Liv,who was groaning,grumpy and sleepy.
“I will call Jonah!“Liyah say leaving the room and Shawn look at you confused.
"What?” You asked him.
“Is she still with that guy?”
“Yes,she is,according to her,things are pretty great with him. She’s meeting his family tomorrow at lunch.” You explain to him.
“I really thought it wouldn’t last.” Shawn was surprised,but you expected already. He was a little jealous when talking about his sister.
“Sorry babe,but she had that smile today.”
“What smile?”
“The Mendes smile! The smile you dad have when talk about your mother or one of you guys,the smile you have when you talk about me and Liv.” He gives you that smile!
“For real?”
“For real!” Liv was on his arms,almost sleeping,so you get closer to then, looking at your daughter with love.
“I’m so lucky to get to love you! And you make me the happiest man on earth with Liv.”
“I told you Shawn,you and me,and now Liv,against the rest of the world. Always! I love you,and you know that!”
“Yeah,I know that!”

I Just Want To DO IT Ch. 1

Summary:  Moving to a new city and getting a new job would seem like a lot to talk about for a girl in her twenties. But the most pressing issue you have right now is the fact that you are still a virgin. However, after two unexpected encounters with one they call Park Jimin and the other they call Jeon Jungkook it seems that that is all about to change and in such a way that will change you forever.

Warning this story is a mess and I advise you ignore your moral compass because a lot is going to happen.

Smut || Angst || Fluff 

Can also read on archiveofourown

Word count: 4,445

[Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11]


Chapter 1: And it begins…

“Ahh, Kim Woo bin,” you moan as you clench your stomach tight and your whole body spasms. The feeling of explosion only lasts a few seconds but for those few seconds you forget who you are? Why you are here and everything else that continuously fills your mind.

You drop your hands to your side and just lay there alone in the bed breathing heavily as the world and its worries start sipping back into your consciousness. This is your first day at work. All those years sitting in a classroom and lecture halls listening to teachers drown on about fractions, Shakespeare and formulas has led you to this point in your life. Visions of the stress and anxiety before taking an exam cross your mind. They are quickly replaced by that one joyful moment when you received the call “Congratulations __ we would like to offer you a place on our graduate programme.”

Nothing in this universe can ever take away that moment, the feeling of pure and unattainable bliss. You had finally done it. Revising and volunteering had paid off. Instead of clubbing or going to parties you had done all nighters at the library. Instead of dating you had chosen to abstain yourself because you had to better yourself first.

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Song requested by @salvachester (Scar, I adore you. I’m so sorry this took me foreeeeevvvvveeeeer.), Feed My Frankenstein by Alice Cooper, for my 200 Follower Celebration! 

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Warnings: I mean really, with this song, what else could this be but filth?

Word Count: 1,138

A/N: I feel like the WORST because I promised this to Scar oh, like, OVER A MONTH ago. DON’T HATE ME!

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You could feel your pulse rising, the sweat breaking out on the back of your neck, your breath hitching, and you crossed your legs, seeking any sort of relief for the throbbing you were experiencing.

A finger traced his jaw, the scruff that was present there scratching the pad of your finger. His hands gripping your hips and pulling you closer to him, and you gasped at the feel of his cock pressed into your hip, realizing just how right you had been when you had imagined his better qualities. Pressing your hands to his chest, you ran them up underneath his red button up shirt, the color on him sinfully sexy and arousing. How could a color be arousing? You weren’t sure, but it was, especially as you pushed it off his thick, broad shoulders and down his arms…

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