can we please make Spencer Hastings being at places without really being at said places a thing? please?


God, can you even imagine how Namjoon must have felt seeing the word liar scrawled in blood red paint outside the phone booth? Can you even begin to fathom the dark depths of despair and the impotent frustration that filled his lungs like water until he’s drowning in his own guilt? He promised he would save him.


He tried so damn hard. He put everything he had into trying to open that door. He put his all into trying to prise off those chains, desperately struggling against the unforgiving metal. But it doesn’t bend and unlike people it doesn’t break and he’s left once again locked out. He promised he would never leave him alone again.


He knows, he just knows it’s Taehyung calling, feels him calling out somewhere deep in his soul. He has to help him, He has to save him. If he won’t no one else will. Taehyung is his light, his sun, his everything and when the sun goes out it takes the world with it, nothing can live without light. He promised, he has to, he has to-


The chains don’t budge and frustrated tears burn his eyes like acid, blurring the world around him. He may be blind but the world isn’t kind enough to deafen him too. He can still hear he endless ringing of the damn telephone as sure as if it was Taehyung himself screaming for help. It taunts him, haunts him, mocks him, reminding him of his pathetic helplessness. He promised.


It’s all his fault. 

He couldn’t help Taehyung when he was alive, though he saw the bruises, blooming like flowers across his skin, a garden of hurt.

He couldn’t catch him when he jumped, all he could do was sit and watch as the ocean swallowed him whole.

and he can’t save him now

Taehyung is still falling



you said you would save him




all Namjoon can do is stand, stranded outside a locked telephone box, the shrill sound ringing in his ears and a voice repeating the word liar over and over again like some maddening chant.

and the very worst part is this:

the voice in his head?

the one so filled with hurt,

 so heavy with betrayal 

and anger 

and pain

that voice?

it’s Taehyungs