Sooo… apparently my fandom is intersecting with my work…
read below the line

I was at work yesterday and it was a hard day, because I got about 3 dates with costumers. The first one was a guy who wanted some fancy nudes for his girlfriend for christmas.
Nothing special for me. So we started and made some nice photos and when we came to a christmas theme he started “hey! I got even red pants! This would fit for christmas!” and I was like… okay.

And then he showed me his pants and I stood there what feeled like half an hour (it only was some seconds) and was shocked because it was THIS KIND OF RED PANTS!
And I took so many photos of this just because of the red pants and I even got slightly wiggly.
I AM A PROFESSIONAL FOR GOD SAKE! I don’t act like this… but… apparently… this fandom made me horny for red pants. Thanks fandom…

happy red pants monday…

200/365 - Good Morning, Love

Morning kisses are the best kisses even when SOMEONE hasn’t brushed their teeth yet.