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Hi there favorite blogger! I was wondering if you could help me with some questions I have regarding really well known fan things that I don't understand the origin of, So first, Sherlock and bees. Idk is this canon? Next, tinhatting. I don't understand Last, John and the red underpants??? Where'd that come from?? I had more by can't remember them at moment. Your knowledge just seems so extensive on Sherlock BBC and Doyle canon that I was hoping it is okay to ask you :) Thanks so much!💗

***Yes the connection between Sherlock and bees is totally the Sherlock Holmes story “His Last Bow” ( Published in 1917 ) in which Doyle reveals that Sherlock, in his retirement years, moved to Sussex and took up beekeeping with the same fervor that he had once had for detective work. When asked about his hobby by Dr. Watson, Holmes had this to say:

“Exactly, Watson. Here is the fruit of my leisured ease, the magnum opus of my latter years.” He picked up the volume from the table and read out the whole title, “‘Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, with some Observations upon the Segregation of the Queen.’ Alone I did it. Behold the fruit of pensive nights and laborious days, when I watched the little working gangs as once I watched the criminal world of London.”

There is no direct mention of bees in BBC Sherlock. But there is of course a tiny nod. Remember in HLV, Janine saying that she had bought a cottage in Sussex? But fandom adapted the bee thing from canon anyway. And became on of the most popular headcanons. The range of imagination is vast. It goes from imagining Sherlock as a bee to imagining him in bee underwear (I love this fandom !)

***For your second question, tinhatting is term used in conspiracies. According to fanlore

“Derived from the stereotype of conspiracy theorists and other paranoid people wearing tinfoil hats to protect themselves from telepathic, microwave or radio transmissions by aliens….the term can also be used to refer to any fans who deliberately ignore parts of a canon they dislike in order to continue enjoying the media, for example bad writing, questionable relationship choices, etc.”

So in case of current situation in BBC Sherlock, tinhatting is the process of believing there is more awaiting in near future which hopefully will clarify the mess that was s4. And what we saw is merely a false narrative.

***Your third question. Red underpants. It’s a trope started by the fanartist reapersun. Called “Red pants Monday”I don’t know the exact date when it started. Also i wasn’t in the fandom then. But it’s an old trope. Basically centred around John in red underwear. Believed to be inspired from the movie “Les chansons d’amour” since the two boys in it resembles young Sherlock and John. (Check out the video) You will understand.

Also thanks for the honor of being your favourite blogger. It gives me so much joy you cannot even imagine *blush*

January 17, 2017- So its not everyday that Selena Gomez wears red corduroy pants haha. She wore Free People Penny Pull-On Flare Pants in color red when she was photographed leaving the Boneyard Bistro restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA last month. Sadly these exact pants are now sold out.

She wore them with a Topshop coat, Free People top, and Givenchy bag

Get the look with these red corduroys:

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For @57circlesofhell, @hudders-and-hiddles, @swissmissing, @atikiosity and anybody else who wanted to see the boys presenting Victorian underwear. It would be great if other artists joined in to fill the pages of this catalogue …

For those wondering about the repost, I edited the image slightly. If you come across the older version, please don’t reblog it.