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You have no idea how much my family fucking suffered, how much we fucking lost to Stalin. You're a genuinely horrible fucking person and I wholeheartedly sincerely hope you get cancer and die.

I’m just legitimately never going to have sympathy for people who “suffered” under Stalin. I know this is like not relatable for new communists but decades of studying Soviet history and hearing case after case and it always ends up being a “we threw the jade in the river” situation or “my poor grandpa was just trying to get by that’s why he hoarded goods to sell at outrageous prices I can’t believe we had to flee :’(”. Sometimes its “my dad was a contra” like ana Navarro lol

We’re actually suffering under capitalism and the capitalists keep telling everyone how evil Stalin was so that we won’t get any ideas. Sorry I’m not here for it. Whatever antisocial shit your family did to be punished, they deserved it, and random exiles can’t ever stand up to our heroes

(Besides if you really did want to stand up to the “red menace” you’d come off anon and tell us what your grandpa did)


Animated shows starring characters as villains. Whether they are from America or not. 

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Red Menace from League of Super Evil?

Every team needs a nice, lovable guy, and it seems Red Menace fits the bill for the League of Super Evil!

Red Menace himself seems to be a villain in name only, much like Wreck-it Ralph. He’s similarly oafish, but possesses a secret intelligence and sensitivity that few will ever know.

He’s also incredibly photogenic! Seriously, just look at the guy. It’s hard to stay mad knowing there’s a husbando like this in the world.

It’s these feature and more that make Red Menace an ideal, villainous husbando.

Invasion of the Astro-Monsters (International version) - Red Menace reconstruction

This fan reconstruction uses footage from Toho’s HD transfer as well as material from various DVD and VHS sources to recreate the International English dubbed version of Invasion of the Astro-Monsters in HD as accurately as possible. The International version’s editing was matched as closely as possible, and the English visuals were carefully recreated wherever possible.


Notes on this release:

  • The Toho transfer had its contrast and saturation boosted to alleviate its flat appearance.
  • This version was synchronized to the UK VHS release of the International version (which was slowed down from PAL speed), and also uses that release’s audio track, which was adjusted slightly for better synchronization.
  • The opening credits were carefully digitally recreated.
  • The expository text at the beginning and the end title card are presented using a combination of the Simitar DVD (to retain the entire image) and the Classic Media DVD (to reduce artifacting around the text itself).
  • The English Toho logo comes from the Godzilla vs. Gigan Blu-ray by Kraken Releasing.
  • The textless riot montage was recreated using a complicated patching/masking process for one shot and reverting to the UK VHS source for the others; the VHS source presents the film in roughly 1.85:1 and so does not fill the entire 2.35:1 frame, but is placed appropriately within it.
  • The Toho transfer is typically missing a handful of frames at the beginning and end of each reel. Where the missing frames couldn’t be compensated for in a satisfactory fashion, the sound/sync reference was trimmed to match what was there.


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(artwork by the incredible @kayaczek)

by Bohemienne (@starandshield)
A Captain America/Agent Carter AU series

The year is 1954, and the Cold War is getting hotter by the minute. Peggy Carter, Chief of SHIELD Operations, is hounded by a group of deadly Russian operatives. Are they KGB, or something even more sinister?

When Captain America is found alive, SHIELD thinks he may be their only hope at stopping the Russians and their lethal plot. But Peggy fears pushing Steve too far, too fast. When the Russians–and their true leader–are unmasked, they must trust one another and resolve long-harbored emotions to stop the real threat.

Read it on AO3 | Updates Thursdays

Something I've never shared with anyone

Okay, so back when the show League Of Super Evil was on, I had made up some OCs. These OCs were three villain girls who lived across the street from L.O.S.E. There was a evil scientist, a strong girl, and a leader. They were also love interests for the L.O.S.E guys. However, they didn’t really have super villain names and they had a band. XD Also, the one that was the evil scientist had a twin sister who was a paralegal. Their names were Vanessa (leader), Jeanette (evil scientist), and Roxxi (muscle). I even drew a picture of their house and everything.

I’ll post some of my old art of them later. Maybe.

Also, I had an Invader Zim OC but I’ll talk about her later…

I Just Did

Pairing: Negan TWD x reader
Rating: SFW (I liked it better without smut.) 
Warning: Cussing
Prompt: Your check engine light comes on, Negan is the shop guy. Mechanic Negan for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash writing challenge!

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You groaned as your check engine light appeared, it’s red light a menacing reminder that you’d been ignoring it for the past week hoping it would just go away. You drove to the nearest car shop and parked in front of the garage opening. 

“What can I do for you?” A mans voice said from behind you, making you jump slightly and turn to face him. “Sorry didn’t mean to startle you.”

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