Animated shows starring characters as villains. Whether they are from America or not. 

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You have no idea how much my family fucking suffered, how much we fucking lost to Stalin. You're a genuinely horrible fucking person and I wholeheartedly sincerely hope you get cancer and die.

I’m just legitimately never going to have sympathy for people who “suffered” under Stalin. I know this is like not relatable for new communists but decades of studying Soviet history and hearing case after case and it always ends up being a “we threw the jade in the river” situation or “my poor grandpa was just trying to get by that’s why he hoarded goods to sell at outrageous prices I can’t believe we had to flee :’(”. Sometimes its “my dad was a contra” like ana Navarro lol

We’re actually suffering under capitalism and the capitalists keep telling everyone how evil Stalin was so that we won’t get any ideas. Sorry I’m not here for it. Whatever antisocial shit your family did to be punished, they deserved it, and random exiles can’t ever stand up to our heroes

(Besides if you really did want to stand up to the “red menace” you’d come off anon and tell us what your grandpa did)

the oreo bribe

summary: You leave Bucky with your son while you’re on a trip. || ALL THE FLUFF || dad!bucky x reader

warnings: overwhelming cuteness

note: This is my apology for hurting you all with Red Wedding. Anna isn’t born in this one, neither is Rebecca, but Anna is on the way. I don’t know how intelligent two-year-old are, I’m just basing this on how my nephews were at this age.They were surprisingly well at communicating.

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For Burnham, nothing Stalin did was accidental, arbitrary, or improvised. Seeking to uncover a coherent “pattern” in Soviet conduct, Burnham ascribed to Stalin a fixed geopolitical ambition: the “domination of Eurasia.” Anyone who talks about “Eurasia” as if it were a real locale has already transported himself to a cosmic wonderland, devoid of people, regional politics, religious discord, and ethnic animosities. Nevertheless, Burnham’s ominous metaphors summoned up the deepest fears of the Cold Warriors. The source of Soviet power emanated from the “Eurasian heartland,” he intoned; then flowed outward, almost hypnotically, like a turbulent and unharnessable river, “west into Europe, south into the Near East, east into China, already lapping the shores of the Atlantic, the Yellow and China Seas, the Mediterranean, and the Persian Gulf.”
—  Richard H. Pells, The Liberal Mind in a Conservative Age: American Intellectuals in the 1940s and 1950s (1985), 79.

Sorry, this what I feel about Villainous, don’t hate the show, just it just looks like L.O.S.E

I thought about this all day at work today…. so I made it

if thsoe who don’t know what L.O.S.E it’s a show made by nerd corp,

black hat is basically Voltar is he was actually evil, instead of -breaks a guy’s window- “I AM THE BEST VILLIAN”

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Red Menace from League of Super Evil?

Every team needs a nice, lovable guy, and it seems Red Menace fits the bill for the League of Super Evil!

Red Menace himself seems to be a villain in name only, much like Wreck-it Ralph. He’s similarly oafish, but possesses a secret intelligence and sensitivity that few will ever know.

He’s also incredibly photogenic! Seriously, just look at the guy. It’s hard to stay mad knowing there’s a husbando like this in the world.

It’s these feature and more that make Red Menace an ideal, villainous husbando.