Jason Todd x Reader

“Jason, what are you doing?” , You said raising an eyebrow while your boyfriend posed in front of the mirror. He’d been doing that ever since he came back from patrol and honestly, it was starting to drive you mad, “[Y/N], I have a reputation, those suckers need to know that I’m a bad motherfucker. I have to look good.”
“Oh, right, I guess the guns, the red helmet and the punches you give just aren’t enough to send that message.” A smirk starting to draw on your face. “Ha ha, very funny.” Jason turned to you with a smile that matched yours. “You’re just jealous you can’t look as menacing as me.” He said while getting closer to you. “But it’s okay [Y/N], I love you no matter what.” He was now inches from you and you couldn’t decide whether to kiss him or punching him on the face, how dare he say you weren’t menacing!? You knew maybe your height wasn’t enough, in fact, a bit down the average, and you also had to accept that the reason no one believes you’re old enough to live alone is because you have a babyface that looks will stay forever. But that didn’t bother you, you knew there was more to it than that, someone just had to look at the demon spawn to see that height and appearance had nothing to do with that. “Jason, you just won a night on the couch”
“What? Why!?”
“Two nights.” You said as you pulled away from him and headed to your bedroom. “[Y/N], that’s not fair!”. You stopped cold on your feet, holding onto the door frame you turned your head enough to glare at him over you shoulder with the cruelest gaze you had, reserved only for those unfortunate enough to anger you, and answering with a tone that matched, “Shut up!”.
“Wow…” He said while raising his arms. “[Y/N]… babe, I’m sorry.” The smirk now fading and slowly being replaced with one of terror and confusion. You were now facing him, your body language transmitting what could only mean danger. “[Y/N], calm down a bit, okay?” He tried pleading with you, his knees lowering to the floor. “Shut up!” You screamed, throwing the nearest object you had to the wall behind him. “Shut up you fucking bastard”. Now closing the distance between you two with your eyes harder and wilder than ever. “I’m fucking tired of you, I can’t with this any more”, “I’m gonna kill you. IM. GOING. TO. KILL. YOU.” Jason tried to back away from you but the wall didn’t allow him. Once you were close enough, with a hand you grabbed him by the neck and with the other you reached to his belt and took a gun, now pointing to his head. The terror had now taken control of his face, he had fought gangsters, armies, murderers, thieves, rapist, you name it, but never has he feared someone this much, it wasn’t because you represented a threat, he could disarm you any moment, but he couldn’t harm you, and he loved you, and seeing you pointing a gun to his head left him powerless.
“I’m sorry [Y/N]” You looked at him in the eyes and started to laugh. You laughed until your stomach hurt and tears came out. “What!?” His face now full of confusion, he slowly raised again while you kept laughing, now less than before. “What the fuck [Y/N]!!” His hands pulling back his hair and resting them on his neck. “Fuck!”
“You shouldn’t have said I wasn’t menacing.” You said placing the gun on his hand.

A/N: Thank you @cait-writes-stuff for reading this:)


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