Hide and Seek (Little Red Destiel)

So this is for m-arci-a‘s adorable Little Red AU because I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND I’M DYING FROM THE CUTENESS (based off this post, this drawing and marcia’s headcanons)

“Deeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaan! You can’t catch me!” Castiel giggled as he crept through the underbrush, keeping an eye out for the telltale shift of a branch or flash of a fluffy brown tail that would signify Dean’s appearance.  He looked around, frowning slightly. Where was that wolf? He usually would have shown himself by now. 

Suddenly, Castiel gasped as he was grabbed from behind and pulled into a familiar pair of arms. He twisted to look up into Dean’s face, one of his eyebrows cocked mischeviously.

“Guess I can catch you.” He smirked. “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?”

“Not me.” Castiel gave him a little grin.

“Hmmmm, but there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, Little Red.” Dean murmured throatily into Cas’s ear, giving it a little bite.

“You can’t hide from me,” Dean whispers as he presses kisses into Castiel’s hair and nips along his jawline. “Not when you smell so good, like apple pie with cinnamon. I really don’t understand,” he continued, tugging Cas down and pulling him into his lap, “why you feel the need to use that stuff you call soap. It’s nasty.” Dean nuzzled behind Cas’s ear, making him blush. “Aren’t you just the cutest!” Dean’s hands started to drift lower, tugging at the petticoats.

“D-Dean,” Cas stuttered, blood rushing to his cheeks. “Um…I…what are you doing?”

“Will you mate with me, Cas? Can I make you mine?”

Dean moaned, Cas’s heat around his cock an intoxicating sensation. He bit and nipped at Castiel’s skin, marking him as his own.

“You’re my Little Red.” Dean growled as he rocked his hips harder.

“Dean, hngh-I am!” Castiel whimpered as Dean fucked him hard and fast.

They came together, howls and moans making a symphony of ecstacy. And when they had come down from their high, they snuggled together, Dean’s ears and tail twitching with happiness that the boy he loved was his, now and forever.