Meet Turtle, my parents’ new adopted Amazon :)

She is a rescue and they have very little information about her past life. She has arthritis in her feet so they’re working on a good cage set up. She also takes a heart medication.

She’s not quite sure about stepping up yet, but she loves to eat. She also makes a ton of cute noises and says hello!

Ralphie -
This Red-Lored Amazon Parrot is absolutely stunning. He was brought to the shelter when he was found with a broken leg. He’s healed now thankfully and he’s now ready to go to a loving home forever. He knows how to both whistle and talk if it means he’ll get a treat. What a cutie! And although his previous living situation is unknown he’s a wonderful pet who definitely enjoys the attention he receives by humans.

Located in: San Diego CALIFORNIA
Shelter: Parrot Education & Adoption Center
Address: PO Box 600423 San Diego CA 92160
ID #: N/A
Hours: Contact for info

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Parrot Copy Cat

Zoe the red lored Amazon parrot, Amazona autumnalis, is one of our original animal ambassadors. She’s so fun to have around and makes me so happy that I’ve chosen to provide a happy and healthy life for all our amazing animals.


My mom and dad adopted a new friend :) meet Turtle, a red-lored Amazon

They didn’t want to rush into a new bird after Petey, so they took their time to find a good fit. They really wanted to adopt again bc they already have parrot cages at their house and cottage, and they’re just about to retire and have the knowledge means to care for another parrot, so figured they could give one in need a good home.

She came from the parrot rescue where I got Betsy. She’s older, with only a rough estimate of 20-30 years old. She has some arthritis in her feet and wings but is healthy. She’s very talkative already! I’m so happy for all of them :)

I’ll get to meet her this weekend so I’ll keep you updated!!