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Hi angel! What are some of your favorite/go to looks to wear as far as clothes and makeup and stuff? I'm in serious need of some inspiration!

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>black leather jacket with a tank/bodysuit, black/dark denim, heels, tight ponytail and a red lippie 💋

>black or heather grey long sleeve ribbed turtleneck with dark denim and ankle boots/heels 👓

>striped button up messily tucked into jeans + heels 🦀

>black hoodie and black jeans/leggings with black old skool vans + cranberry or purple eyeshadow lük 🦂

>white tank dress with a jean jacket + brown lip liner, clear gloss and hoop earrings 😴

>jean skirt with a graphic tee + heels 🍃

>long sleeve off shoulder shirt with jeans + fur slides 🎒

>mom jeans with a striped tshirt + birkenstocks/vans 🐛


regarding the post where your parents ask about tom

ask regarding parents asking about tom

You hadn’t suspected your family to follow your Instagram for one of to reasons.

1. Your parents hated social media.

2. Your siblings just blocked you on everything since you were older.

But you were pleasently surprsied when your mother showed you her instagram page. It was filled of pictures of her and some throwback pictures as well as the many many creations from her sewing hobby. You smiled and told her that it was a great page, hiding the act that you had one; not that they didn’t already know. Of course they knew, they were your family. 

“Your instagram is really pleasing to the eye.” Your mother hummed and you shrugged, not too sure what to make of it. “I like the dark theme, it suits you.” She chuckled to herself.

“Are you implying that I’m still in my emo phase?” You asked in amusment and fake disgust.

“You did say ‘it’s not a phase, mom!’” She mimcked befre going back to scroll through her instagram feed. You rolled your eyes and began to do the same. You past a photo you had taken at Tom’s place, you right hand was holding your phone while your left hand was proped in your hair. You had a sexy red dress on as well as a red lippie. You couldn’t help but smirk at the picture because that very same night, you had hickies trailing from your neck down to your -

You were pulled from your thoughts when you younger sister spoke up.

“Who’s the guy in the background?” She asked and held up her phone, showing you the picture you were just looking at.

“Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You shrugged off as she rolled her eyes.

“Right there!” She squeaked and zoomed into the picture. As soon as you saw him, your heart stopped. Tom was in the background, clawed in a tan sweater and a a pair of white joggers, a book in hand. It was right before he got up and dressed in a pair of nice jeans and a nice white button down; which, lets just saw, has a few less buttons than it did before.

“Oh, him?” You asked with a bit of a higher pitched voice. “No one.” You shook your head and before you knew it, everyone was scrolling on your page. They went as far back as to twenty fifteen. It was when you first got a job and Holland Industries and was living in the small studio apartment. You still lived there you just… stayed at Tom’s more.

“You changed houses.” Your brother, who was closer to your age than any of your other sibilings, spoke out. You shook your head, ready to argue but he screenshotted two pictures and put them side by side.

“One of them is in your studio, the white walls that had all the pictures are now dark red walls with only a mirror on the wall. It isn’t even a studio now, it’s just a bedroom. You moved.” He explained and you went to deny him and explain your story but your mother showed you a picture where your face was cut off but hands were around someone’s hands were around your waist, pushing into the front of your sweats.

“Who is that?” She asked and you opened your mouth to reply when your brothers twin spoke out.

“That’s her boss. She’s been sleeping with her; Sam and Harry told me.” He shrugged and suddenly a pillow was thrown his way.

“That’s not true!” You shouted as your face turned red.

“It is true. You’re always over there when he’s Skyping them and when they’re over.” He fought and you began to slide into the couch, hoping that it takes you away.

“Not true.” You mumble, even though it was true and everyone knew it.

Plus-one (8)

I have decided to leave you all with the FINAL chapter of Plus-one before I leave for my trip tomorrow. Thank you all for loving this series right along with me - you’re all the best and I hope you enjoy. xx

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My editing from tonight might be quite terrible, so apologies in advance. 


Finn is gone by the time Rae returns to the house, his bags are missing from their room, even his scent no longer lingers. As soon as she had returned to the house from her walk Chop had told her that Finn was taking the guest house for the night. Apparently he was hoping he could catch an early flight in the morning back to Dublin. Good riddance.

She catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror and she nearly doesn’t recognize the woman staring back at her. Her eyes are puffy and red from crying, her skin is pale and spattered with pink splotches and she’s reminded of her fifteen year old self. Everyone was always disappointing her back then too.

“How could you be so stupid?” she grumbles at herself in the mirror, swiping at the mascara under her eyes.

“Rae?” Chloe’s quiet voice comes from the doorway to her room. “Could I come in?”

Rae’s eyes close, she doesn’t want to look at her, doesn’t want to yell all the terrible things she’s got bouncing around in her brain. “If you want.”

She can hear Chloe’s determined footsteps cross the wooden floor towards her. “Rae, I’ve just come to say….well I’ve just come to say, please don’t tell Ethan. I just…it’s just the wedding is tomorrow and I promise I’ll tell him after.”

Chloe’s hand grasps onto Rae’s shoulder, but Rae shakes her off.

“Rae, please.”

Rae turns from the mirror to face her best mate, looking at her for the first time since she found out that Chloe had slept with Jeremy while they were together. “Don’t worry, Chloe. I won’t ruin your wedding day for ya. I won’t tell Ethan.”

Chloe takes a hesitant step towards her, eyes full of tears. “Thank you, thank you so much, Rae. I know I don’t deserve –”

“You’re right, you don’t.”

Chloe’s face falls, tears sliding down her face as she takes in what Rae’s just said to her. “Rae…I’m sorry.”

Rae holds up her hand between them. “Don’t.”

Chloe moves to leave the room, but Rae’s words stop her in her tracks, “I still think you should tell him. The last thing you want is for Ethan to find out he married a liar.” As soon as it leaves her mouth she knows it’s too harsh, but she reasons with herself that Chloe needs to hear it.

The strangled sob that comes from Chloe is loud and pulls at Rae’s heart, making her rethink what she’s just said. She doesn’t have a chance to say more as Chloe runs from the room.


The bed is cold and uncomfortable when she wakes and her body feels achy, like she might be coming down with something. “Heartbreak,” she mumbles against her pillow, pulling the duvet over her head.

She knows that she tossed and turned all night, maybe coming away with two hours of sleep at the most. She blames Finn, Finn with his warm body that she just wants to curl up against, Finn with his offhanded humor that always gets her laughing, Finn with his whispered words of encouragement, Finn Finn Finn.

There’s a knock at her door and she groans, “go away.”

“Rae, are you decent?” Chloe’s mum calls from the other side, but she doesn’t wait for Rae’s answer and instead barges in through the door. “Get up, Rae, it’s Chloe’s wedding day.”

Rae manages to stick her arm out from under the duvet, waving at Chloe’s mum that she’ll get up on her own damn time.

She instantly regrets her decision to brush off Mrs. Gemmel as the duvet is pulled from her and thrown to the floor at the foot of the bed. “Get. up.” She punctuates her instructions with a slap to Rae’s calf and flounces from the room, a trail of perfume following close behind her.

Rae’s grumbling when she gets out of bed, stomping her feet on her way to the ensuite to turn the shower on. “I’m so sick of this bloody wedding.” She slams the door behind her and undresses quickly, stepping under the warm water.

She can’t help but wonder whether Finn has already taken his flight back to Dublin or if he’s still in the guest house. She’s holding strong to her anger, but the feeling of betrayal seems to be ebbing the longer the separation from last night continues. Was it really betrayal when he’d only known a short time? Did he really owe it to her to tell her?

She washes the shampoo from her hair, her fingers sliding through her slick locks. She watches the residue slide down her side, pausing at the crease between her stomach and hip. Her thumb swipes at the bubbles pooling there, only then noticing the faint outline of finger prints against her pale skin. She traces the outline of each discolored blue mark, a whimper falling from her lips as she does. The bruising doesn’t cause her pain, no, it’s the memory attached to them.

Finn’s words from the night before hang heavy in her thoughts as she steps out of the bath and towels off. “Maybe now you can hang onto this long enough to ruin your next relationship,” she scolds herself, wiping at the mirror in front of her with the towel. Her eyes are no less swollen than they were the night before, no less red and sad.

Rae pulls her make-up bag closer to her and takes out her concealer, giving it a good shake before dabbing it under her eyes. “All the make-up in Lincolnshire isn’t going to help you today, Rae,” she tells herself, grimacing at her reflection.

She deems it necessary to let her concealer set while she fetches herself a cuppa. She makes her way downstairs and is happy to find that nobody else is in the kitchen to ask her why she looks like shit, ask her how she’s doing in that pitying way they’re all so good at.

The tea does nothing to unfurl the knots in her stomach, it only serves to punctuate the emptiness she’s feeling as she can feel each sip sliding down her throat and dripping into her belly.

“Rae, you look awful,” Mrs. Gemmel announces as she walks into the kitchen.

“Uh…thanks?” Rae questions before scurrying from the kitchen with her tea in hand.

She can hear Mrs. Gemmel talking to herself as she leaves. “Of course that handsome Finn is going to run for the hills when you look like that in the morning.”

Rae wants to march right back into the kitchen and tear into Mrs. Gemmel for being such an unsympathetic twat, but forces herself forward and up the stairs, her fists tightly clenched at her sides.

“The sooner it starts, the sooner it’s done,” Rae says out loud, making her way into the bathroom for the finishing touches on her make-up. With the concealer set, she carefully adds a layer of foundation, a swipe of blush over her cheeks to add some color, and then gets to work on her eyes. Once she’s satisfied with the color of her eye shadow, the plumpness of her eyelashes and the contouring of her cheeks, she adds a bit of red lippy and she’s done.

She doesn’t look half bad and certainly doesn’t look like she slept so little last night. She’s glad that her reflection no longer mirrors how she’s feeling inside, she doesn’t know that she can take any sympathy head shakes or mournful eyes today, not like last night anyway.

Rae slips a pair of heels on and sidles up next to the dress hanging over her door. She’s quick to unzip it, find out what monstrosity Chloe will be making her wear today.

Her gasp echoes around the room, her hand covering her mouth as she looks on in awe. The dress is breathtaking and Rae can’t help but run her fingers over the soft material. The fabric shimmers in the light from the window as she gazes at it, taking in the pale green color, the a-line shape that will fall just above her knees, the delicate lace capped sleeves, and the fitted bust.

Tears gather at the corner of her eyes, sending her rushing to find a box of tissues to dab at her eyes; she hadn’t spent so long on her make-up to have it go to shit.

“Chloe,” she whispers, dabbing at her eyes as she takes the dress in again.


The house is bustling when Rae joins everyone downstairs. The flower girls are weaving in and out of the legs of their parents, giggling and tossing petals on the floor as they go. She can hear their mother scolding them as she walks over to greet Izzy who looks spectacular in a similar light green dress to the one Rae’s got on.

She doesn’t make it to Izzy before Chop jumps into her line of sight, stopping her in her tracks. He looks nervous, looking Rae over as he pulls an envelope from his pocket with Rae’s name on the front. She doesn’t like the look on his face, doesn’t like the way his hand shakes as he shoves the envelope at her. “Here, take this,” he tells her, pushing the envelope against her hand.

She takes the envelope from him and he doesn’t stick around to see her open it. “What is it, Chop?” she calls after him, but he’s already turned the corner into the other room.

She doesn’t recognize the writing on the front of the envelope, but she can tell by the weight of it that there isn’t merely a letter inside. Her curiosity gets the best of her and she tears at the edge of the envelope. “Oh.”

She pulls the stationary from inside the envelope, not bothering to check the rest of the contents - she knows what it is.

“It’s all there,” she reads out loud, her fingers tracing over Finn’s messy scrawl, “I didn’t know how to tell you, but I’m sorry that you didn’t find out from me.”

She can see the tremble in her hand, shaking the letter as she reads it once more, then again.

She tucks the letter back in with the money in the envelope and follows Chop’s path out of the entryway. “Chop!” she shouts, not caring who’s looking at her run frantically from the room, looking for her friend.

She finds him in the kitchen speaking with Archie. The pair look like they’re having a serious conversation, but she doesn’t have time to worry about interrupting. Instead she moves between the two, placing herself in front of Chop with her back to Archie. “Chop, where is he? Where is Finn?”

“Sorry Rae, I reckon he’s on his way back to Dublin. He left that for me to give to you earlier this morning. Said it was real important that I get it to you.”

Her face falls, the hope that she felt moments ago now deflating. “Oh,” she whispers, her fingers clenching around the envelope.


Rae can feel Chloe nervously fidgeting next to her in the hired car, her leg won’t stop shaking from side to side. “Chlo,” Rae hisses from beside her, her hand squeezing Chloe’s thigh.

Chloe turns to her, fresh tears ready to fall as she looks at Rae. “Rae, I’ve told him. I told Ethan this morning….about what happened with Jeremy. He was so angry. I don’t know….what if he doesn’t show up?” she asks, looking at Rae for direction.

Rae takes a deep breath before she faces Chloe, pulling Chloe’s knotted hands into her lap. “Chloe, that man loves you, he loves you so much. Of course he’s going to show up,” she promises, hoping that she’s right.

The car finally pulls up to the church and it’s finally time for them to face the music. Rae scoots across the backseat and reaches for the handle, but Chloe’s pulling her back in close. “Rae, I don’t know how you can ever forgive me. I’m so –” Chloe’s voice gets caught up on a small sob that escapes, “I’m so sorry.”

When Rae doesn’t respond, Chloe continues, “I’ve ruined everything between us, Rae, haven’t I?” Rae watches her best mate’s bottom lip wobble as she asks the question.

Rae shakes her head slowly. “Chloe, you’re my best mate. I can’t promise that I’ll get over it right away or anything, but you’re still my best mate, you’re still just as much my sister as you were before all of this.” She can give Chloe this, give her the ability to make it through today, make it through the start of her marriage to a fantastic man without having to carry the shame of having hurt her best mate, she’ll give her today.

Chloe squeezes Rae’s hand. “Thank you. I know I don’t deserve it, but thank you.” She darts forward and places a kiss against Rae’s cheek before nodding at the driver to let them out. “We’re ready.”

Here she is forgiving Chloe so easily, a friend she’s had for as long as she can remember, who’s done something so terrible that Rae never would have expected, but she couldn’t forgive Finn? Finn who had been there for her this entire trip, Finn who made her feel beautiful and special, Finn who held her hand and gave her the strength to make it through this wedding weekend with her dreadful ex.

Chloe’s hand falls from Rae’s, causing Rae to look up as she steps out of the car. Chloe is already five steps ahead of her and Rae hurries to catch up, wobbling over the gravel walkway as she goes.

“Thought you’d realize you aren’t meant to wear heels on gravel, girl,” Finn’s voice comes from her left.

Rae whips her head around thinking she’s gone mad, only to trip over her own feet and careen forward towards the gravel. As has been the case many times over the last few days, Finn is the one that’s there to catch her before she falls, securing her back against his chest. “Careful, Rae.”

“Finn?” she questions softly, turning in his arms, “I thought you were on a plane back to Dublin?”

“Well, it turns out that Ethan needs a best man,” he tells her, smiling as he speaks, “and well, it just so happens that I was available,” he adds, clearing his throat. “Apparently when you’re in love with the maid of honor, you make a damn good choice for best man.” Finn looks away bashfully.

Did he just say what she thinks he said?

“It doesn’t hurt that Jeremy hightailed it out of Lincolnshire when Ethan threatened to cut him, starting with his favorite appe–” The rest of Finn’s words come out a mumbled mess when Rae places her hand over his mouth.

“What did you say?” she asks, bouncing on the toes of her shoes.

“Jeremy hightailed it out of Lincolnshire?” he asks, clearly misunderstanding what she’s asking.

She waves his answer off. “Not that. Before that,” she prompts.

“Oh.” He tugs at his earlobe, scuffing his shoe against the ground between them as he concentrates on a point to the side of her head.

“Finn,” she encourages, taking one of his hands in hers and stepping closer to him.

“I just…” He focuses his gaze back on her. “I said I love you, Rae.” He looks away, clearly apprehensive of what he’s just shared with her.

“Finn,” she whispers, moving forward until she’s nearly pressed up against him. “I’m sorry…”

He must think she doesn’t return his sentiments, his head falling forward and his takes a big gulp of air in. “It’s OK, Rae. I know you don’t….I know you can’t feel the same way ‘bout me.” He pulls his hand from her grip, but she just grabs hold of it again.

“I’m sorry about last night, Finn. And I do…I do love you. I was just too wrapped up in this whole scheme to notice, to appreciate.”

The smile he gives her is nothing short of dazzling and it sends her heart soaring. “Yeah?” he asks, adjusting his tie while he grins at her.

“Yeah,” she says, closing the remaining space between them, her hand moving over his on his tie. She knows that he’s just told her he loves her, but is she allowed to kiss him now? In front of everyone?

“Just do it already,” Chop and Archie shout from near the church, both hooting at the end.

“Better not keep them waiting,” Finn speaks through his laughter, his mouth close to hers.

“Better not,” she whispers, closing the gap.

You're Not Your Sister

12. “You came back into my life for a reason.” 17. “We were in love once that just doesn’t go away!”

He had his hand in the back pocket of her jeans as they walked, she was pretty.. for all intensive purposes. And maybe y/n would’ve been a bit jealous if her twin didn’t always tell her their beauty could bring any man to their knees.

Even though they were twins, y/n was three minutes after, and Katherine always taught her every single thing there was to know about life, about men, and about how to solve problems. But her sister, being burnt somewhere in a tunnel in mystic falls, couldn’t help with this one.

Pushing off the building, she followed them to the little bar they entered, y/n shocked she was even of age to drink. With how she looked all about twelve. And as for him, in his new body, she could hardly say she was shocked. He did love youth and all it had to offer, but she knew he wasn’t as happy in that body as he was his old one. Kol was a man of vanity. And even if he was in the body of a quarter back looking man, he probably thought it was nothing like the good looks of his original body.

She sat far enough back where she could see them but they couldn’t see her. They had met back when Katherine was the key to everything, breaking Klaus’s curse, when Elijah acted as the noble one, while Y/n had fallen into falling in love with the youngest Mikaelson boy. Klaus claimed digging her nails into him, but funnily enough it was him for the reason they broke up. Y/n was just like her sister, stringing two boys along with or without them knowing.

She liked Kol sure, liked him a bit more than she liked Klaus. But she wasn’t about to give up the chance to tease and leave Klaus utterly humiliated for chasing after her sister like some dog. She was sure to leave Elijah daggered to a wall for that one as well, all while leaving the poor little Mikaelson broken hearted while she ran with her sister.

The only one Katherine never left behind. But she didn’t have to, y/n ran with her not behind her.

God she missed her


“Would you like something to drink miss?” Y/n looked up at the waiter with a smile “actually can you just give that… boy over there a message for me?” He looked quizzical but nodded, grabbing the folded napkin from her and walked toward the youngest Mikaelson.

She smiled as the waiter pointed over to her, smiling and waving as Davina looked over at her, a glare sparking up. Blowing a kiss to Kol as he turned, eyes wide before she took off.

Back at her hotel she knew Klaus and his dogs were trying to smell her out. Could feel it in her bones. It was only a matter of time.

If there was anything she learned from her sister it was to not answer the door when being followed. Don’t go out on balconies. Stay put. They couldn’t get in her room without permission. And she had made sure the owner was in safe keeping. Gagged and tied in her bathtub.

The thing was she did love Kol more than Klaus. Klaus was just a distraction, she was trying to be too much like her sister. Finding a fierce lover who was much too rough. She just used him to get back at him for putting her sister through hell. She preferred Kol. When they spent nights together he was warm and caring and attentive.

Whereas with Klaus it was caring but it was also a rush and plenty of bruises the next day, nights filled with the glowing of his hybrid eyes and bites scattered along their bodies. Don’t get her wrong it was consensual, every part of it. But she wasn’t like her sister. She wanted someone stable, someone to love and love her.

Her phone beeped and she smiled “hello?” “Where are you?” She laughed “wow, so you’re actually dealing with me? I would’ve pegged you for letting Nik throw me somewhere in a dungeon and locking me away.” Crossing her legs she bit her finger as she listened to him breathing hard “yeah well reckon you’d like that wouldn’t you.” “Awh.”

Pouting her lips she smiled “you know you were my favourite, don’t pout we both know Nik was a means to an end, nothing more than getting back at him for what he did to my sister. You were the one I loved.” She smiled as he cleared his throat and said “meet me at Rousseau’s in an hour.” She scoffed “why so I can be bombarded by your brothers? Thanks I’ll pass. Meet me at my hotel room or no dice.” Sighing he gave in and she smiled telling him her room number before hanging up.


She had just finished polishing her lips with a red lippie when the door knocked, swinging it open she smiled “hello darling..” she snickered at his used sentiment before he barged in “no time for games, what’re you doing here y/n?” She shut the door and turned with a smile “you’re always one for games aren’t you?” He looked reserved, standing by the window, looking at her with guarded shutters over his eyes. She sighed as he said “no games, you came back into my life for a reason, you’re not your sister y/n you don’t have to put on this show.” She sighed throwing her hands down “fine. I came back for you. To see you, isn’t that what we both wanted?” She walked closer to him, carefully putting a hand on his chest, smiling as he allowed her that much “after Katherine told me Elena and Jeremy killed you, she didn’t want me anywhere in Mystic Falls, I just wanted to see you again.”

He nodded, eyes looking over her as she whispered “I meant it, when I told you all those years ago what.. why I slept with him. It was just what he did to Katherine, it had nothing to do with you and I. I mean it now, please, believe me. I would never cheat on you, I love you.” He looked over her face before dropping her hand walking away from her, she locked her lips, tears swelling.

“Y/n I… I don’t know, why should I believe you? With everything that happened with us. I loved you, I cared about you and I thought the nights we spent together meant something-” “they did! They do!” She pleaded with him to stay and he frowned “so you slept with him because my brothers went after your sister.” She nodded “yes I’ve told you a million times, I was NEVER in love with him, I never cared about him like I love you.” His hand swiped against hers and she smiled, faultering when he whispered “that makes you just like her, cold, callous, you didn’t care about anyone but yourself.” He made to stand up, opening the door when she yelled “I cared about my family! My sister! The only person I had left in my life! You’ve never done anything like that for your family?” Her voice broke at the end and he closed his eyes, “but if you leave you’re denying what we had, you’re denying how you STILL feel about me! I saw you with her at the bar, you don’t hate me you would’ve sent me a nasty look if you did. We were in love once that just doesn’t go away! You would’ve yelled at me now!”

She cut off with a shriek as the door slammed and he walked toward her, cupping her face and ducking down, crashing his lips to hers, his thumb tipping her chin up, other hand running down her side carefully, almost as if he were afraid he would get burned again. She took his hand sliding it to her hip, him squeezing it gently.

His lips left hers as he whispered “I never hated you.. blimey, could never hate you love. Loved you too much.” She laughed against his lips, “I’m glad. I’m so sorry.” He shook his head, kissing her lips again “nuff of tha’” he pressed her lips against his quickly, his lips drifting across her cheek, leaving quick pecks against her cheek that made her giggle.

his lips curving in a smile against her cheek before he pulled at her jacket, letting it fall and moving her hair to the side, mouth grazing her jaw, while she smiled.

His scruff tickled against her skin, his lips leaving bold open mouthed kisses against her neck, sucking what would be a hickey against her neck, but he smiled as he watched it heal.

As he continued his abuse on her neck she laughed as his whisper “you smell so good.” Her nodding, eyes blissfully closed as his teeth scraped along her neck, nipping at her jaw before he pulled at the buttons on her blouse and her hands gripped his back. “S’ all part of my plan.” His smile trailed down her chest, across her cleavage “yeah? Seduce me into your room?” She smiled as his hands found the clasp on her bra and she nodded “mmmmmhmmm just like that you’re mine.” She whined as he rid her of her bra, his eyes darting up “wha’s it?” She plucked at his button down “you’re not nearly enough nude as I am.” He smiled helping as she picked at each button before kissing across his chest, biting softly against his shoulder, smiling as his lips pressed to her collarbone, hands scratching against her back. “Lemme look at you.” Pulling away she smiled as he cupped her cheek, thumb swiping against her lips, eyes dilating as she took his thumb in her mouth, letting go with a pop and a laugh as he threw her in bed, a fight to get each other naked first. She shoved his jeans and boxers down with her feet as he plucked he button of her jeans off, pressing a kiss against her hip and tearing at her underwear with it and smiling at her shriek as he bit her hip.

She knew it was quick and fast sleeping together, they’d only known the other was alive for a mere day. But loves intense and spiraling and with his lips on her sternum and her legs wrapped around his body she didn’t give a damn. Her eyes were closed as his mouth pressed into her shoulder, trailing kiss after kiss as he made love to her, it was everything she remembered as well as everything she didn’t know about or felt.

Hours passed and they had dozed in and out of sleep, him with her lips against his neck, her with him wrapping his arms around her from behind. And even with her propped up, watching as he snored peacefully. He was really quite beautiful, even in this body. She smiled, tracing his nose with her index finger, pressing light kisses against his cheek, smiling as he groaned dramatically “woman! Can’t let me sleep!” “Think we’ve been away from each other long enough! Shouldn’t you be worshipping me and I kissing all over your body?” She slapped his arm as he smirked waggling his brows “think we’ve already done tha’” wincing with a smile as she slapped, “m'serious..” she got closer to his face until they were nose to nose, shrieking as he pressed his lips to hers. “Babe..” he raised his brows “do you… do you miss being in your body?” He sighed, rubbing his thumb along her cheek “I do.. but I can still be with you right? And my family.” She smiled, pressing a kiss to his chest and teased “plus the good looks don’t hurt.” He smiled, cheeks blushing “you like this body yeah? Does things for you?” She laughed “but your old body did much more my love.” He smiled, “I love you.” She nodded nuzzling against his cheek, pressing half hazard kisses “I love you too. Thank you for forgiving me.”

things we carry inside us // (1)

we all carry these things inside of us, that no one else can see. they weigh us down like anchors. they drown us out at sea
Warnings: mention of scars.
A/N: i promise things will start getting better soon with this haha. title & summary from BMTH’s Chelsea Smile.
Returning home after my first day of college, all I want is to shower, change into my pyjama’s, and get straight into bed. As soon as I open the door and Drake’s raps hit me I know it probably won’t be happening.

My three room-mates are in various states of undress; Betty is wearing a flowing, floral blouse and a black a-line skirt, frowning as she smooths down the clingy fabric. Veronica is dancing around the living room, clad only in a pair of sheer black tights and a lacy bra, hair pinned up and half-curled. Cheryl’s head pops out from around her bedroom door when she hears me coming in. Her eyes are dusted with dark browns, lips coated in her signature Maple Red lippie, and she squeals in excitement as I walk down the hall.

‘Storm! You’re here!’

Dropping my backpack with a thunk, I lean against the doorframe of her room. Glancing in, I see a red dress laid out on her bedspread, a pair of silver heels waiting by the floor-length mirror, and a faux-fur shrug draped beside the dress. ‘We are all going to our first college party!’ She informs me gleefully.


Cheryl hits me with that Blossom stare - fierce and unrelenting. I feel my resistance falling away as Betty sidles up behind me. 'Guys?’ Her voice is uncertain. 'I don’t think I have anything nice to wear.’

Cheryl’s eyes nearly pop out in horror; before she has the chance to make a cutting remark, I take the blonde by the wrist and pull her further down the hall. 'You can borrow something of mine.’

Relief washes over her face. 'Really? Are you sure?’ Smiling, I enter my own room, opening the wardrobe and scanning the scant contents. Most of my stuff is still in boxes, some half-open and items scattered all across the floor. I run my hand over the clothes rail, selecting a pale pink skater dress and holding it out to Betty. She holds it up against herself. 'It’s a bit… short?’

I shrug. 'If you’ve got it, flaunt it, Bets.’ She laughs at that, and retreats to her own room to change. Resisting the urge to rest for even a moment, I resign myself to finding something decent to wear. Nothing in the wardrobe stands out, so I root through a few of the boxes marked 'clothes’ until I come up with something casual but cute.

Betty reappears at the door, tugging at the hem. She’s trying to hide a smile, as she looks to me for an opinion. 'Gorgeous, girl,’ I tell her honestly, watching the blush spread across her face. 'You think?’

'I know,’ I correct her, grabbing my makeup bag and straighteners. 'Go see what the others say,’ I encourage, and she slips out again. I hear Veronica wolf-whistling, and grin. Betty has probably turned completely crimson - even after a mere day of knowing her, her crush on the sassy brunette is no secret to anyone, except to said sassy brunette.

Closing over my own door, I shrug out of my first day of college outfit - black leggings and an oversized maroon hoodie, black canvas runners, then pull my hair out of the messy top-knot I had it in. Before even attempting to wrangle my hair into a respectable 'do, I step into a pair of distressed shorts, pairing it with a light grey tee shirt with an alien printed on the right side. I hesitate - though the scars on my arm are pretty faded, they’re still just about visible. I’m not ashamed of them, but people tend to make assumptions about their origins - but, hey. Screw it. Let people think what they want to, right?

I debate between dressing up the casual outfit with a pair of heels or sticking to comfort with sneakers, then leave the decision to before we go.

Blonde strands with knots the size of fully-grown cats in are not fun to deal with- I yank out more hair than I brush every time the bristles pass through the thick waves. I’ve been growing it for about two years now - not that it was particularly short, but I haven’t had in cut in a long time - and it just about grazes the small of my back. I call out to Ronnie, asking her to braid it.

Waiting for her to come in, I start putting my face on. Swiping foundation on, then attempting to contour. Emphasis on attempt. When everything looks blended, I check myself out on the dresser mirror - I can’t see a difference, really. Moving on, I shade my eyes silver and black, blending and blending and blending until I’m satisfied with how it looks. My greatest enemy comes next - liquid eyeliner. It takes about ten minutes to get it evenly applied, little wings stretching out from the corner of my eyes. When that nerve-wracking exercise is finished, I put on a few coats of mascara and apply a nude lip, standing back to appraise myself.

Ronnie taps on the door - 'are you decent?’ I smirk at the mirror. 'Depends on your definition of decent.’ I tease back. She steps inside, twirling for me, showing off her little black dress. The top is tightly fitted while the bottom flares out; showing off her long, smooth legs. She winks at me and then climbs onto my bed, careful of the skirt of her dress, sitting cross-legged, patting the space in front of her. I toss the hairbrush to her and grab a handful of ties, leaving them in a pile by her knee. I sit at the edge of the bed, relaxing momentarily as her fingers run through my hair. It’s comforting; usually, physical contact makes me flinch, but this is nice. She hums along to Clean Bandit, playing from the living room, twisting my hair around itself with nimble movements.

'So, where are we actually going tonight?’

'Our friends have a house share a few blocks over - guys we knew in high school. They’re having their own freshers party.’ She pauses, looping some more hair over and under. 'You’ll like them,’ she tells me reassuringly.

I say nothing. She finishes the braid and pins it around my head in a crown - clapping her hands excitedly as she surveys her work. 'Beautiful!’
I look in the mirror again; a stranger’s reflection staring back at me. My skin is still tanned from travelling, my hair lighter from all the sun. With the make-up, I even look a little older, and Veronica’s braid sets the whole ensemble off perfectly. I thank her quietly, and stand up to toe on a fresh pair of pristine white Vans. I’d meant to wear them today, but changed my mind last second, choosing an old battered pair of black sneakers that were a little bit comforting - old and familiar. Tonight, though, it is out with the old and in with the new. No more hanging on to fragments of the past - except for maybe one. Finding my jewellery box, I dig out a long silver chain. The charm on it is simple, a half-tied knot, a symbol and a promise. Swallowing hard, I manage to tie it around my neck, surprised to find myself smiling as I look down at it. Maybe I don’t have to let go of everything.


Phyllis on Lorraine this morning. 5 May 2016

You Weren’t Ready

Summary: Bucky tries to spare his girlfriend’s feelings as he prepares to leave for the war. Set in the 40’s.  

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count:  1,039

Warnings: Pain. I’m really sorry.

(Y/N) = your name; (Y/L/N) = your last name

a/n: I don’t think I will ever apologize enough for the pain I’ll cause.  The text in italics represents flashbacks. I might make a part 2 from Bucky’s POV, but idk, let me know if you’d like that please. Feedback is always appreciated <3

Part 2

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