-she would actually be shy when she asked you out the first time, because she’s never asked out a girl before and unlike boys (whom she can always just assume are attracted to her) you were a wild card

first date

-your first date was hella extravagant because this girl is old money

-her bringing you a rose on your first date and shyly giving it to you

-her being oddly quiet for most of the first date until you grab her hand over the table and tell her ‘Cheryl, i agreed to go on a date with you. dont hide yourself. its okay, im not going to judge you or leave or do anything like that.’

-from that moment on she would be herself, knowing you accepted her


-her accepting you completely

-her being very proud that you are dating

-holding hands

-her sitting next to you in every class because no one would dare take her spot next to you

-sweet kisses on the cheek

-she loves doing that thing where she grabs your face, scrunches it up and plants a giant kiss on your cheek

-her lipstick is too high class to leave marks so she actually buys the shitty kind just so she can leave red lip stick marks on you

-getting matching princess rings

-her family learning to accept you because you’re actually super great and even they cant find flaws in you

-unfortunately, Cheryl is a jealous type, but that just means you get to have extra PDA when people she doesn’t like are around

-24/7 cuddles

-playing/braiding/doing her hair

-her doing your makeup

-face masks and movie nights together

-having long baths together in her huge tub

-matching kimonos that slightly cover your gorgeous lingerie you two wear whenever you’re alone.

-her fingers gliding over your skin teasingly

-rough kisses where she pulls at your hair

-her practicing dancing in front of you which usually becomes a strip tease because this is Cheryl we’re talking about

-people catching you wearing some of her clothing the day after you sleep over at her place

-spa days where you paint each others nails

-sneaking around her huge house after her parents are asleep

-re-enacting Romeo and Juliet outside her window that one time she got mad at you and her forgiving you instantly

-watching old movies and coming up with witty comebacks she can say to people who annoy her

-every month you celebrate your anniversary and she gets you some extravagant present, although she would never tell you how much something costs (but its a lot)

-cuddling while you read together

-she loves taking pictures of you to put on her instagram (all color coordinated and aesthetically pleasing of course)

-long hugs

-sweet kisses

-little surprise presents in your locker or on your notebook in class

-unconditional, unwavering, unapologetic love.

Did I mention how much I am in loooove with female Levi? I wish I could color this, but my poor crappy color pencils and kid markers would fuck it up :’) oh how I wish I had the tablet (anyway, just imagine her dress as black with sparkling glitter, golden earrings and makeup). And I know her tits are huge and those hips probably imply that she has a fat ass lol but whatever, I have a habit of drawing all my girls like that. don’t look at me

“crescent moon shaped red lip stick stains on the filters of my cigarettes. crescent moon shaped wine stains on the countertops of my home. these things aren’t good for me, i know. but, i’m still leaving traces of the universe behind.”

- smspoetry


The moon signs as random things they remind me of.

Aries Moon: comedy shows, late night dancing, red lip stick.
Taurus Moon: red roses, the smell of lavender, writing in a journal.
Gemini Moon: bubblegum, endless conversations, cartoons.
Cancer Moon: slow songs on a lonely night, long text messages, that one piece of jewelry they still wear.
Leo Moon: singing loudly to their favorite song in the car, dare devil, winged eyeliner.
Virgo Moon: fancy pen, straight hair, coffee stains.
Libra Moon: fancy lingerie, old music, silk sheets.
Scorpio Moon: denim jeans, horror movies, sharp contour.
Sagittarius Moon: moon light, movie nights, late night thoughts.
Capricorn Moon: payday, pointed toe heels, books.
Aquarius Moon: window cracked open on a chilly night, candles, picking out flowers.
Pisces Moon: art canvas, warm weather, romance novel.

Red Lips (Jerome Valeska x reader)

Warnings: some cursing but that’s it I think

AN: I just decided to write this🤷‍♀️

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“Jerome!” You yelled out while looking through your vanity “Did you use all my red lipstick!” He didn’t answer making you even more mad.

“JEROME VALESKA COME HERE NOW IF YOU DON’T WANT ME TO HAVE YOU KILLED IN THE NEXT GIVE MINUTES!” You yelled louder. A few seconds after yelling that Jerome walked into the room, whistling a song with his lips way over drawn with red lipstick.

“What the fuck is all over you face?” You question him annoyed.

“Well don’t worry it’s not your precious lipstick it’s blood.” He said casually. You let out a breath finally relaxing. “I’m just joking it is your red lipstick.” He let out a bunch of giggles.

“Jerome! That stuff is expensive!” Your face became red from anger.

“Aww you’re so cute when you’re mad, doll.” He bopped your nose and laughed some more at your expression. He then bent down, like someone would do for a little kid, so he was shorter than you.

“You don’t have to get so mad doll face. Your pretty red lip stick is right here.” He pulled out your lip stick from his pocket and waved it in your face.

Before you could grad it Jerome stood up, towering over you once again.

“I fucking hate you.” You grumbled. Before you could grab it out of his hand he lifted his arm so it was even higher to get. You tried multiple times to get it but it was no use.

“So umm I will give it back to you when you ummm-” Jerome used his other hand to tap his fingers on his chin and looked around the room trying to figure out what he wanted to from you.

“Oh I know just the thing.” He snapped his head over to you with a wicked smile. “How about a blow job?” Jerome offered as his smiled grew even more.


“Awww c'mon cupcake why not?” He pouted.

“I told you to stop calling me that.”

“Aww but it fits you so well.”

“I hate you.”

“Damn that hurt.” He put his hand on his heart and gave a hurt expression then started another fit of crazy laughter.

“Just please him me my lipstick before I slit your throat.”

“You’re so god damn cute tho doll. Why would I want it to stop?”

“Oh i don’t know maybe so I won’t kill you.” You gave him a smile and then changed it to an annoyed expression.

Jerome crouched down again becoming eye level with you. “Do you really want it that bad?” He pouted, mocking you as he waved the lipstick in your face.

“YES! That’s what I have been telling you for the last five minutes!”

“Yea but it’s been so much fun!” He giggled. Before Jerome knew it you had a tackled him and pinned him down to the ground.

“Well I’m not usually a sub but y/n I think I could get used to this.” You rolled your eyes at him.

“Shut up before I cut your dick off.”

“Mmmm kinky.” You gave him a disgusted look as he let out a fit of giggles.

You got off of him and went to your vanity. You opened the lipstick it was brand new. He bought me new lipstick?

“Jerome?” You called out but when you turned around seeing he wasn’t there anymore.

Sometimes you really hated that ginger maniac but then sometimes you could really love him.

Shoutout to ALL the Gryffindors

From the ones in sweater vest to the ones in crop tops. From the ones freeing the curls to taming the frizz.

The ‘hit me harder’ kind to the 'please don’t hurt me’ kind.

Gryffindors that can’t find adventure so they make it. Gryffindors that don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning. Gryffindors that act so wild you’d think they’ve been drinking. Gryffindors that are so calm you’d think they’re high.

The ones that loose their shit about cat videos to the ones that laugh so hard at fail compilations.

Stanning red lip stick. Failing at smokey eyes. Wearing excessive amounts of jewelry. Blocking out the world with head phones.

Fierce and independent, yet are willing to be your shoulder to cry on. Soft and compliant, yet put up a very good fight.

Some that walk down the halls like they own the place. Some that prefer to stay out of the way.

Gryffindors that are muggle born, half blood, and pure blood.

The ones that are straight, gay, bi, pan, ace, trans, however they identify.

Those that have a mom and a dad, or just a mom, or just a dad. Those that have two moms or two dads, or none at all. Those in a group home or with adoptive parents, living with aunts or uncles or grandparents or friends.

They make Slytherin groan, Hufflepuff giggle, and Ravenclaw sigh.

Shoutout to the Gryffindors, and everything that sets them apart.

Shoutout to to the Hufflepuffs

Shoutout to the Slytherins

Shoutout to the Ravenclaws

Dirty Mouth Part 6

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Part 1 // Part 2 //Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5

Part of a series so read the others first if you want or go in blind!

Characters: Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose, it’s more Mox era though) x OC/Reader

Summary: Emotions are high as they start spending more time together while they are on the road tagging. A person from Mox’s past jeopardises things.

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