Good morning and happy Saturday beautifuls. With a wonderfully warm summer day ahead, I am adding a little heat wrapped up in red, lace, and strappy detail love. My picks are from the VS Very Sexy collection and are the bombshell bra and itsy cheekini panty. Feeling sexy, confident, strong, and beautiful all over, I am ready to take on the day ahead and have a little fun too. As you prepare for you day take a moment for yourself, clear your mind, focus on the positive, and truly see yourself for the beautiful person you are inside and out. Choose a base layer that reflects your mood and allows you to feel just a little more beautiful. Love yourself unconditionally, allow this love to radiate out to touch the lives of those who surround you, and know that your light makes this world a brighter place everyday. Walk tall through your day always in pursuit of your passions, finding strength and confidence in being true to your heart. Strive to the find happiness within and dance through your day with grace, compassion, and kindness as your partners. Know in your heart that Love can Win and have fun rocking your day! Love you all to pieces. xoxo MML <3

“I’ve been thinking” - Reader, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin Fivesome

Anon: “Can you do a rough fivesome with Y/N and the boys where they all have a sleepover and they all think you’re really hot and things happen? ;)”

It was late evening and one of my best friends Calum was staying round my apartment for the night. Both myself and Calum had a ‘friends with benefits’ agreement subsiding. I say subsiding because we haven’t seen each other in months due to him being on tour with the rest of his band. Due to our previous antics, I was simply clad in my thong and red lace bra, as Calum sported just his boxers. I approached him slowly, putting my arms around his neck, my breasts pressing into his chest as I felt his cock stiffen again. 

“You know, I’ve been thinking.” he whispered into my ear, smirking. 

“What have you been thinking, Calum?” I replied. The tanned boy grinned cheekily at me before speaking. 

“I thought we could experiment, invite the boys round, have some fun? If you catch my drift?” My body was pressed tightly against Calum’s, his cock stiffening. “Please.” he whispered. 

“Fuck it.” I declared. “Let’s do it!” He smiled and kissed me directly on the lips, my mouth opening as his tongue darted in. I moaned into his mouth as his hands completed a leisurely tour of my ass when suddenly the doorbell rang. 

Calum answered the door, and I anxiously stood behind him, my stomach flipping at what would be to come. Ashton was the first to step in, winking at me as I stood behind Calum, trying to cover myself. As the rest of the boys walked in, I felt a sudden thrill. Luke, Ashton and Michael had always been so lovely to me. I just wondered if they were as considerate in the bedroom department. 

“Hi, Y/N!” Luke greeted, giving me a hug and twirling me round. “Damn, look at you.” 

“Hi Luke.” I smiled, feeling myself get wet as I hugged his hard body tightly against my own. Luke was probably over six feet tall, and I’d often wondered what it would be like to have him take me. 

“My turn!” Michael declared as he hugged me. “Mm, you smell so good.”

As the boys settled in the lounge, I walked through. 

“Any of you want a beer?” All four of their mouths dropped, no one saying a word.

“I’ll have a beer.” Michael spoke, all of the boys frozen as I turned around, swaying my hips. I got Michael his beer and walked back to the lounge, walking over to him sensually, making sure all the boys were watching me. I was getting turned on knowing that they were watching me, wanting me. I caught eyes with Calum, who was shifting uncomfortably, trying to arrange his “package.”

I turned and walked over to Calum, sitting on his lap, running my hands on his bare, toned chest. I could feel his cock through his boxers. I reached down, giving him a squeeze. 

“I think you need some help, Cal!” I exclaimed. I slipped down between his legs and massaged his hard-on.

“Fuck, he’s so lucky!” I heard Luke say to the other boys as they agreed, their eyes glued on my ass. Calum groaned. 

“Jesus Calum, you’re so thick!” I spoke. I lowered my mouth down until it surrounded the head of his cock, Calum stiffening even more. He greedily pushed his hips up as I bobbed my head up and down on his length. I moaned around his length as I felt someone pull down my thong. 

It was Luke. I returned my attention to the cock in my mouth, licking his shaft and massaging his heavy balls. As I worked on Calum’s cock, Luke slipped his fingers between my wet folds, gasping, I pushed back against them as Michael got up and unclasped my bra, his hands playing with my tits and tweaking my nipples. They hardened as I moaned onto Calum’s cock.

Ashton brushed a piece of hair out of my face, standing in front of me, his cock hard and throbbing, in need of attention. I wrapped my hands around him, jacking him slowly as I sucked on Calum. I looked up to Ashton and winked as he grinned at me. I knew I had to taste Ashton, so I pulled my mouth away from Calum and began to jack him instead as I took Ashton’s cock into my mouth. I took him into my mouth, squeezing on his balls as I continued to jerk Calum. Michael’s hands on my tits were more demanding and I was moaning in  pleasure. Luke’s fingers slipped inside my hot pussy again.

I felt a hot breath at my entrance, a tongue at my clit. I spread my legs as Luke lapped at my wet folds, paying more attention to my swollen slit. 

“Fuck, I’m going to cum!” I declared, groaning as I continued to suck Ashton off. He thickened in my mouth, and suddenly a sticky substance dripped through my hands, signaling Calum had came, breathing fast. 

“I’m gonna cum too.” Ashton moaned, as his cock pulsed and I tasted his warm cum, happily swallowing it all. I ground my pussy on Luke’s mouth, and hit my climax as he licked me clean, my thighs trembling. 

I got up and straddled Michael who was gently pumping his cock on the sofa. I ground down on his cock, the liquid from my pussy lubing his impressive length.

“Ready?” he breathed out. I ground down onto him, moaning as I sank down. Michael moaned out as I began to bounce up and down. I saw Luke groaning at the sight, standing sheepishly.

“Luke, get over here!” I moaned. Michael thrust up hard into me as I bounced on him, and I leaned up, taking the tip of Luke’s cock into my mouth. He moaned and closed his eyes as I kneaded his balls and sucked him deep. 

Calum and Ashton’s hands began to roughly massage my ass as they both took turns in spanking me, their harsh blows making me moan around Luke’s throbbing member. Ashton took full advantage, and spread my ass cheeks as I felt a pressure at my ass. My bouncing on Michael slowed down as the tip of Ashton’s cock entered me from behind. He gently pushed into me.

“Jesus! Fuck!” I cried out. I could see Calum grinning at me as my head rolled back in pleasure. He began to suck on my neck, biting down softly as I rode Michael again. I had never felt so stretched before. Calum pinched my nipples as Luke’s cock filled my mouth. 

All the boys were moaning messes. As I ground against them, I was close to cumming. I pushed Luke away, and climbed off of Michael.

“Make me cum, Luke?” I whispered. He moaned as he placed his cock at my wet pussy. He pumped into me, as I moaned. He pulled me into him, licking and sucking at my tits as Ashton spanked my ass harshly. As he plunged deep inside me, I could feel my orgasm rising. I ground down onto Luke, a warmth filling me. My orgasm hit me as I practically screamed out. I cried into Luke’s neck as he plunged deeper, finding his own release. 

Shaking as my orgasm finished, I sat breathless. 

“Wow.” The boys all spoke at once.

“That was fucking incredible!” Ashton spoke excitedly. All the boys were grinning at me as Calum wrapped his arms around me.

“That” Michael added, “Will definitely be happening again soon!”