A. H. Munsell - Illustration of a Hand holding a circular band with the 10 Hue Colors, representing the Hue Dimension of the Munsell Color System, “A Grammar of Color”, 1921.

“The quality by which we distinguish one color from another, as a red from a yellow, a green, a blue or a purple, but this dimension does not tell us whether the color is dark or light, or strong or weak. It merely refers to some point in the spectrum of all colors, such as we have seen in the reflection of sunlight through a prism. Let us suppose now that we had such a spectrum cast by a prism, or a section taken out of a rainbow. We know it to be a scientific fact that it contains all possible hues, merging by indistinguishable degrees, one into the other, but always in a fixed order. Now let us imagine that we have such a spectrum fixed or printed on a band of paper, and that it begins at one end with red and going through all possible hues, it arrives back at red again at the other end. The hues are unevenly divided and they merge one into the other by indistinguishable degrees. But still preserving the order of these hues, let us divide them into equal steps as we do a ruler into inches, by selecting certain colors familiar to us in every-day use - red, yellow, green, blue and purple. These we will call the Simple Hues, but between each of them we will make another division where each merges into the other. These we will call yellow-red, green-yellow, blue-green, purple-blue and red-purple and they will be known as Compound Hues, because each of them is compounded of two Simple Hues.”

Up on Snowcap Mountain…

…The twins take a long walk and simply bask in each other’s presence.

Haha! I was in a drawing rut and I started doodling, and, BAM! Here you have it. It turned out quite good, seeing as everything else I’ve drawn today has been utter crap. :-/ (Hence why I haven’t done any asks. Maybe I’ll give it a shot now.)

My headcanon is that, when Clausy comes back to life, the twins are practically inseparable, and they spend their days just walking and being with each other (and sometimes holding hands because IT’S CUTE and Claus needs it more than he lets on).
I really like the blue to red hue effect. I’ve always wanted to do a drawing with that sort of thing, eheh <3

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She wondered through the woods, taking in her surroundings. Only a little more to go Y/N, she thought. She trudged through dead leaves, tree stumps, and logs infested with insects. The sun was setting slowly, orange and red hues dancing across the sky. Y/n gripped her jacket closer to her as she looked around searching for him, then she stopped. Where is he? He’s supposed to be here already. He’s always here. Why isn’t he now? Did something happen to him?

“Chen!” She whispered, “where are you?”

She wandered a little farther down a slightly slippery slope, it had rained yesterday. She huffed, frustrated that Chen hadn’t shown up, frustrated that she had to wander this far to find him.

Y/N had stumbled upon an injured bear sized wolf a couple of weeks ago. She was shocked, she had never seen a wolf this large. The wolf’s fur was red with spots of black near its head. It had eyes of chocolate brown that looked tired, exhausted. She had gazed upon the wolf from afar when she saw the reason as to why the wolf was laying on the ground, it’s giant head resting on its paws. The wolf’s left hind leg was oozing blood as its large body lay limply on the ground. She had moved forward slowly, not wanting to become a threat to the wolf. It’s ears twitched as it registered her movement, it’s head snapping towards her, growling lowly, teeth barred, eyes guarded, muscles tensed ready to attack.

“I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to help, okay?” She said as she raised her hands up in surrender. She was probably crazy for thinking it would understand her, but surprisingly it did. The wolf stared at her a little longer before huffing and resting its head on its paws again. She sighed in relief as she reached into her bag, that she luckily had packed with her trusty first aid kit, and slowly moved towards the injured limb. She dabbed the little alcohol she had left, flinching when the wolf whimpered. She whispered her apologies while petting the wolf’s leg, then got back to business. After she had tended to the wound and wrapped gauze around it, she stood and asked the wolf if it could stand. It slowly got to its feet and limped as it tried to walk. She smiled in triumph at her work.

“Are you going to be okay?” She asked as the wolf trotted towards her. It nodded, licking her face and then running off. After that, she had encountered the massive wolf many times when she went into the woods to relax and read her books. She later found out it was a he and named him Chen as they had gotten closer the more she visited their spot in the woods, it was like they had an instant connection. She still thinks she’s crazy for befriending a wolf, let alone one that could easily eat her with one snap of his jaws.

She grumbled as she carefully walked down the muddy slope, holding on to nearby trees for support.

“Chen!” She shouted this time. “Chen, where ar-!” Then she slipped. She always was on the clumsy side.

She yelped as she tumbled down the slope, twigs snapping under her weight, branches angrily scratching her skin, mud sticking to her skin and clothes. Fortunately, her tumbling came to an end. She groaned as she slowly rolled over, wiping off whatever she could. She felt around her body to see if anything was broken or to see if blood was appearing anywhere. She winced as she touched her lip. Busted, she thought as she stared at the blood on her fingers. She slowly stood, whimpering as her sore limbs and muscles protested against any movement she made.

I’m going to kill Chen, when I see him again.

She went to take a step forward, but the snapping of a branch nearby stopped any move she was going to make previously. Then growling was heard from behind her, along with another and another coming from her left and her right.

She slowly turned around to see yellow eyes glaring at her. She wanted to cry, but she was too scared to do anything at the moment. The yellow eyes belonged to a large black wolf, roughly Chen’s size but smaller.

Is this how I’m going to die, God? She thought.

The wolves on her left and right, both black as well, moved slowly out of the trees towards her, teeth barred, saliva dripping from their mouthes and on to the ground. The wolf in front of her stalked towards her, its eyes daring her to make a move. Y/N closed her eyes tightly as she felt its breath on her face. All she could think of was, where is Chen. The wolf snarled and opened its jaws, ready to make a meal out of her, until a familiar large red wolf crashed against into its body. Y/N screamed as the other two wolves attacked Chen. Chen pushed them off and caught one of their necks in his jaw, snapping its neck. The other wolf growled and jumped on Chen, but Chen was quick enough to dodge its snapping jaws. Y/N watched as the wolves circled Chen, snarling and growling.

Although Chen was larger than them, Y/N couldn’t help but worry. Chen’s head snapped towards her. He growled at her, as if telling her to go.

Run, a voice whispered in her head. Her eyes widened as she continued to look at Chen whose eyes never left hers.

She wanted to stay and make sure that he would be okay, especially figure out where that voice same from, but her body had other plans as her legs carried her the opposite way.

One of the wolves turned it’s head upon hearing her footsteps and ran after her. Chen growled as he went to tackle the wolf, but the other wolf caught him by his hind leg, stopping him.

Y/N ran and ran, never stopping. She only pushed faster when she heard growls behind her. The wolf snapped its jaws, almost catching her foot. Y/N yelled and willed her legs to go a little faster. Good thing she took track, she’d be screwed if she didn’t. The wolf snarled again, angry that it hadn’t caught her yet.

Y/N weaved in and out of the trees, concentrating on trying not to trip and fall. She looked behind her to see where the wolf was. It was right on her tail. The wolf snapped its jaws again, this time catching the hood of her jacket.

Y/N screamed as she flew backwards and landed harshly on the ground. She scrambled to get up, but the wolf quickly pounced on her snarling in her face. Y/N froze as the wolf moved it’s head towards her neck. Just a little closer and it all would’ve been over

But Chen came in the nick of time, biting the wolf on the back of its neck, flinging it off of her. Chen was furious, livid. Y/N could see it as Chen ripped the wolf to shreds with no remorse. Once the wolf’s body went limp, Chen turned around moving towards her to see if she had any type of injuries. Nothing but scratches and bruises.

Y/N stared, shocked at Chen, his fur matted with the wolves’ blood and his own.

Are you okay, the same voice whispered in her head. She gasped and backed away.

“Was that you?” Y/N whispered. Chen nodded.

“B-but how?” She stuttered. “Maybe I’m going crazy, yeah. That’s it.”

She continued to ramble on, pacing back and forth, trying to make sense of the situation. Maybe all that running and screaming did something.

But she knew that wasn’t it. Not until she heard popping sounds, like bones breaking. She snapped her head towards the sound and almost fainted at what she saw.

There stood, in Chen’s place, was a handsome young man with red curly hair and brown eyes. Just like Chen.

“Oh my god.” Then everything went black.

—- This my first time writing an imagine so cut me some slack lol But should I write more or stop trying?

     {  it was evening now. the sky was dark and in it were stars littered here
        and there. all strewn about in the blackness, glittering their quick hues
        of red and blue flashes. their light was proven powerful, but if anything,
        the stars could never match to the moon. it’s light was much stronger,
        shining through even the deepest and darkest cracks in the night. one
        of those cracks being a small opening in the windows of the assassin’s
        current hiding spot. a hotel in the middle of beijing, china. a place that
        47 once rested in, now provided him with secrecy. with an alias on the
        register papers and his laptop hiding his ip address, he felt safe, secure
        and sound.

        that laptop of his was very important. he kept it safe, even occasionally
        stowing it away in obvious places where innocent civilians would never
        bother to look. under a floorboard, or in between two books in library,
        or maybe even hiding away in a wine cellar. but 47 just carries his
        device to his room and left it there for the time being. the room was
        locked with a keycard that he kept with him while he was out finishing
        the job at the time being. nobody would get in there and take a look
        at his piece of equipment.  }

     {  sitting down in the moonlight, he allowed the darkness to slowly sink
        away. he stepped into that dim light and made himself known to the
        world around him. he sat down in it, bathed in it, and as his gloved
        hand reached for his laptop to open it up, the leather shined in it. it
        was a beautiful light, one that caressed the very being of 47. a man
        who has only known the dark. a man who only lives in the night.

        his digits twiddled against the top half of his closed laptop. for a short
        moment, the clone eyed the mark of the agency on the lid. he took it
        in, his fingers softly brushing across it. his eyes fed off of it, gaining
        energy as their blue hue scanned over and took in the symbol. the all
        seeing eye of god, the “merces letifer,” that defined the agency – it
        was their motto. the “I - O - I” on every corner of the triangle. finally,
        right in the middle of everything, was a skull and crossbones and on
        top of that, a crown. this symbol defined the man. it represents who
        he he is and what he does.  }

     {  in an instant, those fingers halted their inspection. they now moved
        down, descending to the opening that would finally separate the top
        and the bottom half of the device. quickly, the digits of the assassin
        pushed up the top of the laptop and revealed the flickering screen on
        his device. already on, the screen brightly illuminated the front of 47
        and reflected onto him a green hue. glowing across the screen was
        the agency’s symbol, along with a new message notification.

        confused, the clone promptly checked it out. his finger gently prodded
        itself across the trackpad and led the cursor to open up this new
        message. in it was not a briefing, nor an indication of address change
        or absence, restriction, or expulsion. but in fact, a heads-up. instead
        of getting any news on the agency, 47 received mail from the agency
        that informed him of a new app he got on his computer.

        “we hope you’ll enjoy it, best regards, the agency.” the final words of
        the note, though the clone was a bit too suspicious. with squinted eyes,
        47 closed the message and brought his gaze to the lower-half of his
        screen. just as the agency said, there was the new app. he clicked on
        it and clasped his hands together.

        confused and intrigued, 47 never took his blue orbs off of that laptop
        of his.  }

      ❝ — A new app?
                Why would I need a new app?

                                                         —–  H  E  L  E  N  A  .   ❞

never let me go;

Elena had knocked on Marcus and Ella’s door, in her pajamas, with little baby Sebastian in her arms. Her green, light hues were red and blotchy, her face was void of any make up and she looked tired and emotionally exhausated. She knew she should have shown up looking cute and beautiful for her boyfriend, but the truth of the matter was, she just couldn’t.

When he opened the door, she pouted, cutely and tried to smile, before putting Sebastian down and falling into his arms, delicately, tears streaming down her face. “Never let me go.” 


She buried her dream
Under the shade of
Blooming Red Gums,
They bled their ichor
From above, sticky rain,
As she dug the grave,
Breaking her nails,
Shedding her tears;
A beautiful dream,
Once, iridescent,
Multifolate, and now
It was red, red, red,
All crimson hues,
Hues of the dead
Where once just
Rainbows flowered;
Her dream stole,
The angels’ scent,
Wafts of myhrr and sex,
Now it sleeps in
Dirt, it steeps in stinks
Of mould, decay, the glory
Of rotting hope;
She’d loved her dream
With tenderness
No less than her puppy
Or child, loved it
With anger, cuddled it
With razors, caressed
It deeply with that axe;
Her dream was larger
Than merely her, it was
Passionate intensity and
Greater than their sphere,
It took so very long
And blistered her
Hands so very raw
To cut apart her dream,
Dissect and cast him
To that bloody maw.