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Tell us your FC's for all next gen characters!

I did a post a while back but I’ve changed almost all of my faceclaims since then so I’ll redo it! :) 
I have a couple different fcs for some of the characters, and some of them I have a white and a poc fc, those are for the characters whose parents are sometimes headcanoned as poc (ie Hermione). 
I’ll list a brief discription of how I picture them before giving you the fc. Not all of them are perfect but I’m pretty happy with it.

James Sirius Potter 

~ I’ve always pictured him as being a very handsome boy (and aware of it) with dark skin, brown eyes, and dark curly hair. Lean but muscular figure.  

idk I have a few for him, depends on the mood I’m in. 

  • Naleye Junior


  • Bob Morley 


  • (young) Nick Jonas

Albus Severus Potter

~ dark, flat hair, green eyes, pale skin.

  • Logan Lerman (yes I’m cliche but I can’t see anyone else as Albus. I really think he is the perfect fc)

Lily Luna Potter

 ~ long, straight, ginger hair, brown eyes, freckles,

  • Luca Hollestelle Perfect faceclaim imo!

Rose Weasley 

~ Short and petite. Shoulder-length curly red hair. 

  • Jade Thompson But only in her older pics, where she has the short curly hair like displayed below. POC faceclaim.


  • Jane Levy My white faceclaim for Rose. She was my origonal fc from years ago when I first started this and I still love her. She’s got the hair and snark to be a perfect fc for me.


  • Nadia Esra Aside from the fact that she has long hair, I freaking love this faceclaim and wish I had found it sooner. Her outfits are literally exactly how I think Rose would dress. And her hair really is definitley something one would inherit from Hermione Granger.

Hugo Weasley

~ Hugo is very tall and has a mess of orange hair.

  • Thomas McDade 


  • Michael Lockley

Fred Weasley II

~ Shorter and stalkier build, like his dad and uncle Charlie. Dark skin, brown eyes and hair.

  • David Valensi Recently found this guy. Freckles!


  • Jacob Artist Love his energy

Roxanne Weasley II

~ Broad build, dark skin, brown eyes, big, orange, kinky-curly hair.

  • Crystal Westbrooks Really love this one too. Unlike a few of the fcs, there wasn’t a short supply in the pictures I could’ve used for the college.

Molly Weasley II

~ Black hair, pale skin, brown eyes.

  • Valerie “Lights” Poxleitner 

Lucy Weasley 

~ Dark, straight hair, pale skin, brown eyes, thin build.

  • Carre Kwong Callaway 


  • Emily Rudd

Victoire Weasley

~ Blonde, long, wavy hair, pale-pink skin, purple-blue eyes, naturally rose-pink lips.

  • Freya Mavor

Dominique Weasley 

~ Tan, heavily freckled skin, hazel eyes, auburn-blonde hair, long legs, thick lips.

  • Lindsay Hansen 

Louis Weasley 

~ Shoulder-length wavy orange hair, blue eyes, pale skin, feminine figure, dainty features.

  • Caleb Landry Jones Another perfect faceclaim that I’ve had since the beginning

Scorpius Malfoy

~ tall and lean build, angular features, long blonde hair often in a ponytail, grey eyes, v pale skin.

  • Jamie C. Bower