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I started out as an actor, and I also paint, draw, make photographs, invent stuff, sculpt air, fight evil, and generally break all the rules because I’m such a renegade. […] Also, I am extremely good-looking, which is actually more of a burden than a blessing. It means I don’t get any of the interesting roles that people like Brad Pitt get.

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Is there a story behind the blue jacket?

kind of. 

besides me being a fashion bombshell, even in the midst of wwii, the jacket was nice and warm and full of pockets. which is always a nice thing when you have to literally carry everything you need with you everywhere you go.

but on top of that, i grew up with tiny pre-human-lab-rat steve. among a very long list of medical issues which fueled his must-punch-everything attitude, steve was colorblind. (in a very typically steve move, he decided to become an artist, despite not being able to see half the colors out there.) 

 the modern term for what he was is ‘protanopia’ which is a type of red-green colorblindness which meant his ability to see the color red was not so great. pretty much everything in the red spectrum got toned down to taupes and greys, and yellows and greens were kinda muted. but his ability to see the color blue was basically unimpaired, so blue things stood out in his field of vision. back in the day, i wore a lot of blue because it was easier for steve to spot, and somewhere along the line it just kinda became my favorite color, and i tended to pick blue clothes out of habit. 

these days steve’s favorite color is red, just for the novelty of being able to see it.  

Things You Can do to Help Disabled People That Don't Cost A Cent
  • Do not talk about an obviously disabled person in front of them as if they can’t hear or understand you.
  • Do not talk to a disabled person’s companion instead of them.  
  • Ask permission before touching people, or their wheelchairs/other equipment. Even if you want to help.
  • Ask disabled people about their lives and really listen to their answers.  (Within reason. Asking people personal questions about their sex lives, for example, is rude unless you are very close to them and they’ve communicated they’re OK with that).
  • Listen to what they say whether they are speaking, writing, typing, using text to speech, using a letterboard, using PECS, gesturing, using sign language, or using any other form of communication.  People who cannot speak can still communicate.
  • Stand up for people you see getting bullied.
  • Understand that disabled people don’t just need friends, they can be friends, too.
  • Every public place does not need to have loud, blaring music and TVs with flashing screens.  
  • If you blog, put bright, flashing images that can trigger seizures under a cut so that people with seizures can avoid looking at them.
  • If a job can possibly be done without a person driving, don’t require candidates to drive/have a driver’s license, and don’t interview candidates and then reject them because they don’t drive.
  • When talking to someone who has trouble speaking or stutters, and takes a long time to speak, wait for them to answer. Don’t keep repeating the question or pressuring them. Yes, if you’re like me and your mind is going really fast and you forget what people are saying if they take too long, it can be hard to be patient.  Do it anyway.
  • If you are talking to a deaf person, make it easier for them to lip-read by facing towards them while looking at them, and not covering your mouth with your hands.
  • If you are talking to someone with hearing impairment or auditory processing disorder, it is more helpful to slow down or rephrase what you’re saying than to just speak more loudly.  
  • Some disabled people have difficulty understanding nonliteral language such as metaphors and idioms (e.g., “a stitch in time saves nine”). If you’re talking to someone like this, try explaining what you mean by these figures of speech, or just not using them.
  • Recognize that failure to make eye contact does not mean someone is lying to you. It may be uncomfortable for them.
  • Recognize that unwillingness to go out to loud, crowded bars does not mean someone isn’t interested in socializing with you.
  • If people have difficulty spelling, or using the appropriate jargon/terminology for your social group, do not assume they’re stupid.  You may need to paraphrase some “jargon” for them.
  • Recognize that a person can need time alone and it doesn’t mean they don’t like you or want to be with you. It’s just something they need so they can function at their best.
  • If a person does not recognize you, do not assume they don’t care about you.  They may be face-blind.
  • If a person does not remember your birthday (or other major names, numbers, or dates) do not assume they don’t care about you. They may simply have a bad memory.
  • Understand that a disabled person’s talents, however esoteric, are real, not unimportant “splinter skills.”
  • Colorblindness affects more than just knowing what color something is.  To a colorblind person, colors that they can’t see will look the same if they have the same degree of lightness/darkness.  That means that to a red-green colorblind person, a red rose on a green background will blend in instead of contrast starkly, and the Chicago CTA El map will be difficult to understand.  Understand that something that stands out to you and seems obvious may literally not be visible to a colorblind person.
  • Accept stimming.
  • Don’t tell them “but you look so normal.” But, if they accomplish something you know they were working really hard to do, it’s great to compliment them on it.
  • Understand that a person can be working incredibly hard to do something and may still not perform as well as you’d like them to, as well as the average person would, or as well as the situation demands.
  • If someone has a major medical problem, disability, or chronic illness, then just eating some special healthy diet or exercising more isn’t going to cure it. It might help, it might hurt, it might do nothing, but they’ve probably heard it before, and it’s none of your business in any case.
  • A person with OCD knows that checking or counting or whatever compulsion they perform won't really prevent disaster from happening, it’s just a compulsion. That doesn’t stop them from feeling the need to do it anyway.  A person with anxiety may know at least some of their fears are irrational or unlikely to occur. That doesn’t stop them from feeling anxious.  A person with trichotillomania may know it hurts them to pull out their hair or pick at their skin, but they have trouble stopping themselves anyway.  A depressed person may know they would feel better if they got out of their house and talked to people, but that doesn’t make them feel any more up to doing those things. A person who hallucinates may know the hallucinations aren’t real, but that doesn’t make them go away or feel less upsetting.  You see the pattern?  You can’t cure people with mental illnesses by telling them they’re being irrational or hurting themselves.  If it were that easy, they’d have cured themselves already.
  • Do not tell a person with ADHD or mental illness that they should not be taking medication.  This is a personal decision. Furthermore, since medications have wide-ranging effects on people’s bodies and minds and often unpleasant side effects, most people taking medications have thought through the issue, done a cost-benefit analysis, and decided that the ability to function better is worth it.  Their decision should be respected.
  • A disabled person with intellectual disability who has the academic or IQ abilities of, say, a seven year old does not actually have the mind of a seven year old. They have different life experiences, needs, stages of life, bodies, and so on.
  • If a disabled person is having a meltdown, they are not angry, they are terrified.  They’re not throwing a tantrum or being aggressive, they have gone into fight or flight. The best thing you can do is remain calm yourself and help them calm down. It may help to keep your distance, keep your voice low and calm, let them retreat to a safe place if they know to do that, or remind them to do so if they don’t.  Reasoning with them won’t work well because they’re unlikely to be able to hear and understand you.  The worst thing you can do is start yelling yourself, threatening them, be violent to them, cut off their escape route, or get right up in their personal space.  

Other ideas?  Please reblog and add more.  The more the merrier.

Zodiac archetype facts 💛

I thought it would be interesting to contemplate on the archetypes, don’t get hung up on literal things but…what does your archetype mean to you?

Aries the RAM:
~living in the mountains, Rams are male big horn sheep, who settle arguments by bashing heads. Their horns can weigh more than all the bones in their body combined. They have great balance and keen eyesight. Walking ledges only 2 inches wide and jumping up to 20 feet.

Taurus the BULL:
~male cattle, weighing 1700-1800 pounds. They are red/green colorblind. Don’t corner them, and if you do you need to retreat backwards slowly. “Foster mothers to the human race” throughout history they have been a status of wealth.

Gemini the TWINS:
~identical twins don’t have identical fingerprints. Twins interact with each other in the womb and are extra delicate around the eyes. 40% of twins invent their own language called idioglossia and it disappears once they learn a real language.

Cancer the CRAB:
~spiders of the sea, it’s skeleton is external. They have large eyes with hundreds of lenses. Crab lice can live on the human body where there is hair and feed only on blood. They communicate by flapping their pincers. They can suffer pain and remember it. They can loose a claw in a fight and it will grow back. They work together to protect their family.

Leo the LION:
~second largest cat in the world. Social animals that live in groups called prides. They keep track of each other by roaring which can be heard up to 5 miles away. The males mane protects their neck when they fight. Very affectionate with each other they sleep 16-20 hours a day. The females are the hunters.

Virgo the virgin or FAIR MAIDEN:
~represents the divine mother and the 3 goddesses Astraea, Persephone and Artemis. Astraea was the last immortal to leave earth and once she left it was because man had become so corrupted. The term Virgin meant purified emotions and had nothing to do with sex.

Libra the SCALES:
~although extremely accurate results can be found with a balance it is impossible to find a perfect balance. There are many types of scales that can weigh things such as railroad cars or things as small as pills.

Scorpio the SCORPION:
~dangerous, poisonous and lethal. They don’t chew their food, they dissolve it. Their venom can help treat heart disease and cancer. They can live up to 20 years. The worst enemy of a scorpion is man because they take it out of its natural habitat. They prefer to go unnoticed to find prey and avoid predators.

Sagittarius the ARCHER:
~half man half horse carrying a bow. Usually seen as lustful and wild. They represent the struggle between good and bad. Caught between worlds. Greek myths considered them untamed horses. They are at their prime at the age of 3.

Capricorn the GOAT:
~great climbers, will climb to tops of mountains, trees or dams. They are herd animals and become depressed if alone. Picky eaters they have sensitive lips and won’t eat dirty food. Their pupils are rectangular giving them 340 degrees of vision without moving their head.

Aquarius the WATER BEARER:
~relating to water and the symbolism or liberation. Cleansing, illuminating and purifying. Extending to others what is within yourself.

Pisces the FISH:
~they have backbones giving them a spine, classifying them as a vertebrae. They breathe through their gils. They have good senses, eyesight, taste and touch, and they do feel pain. They vary a lot since there are 30,000 different fish species. They have a special organ so they can navigate through the dark.


Alright guys so here it is, a Part 2 to my “Jack is colorblind” post that no one asked for.

Last night I asked my dad, “Hey uh… So, I know you’re gonna be so exasperated when I ask this, but… What do you think Aku’s color scheme is?” And He got this very sudden baffled look. Keep in mind this guy has seen p much every episode of Samurai jack. But I don’t think this ever occurred to him. 

“Uhh… Well I know he’s black and red..?” And my response was to pull a face, and go “Aaaand…?” He got this confused look and eventually said, “Oh shit, does he have green on him somewhere??” I said yeah, and he asked for a picture. I handed him my phone, and he looked at the picture for a minute, and finally said, “Oh, yeah, I guess his face is green?” I said, “Yeah, bright green!” And I explained to him the purpose of me asking this, the theory that Jack was colorblind, probably didn’t know Ikra’s skin was green, yadda yadda. Which he totally agreed with and said, “Yeah, because I never would have guessed his face was green. I probably would have said…” “Beige?” “Yes, exactly.”

And he went on to explain that it was specifically because the green was surrounded by other colors. That alters his perception. 

So to answer that Anon properly: Whether or not Jack has pointed out the color green in other episodes doesn’t matter. Red-green colorblind doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t see those two colors and identify them at times. It just means that in certain contexts, they don’t look like what they truly are. 

And it’s stated in the wiki that Jack seems to be “oblivious” to the color scheme, and tends to identify Aku by shape or personality. Guess what my dad does to identify objects? He goes by shape. You don’t say, “The house with the [fill in blank with a color] roof”, you say, “The house with that funny shaped window” or what have you. 

This being said, in that desert setting they were always in, against that tan backdrop? Ikra would have been a beige color to Jack. In certain lightings, however, she may have appeared either a darker or lighter tan, a shade of slate grey, or maybe a sort of semi-greenish color. 

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I used to never know Robin's suit was so colorful, thought it was just black and gray like Batman's so I used to defend the Robin suit. Turns out in Red-green colorblind and now ashamed of my choices. #OnlyInGotham #SeriouslyRobin #BatmanYou'reSupposedToHelpHimMakeGoodChoice

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You got any powerpoint tips??

I was just sitting down to make a general post about presentations, so this seems convenient and I’ll do it here.

Generally speaking there are lots of ways to give a good presentation, and there’s an element to this that’s a matter of taste and style, so that’s my disclaimer. 

The biggest thing for me, and the thing I think people fail to realize the most, is that, as an audience member, I can either read what’s on your slide or I can listen to what you’re saying. I can’t do both. So don’t load up your slides with text and/or a ton of complex figures. I will get lost trying to parse your slide and not listen to what you’re saying and then fail to understand anything, and then get frustrated, and then get bored and check out. 

Slides should be visual aids, not the meat of the talk. Making good slides is mostly figuring out what you absolutely need to show or reinforce and scraping everything else. Everything else you should just say, out loud, because you’re giving a presentation not writing a book in the form of a .ppt.

Now, how does one make good slides? Again, please calibrate this for personal taste and specific data requirements, but I air of the side of as little text as possible, and as few figures as possible per slide (you can have lots and lots of slides, but I’d rather have or two figures per slide than four).

Here’s the thing about making slides: your computer screen has much higher resolution than literally any projector ever, so only putting like one graph on a slide makes it feel really empty, but trust me, when you put that fucker up on a projector in a room that probably still have the lights on and then you also start talking about it, it’s enough. Especially if it’s a busy graph with more than two data sets being presented. 

  • Also, ratchet the font size up on all your graphs, because i cannot read 12 point font on your shitty overhead projector from 15-20 feet away. I just cannot. I am not spider man with the old super spider vision. 
  • Also also, there is an 85% chance that I can’t tell your fancy color scheme apart if it’s not like, just red, blue, and green, and i’m not even color blind (and you should also generally speaking make colored figures color blind accessible so as not to be an asshole to the 10% of the population for which red doesn’t exist)
    • subpoint: i don’t actually know how red-green colorblindness works and i don’t feel like looking it up, so just go with it guys
  • you can have multiple graphs on each slide of course, but they should be directly related - anything that can be split up and still understood should be
  • AND paper figures are almost never good presentation figures because they’re too busy. when i’m reading a paper i can spend ten minutes parsing your figure, but i can’t do that during a talk
  • this is ofc just for primary data slides. go hog wild on your background slides and put a shit ton of stuff on them if you want

Another mistake a lot of people make is putting way too much text on their slides. Really, you should hardly have any text on them at all, because, again, i cannot read and listen at the same time. So, you ask, what text should I have on my slides? Thanks for asking. Text on slides, in my humble opinion, should be limited to:

  • a descriptive title for the slide - tell me the take away point for the slide - what should I remember?
    • this also sets me up for the data/figure your showing, so I know what to look for
    • and it tells me what I should be listening for for the next bit 
    • this should be results/message focused, not experiment focused
  • any experimental conditions that put the data into context
    • so conditions that I need to know to fully understand the data/judge the data’s worth
    • only essential stuff though - i don’t need to know everything, just the conditions that are important to making your point
  • that’s it
  • everything else you should just say out loud
  • say it twice if it’s really important
  • use your words to explain your data/reiterate your point/explain your reasoning

if you find yourself using complete sentences on your slides you have too much text. if your bullet points look like the ones above where i’ve said many many things, you have too much text. Note that equations and numbers derived from the data don’t count as text here - they are data in this paradigm. 

So now you’ve made some kick ass slides you’re all set, right? Wrong. You now need to focus on the most important part of the presentation - what the fuck you’re going to say. 

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Okay guys I know I’ve joked about it before but for real… Jack is colorblind.

Lemme clarify:

Jack is more than likely red-green colorblind. It would stand to reason. That’s why he wasn’t suspicious of Ikra. See, my dad is red-green colorblind. And a very specific incident comes to mind.

He was once watercoloring a page for a children’s book he was trying to work on (it didn’t happen, the author couldn’t get published), and there were people on the page. After hours of working on it, me and my mom walked over to get a little peek. And our faces fell. My mom was the one to ask him, “Are… Are they supposed to be green..?” My dad COLORED THE PEOPLE GREEN BECAUSE TO HIM IT LOOKED LIKE A LIGHT PEACHY SKIN TONE. He started labeling his palette after that. 

So what I’m saying is… Jack probably wasn’t suspicious of Ikra because he probably straight up didn’t know she had green skin.

The man. Is. Colorblind.

Voltron headcanons - disability

- Ok, we know Shiro has PTSD and a prosthetic hand, but if you asked him whether he IDed as disabled, he would say no and then he would say yes, but he would be thinking of the PTSD.  Most of what actually causes a problem with the hand thing is the PTSD, not the impairment, and since he has a working hand and it just doesn’t happen to be his, he’s not sure that counts.

- Pidge was diagnosed with Bipolar II as a kid, but also has undiagnosed ADHD.  She’s looked up to Carrie Fisher since she got her diagnosis and is gonna be gutted when she finds out Carrie’s gone.  Fun ADHD fact!  Women and girls tend to have slightly different symptoms than men and boys, and their ADHD tends to manifest more in struggles at home than at school or work.  Like many disorders that are strongly associated with men, women tend to be under-diagnosed and are often diagnosed later in life than their male counterparts!  Oh wait.  That’s not fun.

- Lance has ADHD and dyslexia. Both were diagnosed early and he’s always had a support system in place to help.  Hunk already has a habit of reading for him or correcting him when he misreads, and he’s had an effective medication regime for the ADHD for years.  He had his meds on him when he left earth, so just before he ran out he went to Coran to ask if he could somehow make or find more.  It turned into a whole thing, and Lance had to explain ADHD and then Coran said, “Oh, yeah, that could be connected to some of the things I noticed in your brain scan.  I thought that was just a normal human variation, ‘cause Pidge has got ‘em too.”  Cue record-scratch moment.  

- Post record-scratch moment, Pidge is not about to monkey around with her brain trying to take Lance’s ADHD meds, ‘cause she tries not to poke her bipolar, but it helps having Lance around to talk to as she processes learning more about herself and decides that yeah, she probably does have ADHD.  It’s also good to know that Coran is open to trying to get them medications.

- Hunk has Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  His parents don’t believe in psychotropic medications, but were otherwise super supportive of him, so he had a lot of talk therapy and CBT as a kid and has a lot of coping strategies like baking and yoga and has typically always exercised regularly.  He’s also color blind, which in his opinion doesn’t count.  He’d red-green colorblind and mostly functions just fine, thanks.  He’s super glad that Yellow is so big and Green is so small, though, because that definitely cuts down on the confusion.

- Keith is on the spectrum.  Technically, his diagnosis is probably still Aspberger’s, at least on his paperwork, because he hasn’t been to a doctor for a while.  Here’s where things get sad; his birth family was super supportive and loving, but several of his foster parents were very stifling and controlling. His most natural stims were handwringing and rocking, but he had a foster family that would punish him for both and now suppressing those impulses is such a reflexive thing that he often doesn’t even realize that’s why he’s so stressed out and upset.  He’s developed a habit of curling his toes super tightly inside his shoes so that he doesn’t rock, because nobody can see that he’s doing it.  This also makes him reluctant to take his shoes off around other people, because then he’s even more restricted. He’s mostly gotten past his childhood clumsiness through all his sword training, and he’s learned how to make retreating to his room when he feels overstimulated look like just being a loner.

- The most surprising thing about his new team is that when he literally can’t repress those parts of himself any more and his autistic traits start bursting out, they’re actually?? supportive??  Hunk is, understandably, freaked out when he comes to tell Keith dinner is ready and finds him in his room, rocking frantically, but Hunk won’t let him apologize or act guilty or talk bad about himself?  People keep telling him it’s ok?  He absentmindedly wrings his hands and no one slaps them apart?  He accidentally rambles about sword construction for literally an hour and a half without stopping and Shiro just?? listens?? without getting annoyed/mad??  His friends get very upset every time they realize they’ve surprised him by not being shitty, and he gets lots of hugs, if he’s in a hugging mood.

- Allura has the Altean equivalent of diabetes.  Her body just doesn’t always process sugars well.  It’s well-managed, but Coran’s known her her whole life, including back when it wasn’t, so part of why he overreacts to her getting sick sometimes and has a hard time letting anyone else be in charge of cooking is that he doesn’t want her to get out of balance.  She’s also at risk for several chronic illnesses that run in her family, so she and Coran are mostly just very attentive about her health.  Well, Coran is.  Allura has Life To Live and won’t let a little total exhaustion get in her way.

- Coran had a severe speech impediment as a kid and every once in a while, when he’s very tired, it comes back in spite of all those years of Altean speech therapy.  Allura can usually understand him anyway.

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Ok ok alright but *what if* Mitch is red/green colorblind? Like go with me for a sec, he's colorblind and like he can see that Jonas is glowing when he touches him, but he can't see that it's pink it just looks yellow?? Bc like most ppl are probably guessing that pink means something romantic or affectionate but Mitch has no idea?? And like eventually someone mentions it like "of course he likes you?? He glows pink whenever you get close to him??" And Mitch is just like "he dOES WH A--"


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Okay, so what would the Mercs reactions be to say some rich business CEO pays the team to look after/protect his 7 year old daughter while...certain matters are taken care of. This little girl though is fairly cute,curious & odd. She's unfazed by the dead bodies that occasionally are seen around, giggles sometimes even. She seems genuinely curious about the mercs line of work, and has been caught trying on their clothes pretending to be them. Lastly, she like teaparty's and invites the mercs.

Hey man, thanks for your ask. This is going to be a long one.

Scout:  He takes the first shift taking care of her. The little girl laughs at all his jokes and together they read comic books. When she goes missing Scout freaks out, the kid’s father is going to kill him. He finds her wearing his hat and headphones, waving his metal bat around. He walks in, smiling from ear to ear.
“What ya doing?”
“Bonk!! I’m you!”
Together they run all over the base, the young girl softly hitting the other mercs with the bat.

Pyro: Everything was going well, the young girl was drawing and playing with Pyro’s toys. It all goes south when she puts on a spare mask and scares Pyro. The firebug starts to cry, why is there an other version of them?? This isn’t their enemy. The young girl becomes confused. What did she do wrong?? She never meant to hurt the Pyro. She takes off the mask, moving slowly towards the merc. She hugs them. An understanding, of how far she can go around them.

Solider: Solly first shows her his heads and then his weapons. She asks him about how the guns and rocket launcher works, witch Soldier happily explains. He then teaches her how to use a shotgun.
“Solly don’t hand her the gun”
“It’s not loaded…… yet”

They spend the rest of their time playing war, where the child wears Solly’s helmet.

Demoman: She gives out a small giggle.
“So, you can blow stuff up??”
“Yes lass, it’s my job”
“Can we blow something up??”
The Demoman and the girl are seen outside the base, the girl behind protective glass. While Demo is setting up the explosives around an old truck. He hands her the remote trigger and places on a set of headphones. Using his finger the Demo counts down from five. Sometime after the explosion she asks him a question.
“Why do you have one eye??”
Tavish takes a deep breath and tells her the tale, skipping over some parts and sugar coating others.

Heavy: By the time it’s Heavy’s time to take care of the girl she’s feeling quite hungry. She sits down at the table while Heavy make the both of them a Sandvitch. At first she is scared of the man, she has never seen a man so big in her life. Heavy notices this so after they finish their meal he shows her photos of his family, he tells her all about his mother. The girl hangs on to every word he says. At the end of his story the Heavy leaves to use the bathroom. When he returns Heavy finds the young child in one of his tops.
“Why you wear top??”
“I just wanted to feel big”
The Heavy has to hold back a laugh, the girl is swimming in his top, it looks more like a dress on her then a top. He picks her up and gives her a piggy back.

Engineer: “No, hun!! Don’t touch that.” Has to lead the young girl out of his work shop. It’s been sometime since he has entertained a child. He decides to take her down into the local toy store to buy some Lego. When they return back to base, he helps her create a small town.
“This makes me an engineer right??”
“Sure does sweety”
“Does that mean I can wear a hat??”
The Engi smiles and hands her his hat.
They go from building a town into creating a city.

Medic: The young girl gets dropped off at Medics lab when she walks in she sees Heavy on the operating table medi-gun above him. The medic waves her over, the girl seems unfazed as she looks into the Heavy’s chest.
“Would you like to touch his ribs??”
The girl looks at the German man, she is unsure. It’s the Heavy that assures her.
“Little girl can touch rib. It’s ok”
Saying nothing she runs her index finger along the bone.
The Medic finished up with the Heavy and turns his full attention to the girl before him.
“What would you like to do??”
“Can we play a game?”
“What do you have in mind”
The girl smiles. Together they play hospital, the Medic allowing the girl access to his stethoscope, syringes (no needles) and crepe bandages. They do this as the girl walks around in the Medic’s coat.

Sniper: The girl disappears again. Sniper is losing his mind.
“Of course the girl goes missing on my watch”
He searches high and low. Checking in with all the other mercs, goes all around the outside of the base. It’s until he hears soft giggling where he finds her, inside his van.
“Kid, wot are you doing here??”
“Scout dared me to come in here”
The Sniper makes a mental note to kill the Boston once the kid is gone. Once both are back inside the base the girl notices that the assassin hasn’t taken off his glasses.
“It’s rude to wear sunglasses inside”
“It ain’t rude if ya need them”
The girl doesn’t understand and the Sniper notices her facial expression change. He takes them off kneeling down to hand over his glasses.
“These glasses help me see colour”
The girl puts them on.
“I don’t understand, you can’t see colour”
He nods.
“Yep. I have red / green colorblindness”
The girl hands back the glasses, she looks ashamed.
“I’m sorry.”
“Nah it’s ok.”

Spy: The Spy stays in the same room as the young girl. He is annoyed that he can’t smoke or drink. Still the man does have a soft spot for kids. He tells her some of his adventures and shows her some tricks with his butterfly knife.

Ok that is the head canon part done, now onto the tea party.

It’s late, the team is in the dining room cleaning up after a large meal. The girl they are all being paid to look after is drawing on the floor. Sniper walks past Scout slapping him softly at the back of the head.

“That’s for daring the kid into my van”
“Come on Snipes it was funny”
The assassin looks Scout dead in the eyes, his facial expression is neutral. If looks could kill.
“You gotta admit slim”
The Engineer says as he wipes down the stove.
“It was a laugh to see you run around. Think it was the most exercise you got in years.”

The entire team bursts into laughter. A sigh escapes the Sniper’s lips, he flips off the Texan. The young girl takes this as her queue. She goes up to each team member handing an invitation.

“I hope you can come”
She says before walking out.
The team take a moment to read over the invite they’ve been given. The Scout is the first to speak.
“A tea party! We’ve got to go.”
All the mercs nod in agreement, they would not dare break the little girl’s heart.

By the time the girl is found she has set up a small room with biscuits, teacups and a teapot. All the men take a seat on the floor. However the Snipers face goes from one of boredom to one of annoyance.
“This is my tea set”
Demoman chips is.
“You own a tea set Snipes??”
“It’s my mother”
The assassin says defensively. The girl hands out the teacup and starts to pour the imaginary tea. For the night all nine harden killers play tea party until the young girl finally wishes to go to bed.

Yo. Sorry the tea party story was short but I gotta wrap things up.

I just made a colorblindness test.

To use it, copy/paste the image into a drawing program and take the Hue slider. Drag it around and look for any areas in which you can’t see the border between the colors.

In the image above, I can not see any difference between the 3rd and 4th circles. And when I change the hue sliders to the green or red areas, three circles combine. 

Red/green colorblindness is common in men, (so I’m not surprised). Turns out I may be a little less tuned to purple/blue too. 

This may also just be a test of how well computers can display colors. The ones that blend together are definitely seen as separate by the computer, but perhaps it doesn’t know how to show it. I can’t think of a way to be sure.

anonymous asked:


OKAY ANON, I actually went and did some goddamn motherfucking RESEARCH into this because it has been bothering me for YEARS.  I already knew being completely red-green colorblind makes you ineligible for certain assignments in the military, so I did a little digging, and AS IT TURNS OUT, prospective FBI agents would need to pass a colorblindness screening called the Farnsworth D15.  With a slight color deficiency, a candidate could pass this screening, but someone who is completely red-green colorblind would fail.


Fox Mulder could not have become an FBI agent, at least not one who is cleared for working in the field, if he had been completely red-green colorblind.  He can see Scully’s luscious red locks JUST FINE… and Chris Carter needs to learn to keep his poorly-thought-out headcanons to himself every once in awhile.