Indigo-Purple-Red smoky eye pictorial

Afraid of red shadows? Try it in a 3-color transition paired with cooler tones like blue and purple. Guarantee it doesn’t look garish or too “tropical” and loud.

Do note that I used mainly loose pigments but you can use regular metallic pressed shadows. There’s no special reason to use pigments; I just had them on hand.

You will just need:

  1. Black creamy shadow (soft kajal sticks, gel liners etc will work well too)
  2. Blue or blue-violet metallic shadow (I used MAC Cornflower pigment)
  3. A deep red metallic shadow or at least a wine/burgundy shade if you can’t find a red (I used a very old jar of discontinued I Nuovi pigment called Garnet; many mineral makeup sellers and online makeup stores sell metallic reds now)
  4. A medium purple metallic that is not darker than the blue or red (I used I Nuovi’s pigment in Ultraviolet)
  5. Black matte shadow


For brushes, I would suggest a synthetic brush for blending out the edges of the black paint. I used a fluffy tapered synthetic buffer from 13rushes.

For laying on the metallic pigments, it’s best to use a flat, firm brush so you can pat/pack the color on, and you don’t get fallout everywhere on your cheeks.

And for applying smoky black around the socket line, you can use a smaller pointy buffer brush like the 13rushes one, or an eyeliner smudger (mine is from Sephora). Don’t use a big fluffy blender because you don’t want the black to go everywhere, or too far up your brow bone.


Quick Demo Using Dior 5 Couleur 876 Trafalgar: Red Eyeshadow Tutorial

Red on the eyes seems to be very “in” for Fall, judging from the fact that 2 of the biggest designer houses, Chanel and Dior, feature red shadows this season.

The trick to wearing the look without everything going too Goth is to pair it with softer (pink, gold, pearl) or more neutral shades (brown, burgundy, grey). If you want it to look goth, you can pair it with nothing but black. Chanel’s look for the season is slightly punk, pairing strong red with bright yellow.

I went for a softer, more wearable option since many people were asking about how they could make a palette like Trafalgar wearable. It’s actually not that dramatic if you don’t wear the red on its own!

P.S. the liquid liner I used here was MAC’s Penultimate Liner in Black.


My favorite makeup look atm. I’ve been wanting to try this forever but I could never find an eyeshadow that lasted all day so I decided to use an old wet n wild red lipstick and a lipstick brush.


By Hannah Smith for Powder Doom

So, here’s a more wearable version of the Undercover AW 14 look: red eyeliner but much softer and less dramatic, for days when you need to look more toned down or don’t feel like drowning your face in powder.

[EDITORS NOTE: Only use red makeup that explicitly states it is safe to use on/around your eyes/waterline - please be safe!]

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Quick Look at Dior’s 10 New 5 Couleur Palettes in Singapore (and the limited edition Fall 2014 876 Trafalgar palette)

I’ve heard from some readers that the palettes available in each country differ, so these may not be exactly the same as what you can find in your country, but if you just want to look at some of the new shades being rolled out, here are some!

(The older collection is slowly being phased out, so if you have any staples you might want to get some backups before they’re gone.)

Out of the 11 palettes, I picked out 4 faves to purchase for obvious reasons… (I’d rather buy a new bag than 11 new Dior palettes at one shot…)

These 4 I’ve swatched above. 

The pigmentation and formulas are the same as they were before; I can’t really detect any difference. But the packaging HAS changed. To see the difference between the older palettes and the newer ones (plus the new applicators etc), just go to my post on Dayre!