I’d lost count of the many floors we’d spiraled down through. At this point I wasn’t even sure if there was a bottom level. The red crystaline formations around us didn’t look any different than the turquoise. Or were they always red and I had just forgotten at this point? 

This was the first place we’d turned to that posed a real challenge. We were tired sore and not thinking at our best. Everyone was on edge and tension was at its highest it had been in all the floor before it. Arguments didn’t have time to be settled though as minotaur roamed the hallways looking for prey, which just so happened to be us. We were panicked and even Gaellin seemed lost as we doubled back on places I was sure we’d seen before and Pome wasn’t afraid to point out. 

The worst happened when we’d heard this chirping lullaby that made our eyelids so heavy and hard to keep up that I found myself dozing off in the middle of combat. The only reason we’d managed to survive was Pome grew into a big succubus when all hope was lost and destroyed the monsters around us. She claimed to have not remembered what happened and sometimes I’m not even sure I know what I saw.

In a final sprint to the end we managed to slay a giant Chimera just as the magic of the floors almost sealed us in forever. We escaped by the tips of our pigtails jumping through the portal as the growing voices of the dead whispered behind us.