soo I officially have $30.06 to my name and that’s not really good for me, ya know?  so!  I am starting up writing commissions.  I’ve been writing for about four years and I will write for a lot of things!  the costs will be $3 for every 500 words ($3 for 500 and less, $6 for 501-1000 words, etc).  add $5 for nsfw.  if you can’t commission, please reblog! <3

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ok so hear me out Ive heard so many bad things about deviantart but that site is so nostalgic for me I go back occasionally just to check it out….  and lately Ive wanted to have a gallery type thing to keep all my stuff (cause my blog is a MESS) and I dont really wanna make an art blog

so Ive been debating cleaning up my old deviantart account and using that or making a new one but I dont know….. the site has changed so much Is using da again a good idea?

There is no remuneration
From this sick society
We are facing
No clear outcomes
When you can’t outrun
The authoritarian’s gun
There is no revolution
That will work
Without people getting hurt
Just a long grey tunnel
Taking us to
Those two dark towers
Flowers plucked
Petals pulled out
Chlorophyll turns red
Children turn up dead
In a city square’s worth of debris
Fifty more in a club
Girl’s school gets blown up
Bombs get dropped
By crooks making
Major deposits
Their friends making
Killer profits
Their bank accounts cost us
Sanity and human decency



Sunflowers come in a wide range of warm colors from ivory to bright deep red! They also can grow single or clusters of continuous blooms and from small container sized plants (sunspot dwarf only grows 1-2 feet tall!) To those 12 foot Russian mammoth blooms. Basically you need to grow some, no excuses on space limitations do it for our honey bees. Alergic to pollen? There are florists varieties intended for cut flower arrangements that are even POLLENLESS

(Top)Autumn beauty
(Right)Moulin Rouge(pollonless) and Lemon Queen
(Left) Drop Dead Red