soo I officially have $30.06 to my name and that’s not really good for me, ya know?  so!  I am starting up writing commissions.  I’ve been writing for about four years and I will write for a lot of things!  the costs will be $3 for every 500 words ($3 for 500 and less, $6 for 501-1000 words, etc).  add $5 for nsfw.  if you can’t commission, please reblog! <3

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Hi out there, 

I never thought that the dark comes as near as it did yesterday. Blue, black and finally red. Dead people and fear and panic all around and the fact, that something goes wrong in this world. My thoughts go out to those who lost friends, family and hope. A tragedy. 

I lost a part of my city. Munich is injured. But as long as hearts and minds will ignore hate and give a hand to the disadvantaged ones, the signs will be blue. This is what i believe. I don`t believe in any religion, in any country or politics. I believe in humanity and in love and in friendship. And i know that others don`t do believe. Because they don`t have friends, they don`t belong to anyone. That is a fact. I am privileged. Others are hurt. And sometimes one wants to mix it up.