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*facepalms* Oh, I get it! The reason for the trait pairings were complementary colors! And that's why the Determination and Patience pair didn't work out as planned - the others were paired with their complementary color of PIGMENT(red, yellow, blue), but red and cyan are complementary colors of LIGHT(red, green, blue)! That's why Determination also went okay with Kindness, the green trait! Oh my god... you're a genius!


Yep XD

This is also important for a future thing that explains something you all have seen a lot actually.

P.s. I’m still out ofthe country so I can’t respond to a ton of things. I’ll be back Friday


Throwback Thursday

(Is that even a thing anymore?)

I decided to rewatch Xiaolin Showdown just for the heck of it. I forgot how much I really liked this show. Bet you can’t guess who my favorites are!

Also…Ignore the fingers. For some reason I kept imagining them with four fingers and then later figured out that they have five. Oops.

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I've always thought that perhaps the kids fell in same order as the coffins would suggest honestly

That’s actually a clever headcanon, but there is something to note here.

This is the same order of the colors of the rainbow. This can only be seen using debug mode. In the game, you can only see the first five coffins.

If the coffins were in the order red, cyan, orange, dark blue, purple, people may wonder where the other coffins are since it appears as a “random” assortment. However, because the colors are presented in a very familiar order, the brain fills in the rest. Without ever seeing them, the last two coffins are expected to complete the order of the rainbow.