So, my shrimp tank woes seem to have ended *touch wood*. Everything’s been stable and splended for over two weeks, and I recently got some more shrimpies to keep the surviving two company (though I’m sure they didn’t really mind, I didn’t want to leave it up to them to repopulate the tank).

I got 4 tiny red cherries and 3 amanos. The amano shrimp are seriously hilarious, such characters. One keeps swimming through the bubbles and getting a bubble stuck between it’s pleopods and then spending ages trying to flap the bubble out. Silly shremp.

I also got a snazzy new LED light which is a bit brighter than the one that came with the tank. The light from the tank was made for marine, whilst I’ve now got a freshwater light. Not sure how much difference it makes but it was a birthday present to myself. Also I put some sticks and moss on the tank! I’m finally pleased with how it all looks, even if it’s a mess.

Lovely glass mushrooms by @naturebonestudio. Thank you! Everyone I’ve shown photos to (which is everyone) loves the glass mushrooms.