Green and Diantha’s friendship/relationship is actually really cute and sweet?

Look how much smaller she is than him in this flashback. She looks to be in her preteens/early teens while Green is likely 18-19 here.

Diantha and Gurkinn both (fondly) remember Green as being a bit of a d*ck, but he still apparently told a young girl epic stories about how some kids took down the criminals terrorizing his home region. He fed into her hopes and dreams, and then she eventually became the Champion of her own region.

So yeah, Green confirmed as best big brother.

Run Lance (sneak peak?)

“Now that you five are comfortable forming Voltron it’s time to discover all five of Voltron’s weapons, like yellow’s gun and red’s sword, green, blue, and black will each have a weapon like their paladins.” Allura explained happily.

“Does that mean Green will have a giant shock wand?” Lance asked in a worried tone remembering the shocks from Pidge’s bayard.

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Name? Emma
Where are you from? finland. father christmas lives here ;~)
Favourite fictional character? draco malfoy, snape, sherlock and joffrey baratheon
Fave colour? ah grey, marine blue, wine red, forest green, rusty orange etc.
Fave Subject/s? social studies, biology, math and physics
What do you speak? finnish, swedish and english!
When did you start this blog? 27th of august (literally yesterday)
What do you post? mostly reblog stuff but i might post original photos too!
Do you run any other blogs? yes. my main blog named @humina
URL meaning? it’s a combination of ‘einstein’ and ‘fantastic’. pretty clever eh?Something You’re Passionate About? i’d say writing and any forms of art! even though i rarely do either of them nowadays.
Countries you want to visit? denmark and iceland(visited both once already lovelovelove), the netherlands, austria, england, belgium, italy and norway

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