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You know i have this theory that involves the seven sins and virtues. Frisk/Chara are diligence going against sloth which is Sans. Im not really sure what to correspond with the others, what do you think they would be?

Toriel is Gluttony, Papyrus is Pride, Undyne is Wrath, Muffet is Greed, Mettaton is Lust, Asgore is Envy, I guess Sans would be Sloth.

The Light Blue SOUL is Temperance, The Orange SOUL is Fortitude, The Dark Blue SOUL is Faith, & the Purple SOUL is Prudence, the Green SOUL is Charity, the Yellow SOUL is Justice (they just don’t change at all). & I guess the Red SOUL would be Hope (because I didn’t see any Diligence in the list that I found).

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The fact that in the truth of everything our words mean nothing. Money is green dead plant that is, as well worthless. Our entire structure is worthless and how come we breath. Is t hi s really life. Its odd. Being human. Throwing and projecting yourself into a third person view. Often wondering if people see like you. What do others see. Can we really ever know if our neighbors green is the same as ours or is their red oyr green and blue our yellow.

Everyone has such a unique experience… it’s really quite incomprehensible when you put it into perspective??
Like no one has the same exact feeling as you maybe similar but nothing or a constant here