Dexholder Character Flaws

I had nothing to do this morning, so I decided to drum up a comprehensive list of the character flaws of the first ten dexholders (plus Wally)

(If anyone disagrees or is curious about why I did/did not include a certain flaw, feel free to shoot me an ask, I’d be happy to discuss!)

Red: absent-minded, idealist, ignorant, overambitious, overconfident, overprotective, soft-hearted

Blue(f): bigmouth, impish, dishonest, flirt, liar, nosey, hedonistic, meddlesome, pest, selfish, sometimes untrustworthy

Green(m): arrogant, blunt, gruff, callous, egotistical, judgemental, indifferent, humorless, pessimist, practical, remorseless, sarcastic, smart-ass, solemn, tactless

Yellow: absent-minded, idealist, ignorant, indecisive, klutz, meek, naïve, pacifist, overemotional, soft-hearted, timid, tongue-tied, withdrawn

Gold: aimless, arrogant, audacious, bigmouth, blunt, childish, egotistical, immature, impatient, lazy, obsessive, proud, rebellious, reckless, selfish, smart-ass, spoiled, theatrical, troublemaker

Silver: audacious, callous, fixated, impatient, spiteful, indifferent, naïve, obsessive, paranoid, reckless, remorseless, sarcastic, sceptic, selfish, smart-ass, tactless, unpredictable, dishonest

Crystal: anxious, fierce, obsessive, overzealous, perfectionist, stubborn

Ruby: arrogant, audacious, bigmouth, egotistical, fanatical, finicky, proud, overprotective, overzealous, spoiled, squeamish, stubborn, theatrical, vain

Sapphire: fierce, bold, illiterate, rebellious, reckless, stubborn

Emerald: absent-minded, bigmouth, blunt, childish, ignorant, immature, impatient, impish, naïve, pest, rebellious, troublemaker, unpredictable

Wally: timid, soft-hearted, sickly, meek, klutz

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