Seventeen - Ideal Outfits (Vocal Unit)

Jeonghan: Elegant and classy. Long coats, nude heels. He’d like unique shapes and cuts. Dark colours - black, navy blue, dark red.

Joshua: Cute. Simple looks. Skater skirts, shorts and flats. Soft pinks, purples and light blues.

Woozi: Edgy and trendy but at the same time quite simple, ripped jeans, a lot of boyfriend jeans. Plain tops - greys, blacks and whites. 100% would have a thing for heels especially if you’re taller than him.

DK: Bright and fun! Yellows, oranges, blues, purples - the whole lot of it. Busy prints, flowy dresses but maybe also something that’s figure-hugging. Denim skirts, short dresses, long shorts and jumpsuits.

Seungkwan: Feminine, either a sweet, pastel look or a more classy, clean look. Soft/neutral colours. Skater dresses with lots of pink, lace tops and oversized cardigans.

[Image: Annie sitting in her wheelchair outdoors in front of a fence with colorful fabric tied in knots onto it, she has blue hair and is wearing sunglasses, a black tank top, and red plaid skirt. Text top left “Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday”, text bottom right “I want marginalized people to feel entitled to the space they take up, to feel deserving of respect and equality”] 

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“This week’s Woman Crush(ing the Patriarchy) Wednesday is queer, disabled Peruvian-Ecuadorian YouTuber @annieelainey. Q&A: Disability, visibility, media representation, allyship+ (link to article) #wcw #disability #latinafeminism" 

Thank you so much, Raquel and @latina magazine! 

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