Today’s outfit ♡ (*´∀`*). I’m still obsessed with my red lenses from uniqso (∩ω∩). The pictures were taken right before I went to my boyfriend’s office to eat lunch with him. I also filmed a Get Ready With Me today, uploaded a new item on my shop site Vesper Moth (the raven necklace and the pentagram earrings that I’m wearing on these pictures are also in stock there now ヽ(*´∀`)ノ) and worked on my design portfolio that I need for my bachelor’s degree. Such a productive day. I listened to Garmarna all day maybe that’s where all the motivation is coming from (♡˘◡˘♡).

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The boys of Twenty One Pilots have mental illnesses, too. They cope with their illnesses by writing music about it, just like you cope by writing poetry. Not liking them because their lyrics are corny is a good reason to not like their music, but you can't say that they make mental illness seem trendy and cool and mysterious. Their whole goal in writing & making music is to encourage others who struggle as well and remind them that they aren't alone. Not romanticize it.

guys i’m done talking about this. those of you who keep messaging me about it clearly don’t understand the bigger picture here. i’m not saying that you can’t take depression and turn it into art, but when you team up with an entire crew of managers and stylists who set up promotional campaigns for stadium tours and it all revolves around a very theatrical and not even accurate representation of what depression is even like then it becomes something else entirely.

the mainstream, radio hit, spooky body paint with black and red matching outfits are a shitty hot topic boy bands portrayal of what mental illness is like. you really think they do all THAT to bring awareness to the 60 million americans struggling with mental illness in their every day lives? come on, it’s for teens. it’s unrealistic, it’s patronizing, and they’re capitalizing off it.

like i said, you can like what you like. i listened to fucking necro when i was in high school. listen to whatever you want to listen to, just don’t act so shocked when a 26 year old doesn’t like music made for teenagers. it isn’t for me.

the signs as iconic red carpet outfits

Aries: Cher at the 1986 oscars. Bob Mackie, revealing black outfit with feather headpiece 

Taurus: Chloë sevigny at the 72nd Academy awards. Alber Elbaz, black gown with plunging neckline

Gemini: Rose Mcgowen at the 1998 MTV VMAs, leopard print thong under sheer black, strapy dress

Cancer: Beyoncé Met Gala 2015. Givenchy, sheer dress with beautiful embroidery 

Leo: Jennifer Lopez at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards. Versace, green flowy dress with plunging neckline

Virgo: Lupita Nyongo at the 2014 Academy Awards. Prada, gorgeous blue gown

Libra: Lil Kim at the 1999 MTV music video awards. sequined purple pantsuit and pasty 

Scorpio: Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV VMAs, iconic dress made out of raw meat

Sagittarius: Rihanna at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards. Sheer Dress covered in 216,000 Swarovski diamonds

Capricorn: Gwyneth Paltrow at the 1999 Oscars. Ralph Lauren, beautiful Pink gown

Aquarius: Toni Braxton at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards. Richard Tyler, Revealing White satin Dress

Pisces: Björk at the 73rd Academy Awards. iconic dress resembling a white swan

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Headcannon for how S76, Mccree, Junkrat, and Reaper do their daily morning routine? (Shave? Pick out clothes? Breakfast? Etc.)

oooh, get ready to have a peek at their mornings~~

Soldier 76

  • He’s an early riser, he’d probably be up at 6am already! Dad76 pls go back to sleep.

  • If he was going to a morning mission, he’d put on his usual outfit. The red, white, blue, and black jacket and black pants and his visor (after he’s washed up and everything.) If it were a lazy morning for him, he’d put on a grey tank and some sweat pants.

  • Old man 76 shaves, yes. Not every morning, but every few mornings. He thinks that a beard makes him look older than he is. (He’s probably like, sixty-something ya know. Not that old though??)

  • Jack usually just has a cup of coffee, and maybe an orange or apple, some kind of fruit. He says he has no time to eat when there’s work to be done. (Haaah.)


  • Late riser, super late. He hates getting up early, but if he absolutely has to, he’ll get up. Though he’ll be very grumpy, but if he had a good night’s sleep, he’ll be his usual McCree self.

  • Just like Jack, if it’s a morning mission, he’d throw on his usual get up. If he’s not no plans, he’d put on a t-shirt and some pants.

  • Jesse doesn’t shave, which explains his beard. He’ll get a trim if it’s getting to wild for him though.

  • He’ll figure out his breakfast when he goes to the kitchen to see what’s for food, or if food has already been prepared, he’ll eat whatever there is.


  • Wakes up whenever he rolls off his bed or when Roadhog gets him to wake up. Junkrat’s a late riser as well, but he’ll get out of bed when waken up.

  • He doesn’t change his clothes when he sleeps, so he’s good to go on clothes every morning, besides he’s only wearing pants.

  • Jamie doesn’t really grow facial hair, so he doesn’t really find a need to shave every morning, though if he does notice some hair, he’ll shave it off.

  • He likes cereal and milk, especially sugary cereals. He makes up the sugar by having sliced apples though. (Courtesy of Roadhog.)


  • An early riser like Jack, though he’s not as early as him, probably gets up at 8am.

  • Probably grumbles while he gets up for the day, he just doesn’t like anything at all does he?

  • He doesn’t believe in wearing casual clothes, so he just throws on his edgy get up. Though if he really doesn’t have anything better to do, he’ll have a black hoodie on and some sweat pants.

  • Gabriel trims his facial hair, since he doesn’t have a full beard like McCree does, only shaves off what he doesn’t like.

  • He doesn’t eat breakfast, as he can’t really either since of what his body’s composed of now. So morning killing spree for souls? Yeah, probably.