My genderfluid partner thinks I should submit a picture of myself to this blog and I’m like “well, why not?”

[image: a girl with shoulder length wavy red hair with a red flower in it. She’s wearing glasses, a red lace choker, a pendant necklace and a halter style floral print black dress]

you know  most people look better wearing some colors, because it puts a nice contrast to their skin tone or because it accentuates their eye color

and then, there is Magnus Bane, rocking every outfit he is in

unbuttoned burgundy shirt + necklaces+ dark jacket? niiiiice~ 
burgundy shirt with golden patterns + golden hair? prettYY
dark/military green? hell yeah i want twenty
grey shirt + black waistcoat? hoT DaMN
burgundy shirt + matching dyed strands of hair + suit? WOW
cobalt blue tunic? *heart eyes*
Victorian era attire? dAmMIT
white shirt + fushia tie + dark suit? *heavy breathing*
silver embroidered jacket + black velvet shirt + blue pants? sPLendid
blue shirt + gold ? amaZING
red shirt + long black coat + necklaces? ooooooh boy
red scarf + dark jacket and shirt? hell YEAH

and you can’t even be jealous because i mean… look at him

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Pink skies and starry eyes.

[Description: Annie with chin length dark hair, she is wearing reflective sunglasses, red lipstick, a black choker necklace, green shirt, black jeans and black wrist braces. She is standing with her dark blue cane on her left side, a white garage door in the background kissed pink]

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Matt in which era?

Thank you @musifications for tagging me! :3

-Let’s do this funny thing: choose a Muse era for each question, but remember you can’t use the same era two times.
In which era would you like to…
… marry Matt Bellamy? 
… fuck Matt Bellamy? 
… be in tour with Matt Bellamy? 
… see Matt Bellamy playing and singing a song that Muse don’t play anymore? 
… visit some big cities all around the world with Matt Bellamy? 
… be in studio with Matt Bellamy? 
… be Matt Bellamy’s best friend?


Marry Matt Bellamy? -> TR era Matt bc it was the only option left ahahahah… Well i would marry Matt in every era tbh…

Fuck Matt Bellamy? -> OOS ERA ALL THE WAY! Red haired Matt with his necklace and black veins is my kink. He was so skinny back then and i love it. Muse in the OOS era was insane, so i imagine the sex must be insane as well!? Haha oh my gosh…

Be on tour with Matt Bellamy? -> I’ll go for T2L, i really loved the stage design and the gigs look amazing. T2L is my 3rd favorite album and even Chris has his own songs! I mean what an honour would it be to hear Chris sing? And Dom also looks soooo good in the T2L era *drool*

See Matt Bellamy playing and singing a song that Muse don’t play anymore? -> Drones era because we are in it now! I mean remember when Muse did so many rare songs at that one festival and all fans lost their mind? Well i think the rarities tour is a brilliant idea! I would love to hear more older and rare songs. I’d kill to hear Showbiz live, but many people told me Matt’s voice isn’t able to sing Showbiz anymore…

Visit some big cities all around the world with Matt Bellamy? -> BHAR era Matt! I’m not sure why, i mean if we’d travel all around the world i’d probably be staring at Matt more than the monuments or landscape’s itself…

Be in the studio with Matt Bellamy? -> Absolution era Matt! Absolution and OOS are tied as my favorite Muse albums, and i’d love to see every single part of how my favorite albums are made! (ik there’s a making of on youtube) but i mean ENTIRELY! Maybe i could do some backing vocals for the album? Or play keyboard? Lol jk who am i kidding i can’t sing nor play any instrument. I’ll just enjoy myself making artwork for the album or some shit.

Be Matt Bellamy’s best friend? -> Showbiz era Matt. Because showbiz era Matt is fucking adorable and a cuter thing doesn’t exist in the world! And i mean Showbiz era Matt’s age is closest to my age rn? Showbiz is where it all began and i’d try to be the best friend and support Matt with his dream until the very end. I love Showbiz era Matt bc he acted so shy (but not on stage lol) and i love it.

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Madonna and Daughter Lourdes Are #Twinning in This Cute Pic


Mom and daughter are seriously twinning. (Photo: Instagram/Madonna)

It’s not every day that Madonna shows off her supersilly side, but she must’ve been in a good mood Wednesday morning when she shared this post, above, on her official Instagram page.

It’s a paparazzi photo of the Queen of Pop’s 19-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon getting caught in the rain in SoHo — juxtaposed with a pic of Madge, herself, during what looks to be her platinum-haired “Who’s That Girl” period, circa 1987. The best part? Their outfits are nearly identical: black tank tops, printed red minis, and choker necklaces. The only difference? Madonna appears to be rocking very ’80s sheer black tights.

If we didn’t know any better, it almost looks like the two girls are frolicking together through the city, enjoying their little #twinning moment. Or, as Madonna captioned it, “Who’s that Girl Running through the streets of NY! ♥ lol.”

Back in 2010, Madonna told Access Hollywood that her kid does, in fact, take full advantage of her mother’s amazing wardrobe. “My Christian Dior shoes will go missing,” she said, “and then some fabulous bag, I won’t be able to find, and then my skinny jeans, the only pair that fit me, are gone — and these fishnets, I had to sew up a hole in them because she stole them the other day and wore them and put a hole in them. And then put them back in my closet.”

But that’s not to say the star doesn’t enjoy her daughter’s shopping sprees. “The most fun is when Lourdes comes into the room and takes over and pulls out all of her favorite stuff and starts going through the racks and just takes over,” she said. “I just sit on the conference table and watch and let her do the work — it’s nice, it’s refreshing.”

It’s gotta be said: For all the flak Madonna’s racked up over the years from the press and parenting groups, sometimes it’s nice seeing her acting like a normal, semi-embarrassing mom.

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I’m about to be the baddest classiest witch in school tomorrow. Black lacy dress, black undies, black rose flower crown, black flats, black sunglasses, black Longchamp purse, red lipstick, pentagram/snake necklace. Find a classier witch than me!!!!!!!