red nails feet


Electra likes to supervise bathtime- she is intrigued by my toes as they appear and disappear in the bubbles!

Does anyone else have a cat that likes water? Little lady loves to get in the bath after we have showered, and investigate everything, and she doesn’t even mind when she gets dropped on!

She obviously missed me today when I was at work, as I got lovely soft cuddles when I got home 💕

So I had been wanting to get a tattoo on my foot for my 18th birthday that said fuzz, due to my love of fuzz pedals and Ty segall’s band FUZZ. Then the day before my birthday I some how ended up going to viva Pomona and met Ty segall and talked to him for a bit and told him how I wanted to get a fuzz tattoo. Then I got the tattoo the next day in the bathroom of the peoples house I was staying at, with a stick and poke. Found tickets for FUZZ at the troubadour the next day, ran into Ty AGAIN, and showed him my tattoo. He loved it :) everybody in the band signed a record for me, and the bass player sang me happy birthday. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life, and no matter how many tattoos I get, this will probably be one of my favorites :)